My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 315: Victor is a Yandere

w wearing her usual businesswoman suit. It was a suit much like the one she wore the first time Victor met her, though now her hair was much longer than the first time he met her. Her long silky hair came down to her butt.

”…What? ” she asked when she felt Victor ’s gaze on her body.

”I think a Yukata suits you better. ” Victor flashed a small smile as he walked towards the middle of the church.

”… ” Mizuki ’s eyes widened a little, her lips visibly trembled, and then she turned her face away with a huff as she spoke:

”I can ’t move well in a Yukata, and these clothes are enchanted clothes, they ’re tougher than they look. ”

’Why am I explaining myself? ’ She felt pretty weird right now since, normally, she would never consider a Vampire ’s opinion.

”You ’re still beautiful, just the same. ” He flashed a flirtatious smile.

”Y-Yes, Yes. Whatever. ” She stuttered a little. She was hating herself now, she needed to build up resistance against this flirtatious Vampire!

Why was she getting embarrassed like a teenager!? Fuck off! She was not like that!

”hahaha~. ” Victor laughed a little softly, it was really fun to tease this woman.

”…. ” Mizuki ’s face turned red, and she quickly turned her face to the side again as if finding something interesting.

Victor looked at Natalia and saw the maid had the same face as Mizuki.

”Natalia, dear. Create a portal to The Lost Club. ”

”Y-Yes, Maste-. ” She stuttered a lot and bit her tongue.

”Ughhh… ” She stopped talking as an expression of pain appeared on her face, and along with the pain, an even greater shame.

She was just digging her own grave if she kept talking to this devilish man!

She turned away and ignored Victor ’s amused smile.

She concentrated on using her power, and soon a portal appeared.

Victor looked at the portal, and soon he could see Esther ’s office.

”Come, Mizuki. ”

”Yes. ” This chapter is updated by [ f r e e w e b n o v e l. c o m ]

[Be careful, Disciple.] Abe-no-Seimei spoke as he looked at Victor with a wary look. He didn ’t dare leave Mizuki ’s body after the earlier incident where this man had touched him.

Victor ’s danger level in Abe-no-Seimei ’s head had just tripled in many ways possible.

”Mm. ” Mizuki only gave a slight nod indicating that she understood her Master ’s message.

Arriving at Esther ’s bar, Victor looked around and realized that the woman was not present. So he used his eye power, and looked for the woman at the bar, and soon he saw her in a room.

She was mounted on top of a man, as they seemed to be enjoying a BDSM roleplay, with her being the S.

”Well, we came at a bad time. ”

”What do you mean? ” Mizuki asked as she looked around.

”The Witch is playing with her pet fox. ” Victor laughed.

”??? ” Mizuki didn ’t understand anything that Victor said.

And Victor didn ’t seem to be in the mood to explain right now.

When Natalia passed through the portal, the portal closed.

”Come, I will go find the other Witches. ” He started walking towards the office exit.

”…? ” Natalia looked confused at Victor as she looked around and asked, ”Where is Esther? ”

”She is playing with her pet fox. ” Victor repeated.

”…Oh. ” And unlike Mizuki, she understood what Victor meant.

Victor opened the door and passed through the hallways. The group passed smoothly by the room Esther was in, and Victor, for a moment, could see several magic circles.

’Heh~, she seems to be quite frustrated with putting up so many magic circles like that. ’

Victor suddenly stopped walking and opened his eyes in shock.

”Victor? ”

’Can I see through a magical barrier? ’ Victor finally noticed. He looked back at the room and realized he could easily ignore Esther ’s barriers.

’Have my eyes become that strong? Is it because of the power of Adonis? ’

’Hmm? ’ Victor looked at Esther ’s head, and he saw a very thin red thread, the thread coming out of her head was connected to the man who was Johnny ’s friend.

Victor looked at the man and noticed that the man had a red thread coming out of his head, but that thread was not going towards Esther.

’… Hmm. ’ Victor followed the strand of the man ’s head with his eyes.

”…has he gone mad? ” Mizuki asked when she saw Victor looking at the walls.

”Well, he was crazy from the start. ” Natalia shrugged.

”…Now that you say that… ” She touched her chin as she thought that from the moment she ’d met Victor, the man had a rather peculiar attitude.

The wire from the man ’s head was connecting to the head of one particular man who was downstairs drinking with two women beside him.

Realizing that the man was his friend Adam ’s son, Victor flashed an amused smile:

If that red thread is what he thinks it is, Victor just discovered something he really didn ’t want to know.

”Well, to think the fox liked Wolves. ” He laughed amusedly.

Just out of curiosity, Victor looked at Mizuki, at the woman ’s head specifically.

Victor saw a couple of wires, one white and one red. The red wire was floating free and fluttering like a flag in the wind.

He looked at the white thread and noticed that the white thread was deeply intertwined with the red thread.

”What are you looking at? ” Mizuki looked confused at Victor.

”… ” Victor chuckled a little when he saw Mizuki ’s slightly red face, and then he turned around:

”It ’s nothing, let ’s keep walking. ”

Victor soon started walking again.

Victor didn ’t know exactly what this ability was, but one thing he was sure of:

This ability wasn ’t just for seeing people ’s relationships… He felt there was much more to this power that he didn ’t know.

’If I could interact with these threads, my discoveries might be easier. ’ He sighed lightly.

Walking through the halls, Victor entered a room. That room was a room Esther had reserved for him and Ruby to stay in; it served as both a normal room and a secret passageway.

Victor walked towards the wall, lightly touched it, and a red magic circle appeared. Then, as if by magic, the wall disappeared, and a staircase leading to the basement was seen.

Natalia and Mizuki looked curiously at all this, then seeing Victor walking carelessly, the two women followed him.

Mizuki, of course, was a little cautious.

After a few minutes of walking down the stairs, they arrived at a completely white place.

The moment Victor ’s presence was felt by the locals, the girls and Victor heard several voices.

”Victor! ”

”… ” Natalia and Mizuki looked to the side and saw two Witches coming in that direction. One had the appearance of a teenager in her early youth with brown hair and blue eyes.

The other had white hair, white eyes, and pale skin.

While one seemed more energetic, the other seemed to be calmer.

”Sup, Girls. I came to visit. ” Victor held up a hand in a simple salute.

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