My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 310: Things to sort out before leaving


As long as she ’s a good girl, everything will be fine.

Victor wants to meet Selena and is going to send Dracula a gift, a warning saying that his wives were cheating on him.

Because of these reasons, Esther ’s witches and Esther herself are ’trustworthy ’.

Although Victor knows he should never completely trust a witch, Adonis ’ memories prove it, and Ruby ’s experience with witches also proves it.

Victor only ’trusts ’ the current witches because he has control over them.

The journey back to Esther ’s bar wouldn ’t take long, Victor just had to tell Natalia, and the woman would open a portal for him.

Once he arrived at the scene, he would request a service from a specific witch, a witch who specializes in recording memories on a device and bringing them to reality.

But before speaking to Esther ’s witches, he stopped at a place he knew all too well.

Victor flies towards an abandoned building in Canada, enters through the roof of the building, and puts Natalia down.

”Ugh… ” The maid sat on the floor while holding her mouth with a sick expression as if she might throw up at any moment.

Victor lets go of his Odachi, and the weapon begins floating alongside Natalia as if protecting the Maid.

After all, he didn ’t want to overuse Natalia ’s powers. He also didn ’t know the exact place his friend was hiding and just had an approximate location that could change over time.

And just as expected, when he arrived at that location, he realized that the woman was no longer there.

Victor ’s eyes begin to glow faintly violet, and his world changes color.

He started to investigate the place as Victor walked all over the building and searched each area carefully but found nothing.

It was as if his friend hadn ’t left the message she ’d promised him she would.

Victor sighs and touches his chin as he starts to think about the woman ’s personality.

He knew she left some kind of message, but he didn ’t know where.

’Knowing what that woman ’s personality would be, she should have put it somewhere that isn ’t too obvious, a location that people wouldn ’t specifically look for.

Victor looked at the top of the building, and with a thoughtful expression, he looked at the water tank with a penetrating gaze.

Now that he thought about it, he hadn ’t searched that spot yet.

Victor focused his vision on that place and saw a message.

”… This woman. ” Victor felt like sighing when he saw the obvious spot.

He leaped into the air, and within seconds, he was on top of the water tank.

He removes the lid of the water tank and sees a message written in red.

”Meet me at that memorable spot. ” He read aloud.

Victor looked confused at the message since he didn ’t remember having a memorable time with that woman.

He used as much of his brain as he could and thought of possible places he ’d been with that woman that maybe she ’d find memorable.

”Ah… ” Victor opens his eyes, and smiling a little, he burns the area where the message was, successfully erasing the message.

Victor jumps towards the ground next to Natalia, takes his Odachi with his left hand, and asks her:

”Would you rather be carried like a sack of flour or hold me? ”

”… ” Hearing what Victor said, Natalia looked at him with an impassive gaze, she hesitated for a few seconds, but then she made a decision.

”I choose the second option, thank you very much. ” Flying at high speeds while upside down was pretty nauseating.

”Very well… Come on. ” Victor opens his right arm in a gesture as if he ’s waiting for Natalia to embrace him.

Natalia stares at the part of Victor ’s body he ’s asking her to hug, and for a few seconds, she feels embarrassed.

’My breasts will touch him…this… ’ She had no idea, but for some reason, she felt very aware of Victor ’s presence.

And that hadn ’t happened before. She thinks it owes to his new appearance.

’… He smells good too. ’

Watching Natalia ’s silent reaction, Victor was quite surprised to see such reactions coming from a woman like her, who rarely shows emotion.

’Aphrodite ’s blessing along with Adonis ’ beauty is simply unfair. ’ Victor didn ’t doubt that with his current self, he only needed to snap his fingers, and half the women in the universe were going to be his.

…Maybe half the women in the universe were an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Though he wouldn ’t do that, he ’s more than satisfied with what he has. He has wives so lovely, so strong, so independent… and so crazy.

The expression ’don ’t put your dick in a crazy woman ’ doesn ’t work on Victor.

Because that ’s the trait that attracts him the most.

”Natalia? ”

”Y-Yes! I will! ” She quickly jumps up off the floor and hugs Victor while wrapping both her hands around his neck.

She hides her face in his firm, muscular chest.

She breathes in a lot of air and smells Victor ’s scent.

’He smells so good! ’

Victor wraps his right arm around Natalia and looks at the sky.

Lightning flashed across his eyes for a few seconds, and with a crash of lightning, he disappeared.

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