My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 317: Violet Snows Responsibilities

wasn ’t as extreme as Agnes, but she still thought like her.

Hilda opened her eyes wide when she noticed something.

’I think one of the reasons he didn ’t kick-start his plan to invest in the human world was because he understood our personalities. ’

’He just left the door open for someone with vision and no prejudice to use that door in the future… A leader who didn ’t have prejudice, specifically speaking, someone like Violet… ’

Hilda looked at Violet with the look of someone who was sizing up someone.

’Did he do this for her? ’ She couldn ’t help but feel another wave of shock. Just how many steps was he thinking ahead?

Hilda knew very well that Violet had no prejudice towards humans. Violet ’s attitude towards humans was more neutral since she didn ’t particularly care about their existence, she just cared about Victor.

’And because of that, maybe she wouldn ’t be reluctant to do business with humans in the future? ’ Hilda put her hand on her head a little, as she felt quite a headache when she thought of all these possibilities.

”I see… With our contacts in the human world, we don ’t have to pay these card companies a lot, although investing in the human world now without knowing the market there is stupid. Maybe I should ask Darling for help? ” Violet touched her chin as her head started to spin.

”Hmm, if I remember correctly, we have market analysts in the human world, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”Stay in touch with them, and if they find investment opportunities, I want them to let me know. ” Since her husband left a door open for her clan to use.

Why not use it then?

’By doing that, maybe we ’ll get some of the money we lost back… Although blind investing is a bad idea, should I talk to Darling? He seems to know a lot about that now. After all, he has my father ’s memories… ’ Violet felt a bad feeling when she thought of her father.

The depressing feeling seemed to want to overwhelm her again, but she quickly shook her head and pushed it out of her mind.

’It ’s not time to cry! ’ She assumed a serious expression.

She can ’t be a crying little girl in the corner of the room forever! Her father wouldn ’t like her to be like that, and neither would her Darling.

Despite being sad, she must move on.

She didn ’t understand much about politics or how to manage a huge Clan like the Snow Clan, but she had people close to her, trusted people who would help her.

’And if something goes wrong, I just need to burn them all. ’ She flashed a small smile.

”Okay… ” Hilda smiled a little.

”Take care of me, Hilda. I don ’t know how to manage a Clan as big as Clan Snow, but I ’m willing to learn. ” Violet spoke with a neutral look while she was being completely honest.

”…. ” Hilda opened her eyes in surprise once more, completely in shock to hear those words from Violet ’s mouth.

’If it were the old Violet, she would deny to her death if she was accused of not knowing something. Since when did she get so honest? ’

”Sure… That ’s why I ’m here. ” Hilda spoke with a neutral smile.

’It seems that the princess has changed more than expected when she came into contact with that man. ’

”Mm…Thanks… ” She nodded slightly as she looked at the documents.

”So, what else has Darling changed in our Clan? ” She asked.

”He ’s reshaped the way information gets to us-… ” Hilda started to explain all the changes Victor had made to Violet.

Due to the loss of Adonis, changes began to happen in Violet herself, invisible changes that she didn ’t notice.

But as with all personal change, it is not the individual themselves who perceived the changes.

Only the people around the individual.

By contacting Victor in the past, she discovered love, by contacting Victor in adulthood, she felt accepted and discovered familial love because of Victor ’s family.

A kind of love she ’d only had with her father before.

By contacting the girls who were childhood friends of hers and who became the wives of her husband due to an accident.

She discovered companionship and a possessiveness towards her childhood friends.

She ’d felt in the past that Victor shouldn ’t stay away from the two women, both for herself and for himself.

Honestly, she didn ’t know if this was a feeling derived from the ritual or from herself, but she didn ’t care.

Her decision proved correct since her childhood friends became more united than before.

They were small encounters, small events that formed someone ’s personality and caused someone to change.

Now, Violet was going through another change. Upon learning of her father ’s death and seeing the incident with her own eyes.

Violet changed again, she acquired responsibility.

She knew how much her father loved Clan Snow, and she also loved her home, her Clan, though not as great a love as her love for her Darling.

As the Snow Clan was an inheritance her father left her, she decided for herself that she would become a good Clan leader, a Clan leader who would make her father proud.

The possessive Violet was still there.

The playful Violet was still there.

The loving Violet was still there.

Now it was time for a new Violet to be born.

”GAHHHHHHH! ” Violet suddenly screamed.

”…. ” Hilda was surprised by Violet ’s sudden scream.

”How did Darling make so many changes in so few days!? My head is frying! ” She felt like she ’d never used her head so much now.

”…How about a break? ” Hilda flashed a small smile.

”Not yet, I ’ll finish knowing what he did at least. ” Violet sighed and sat down again and asked Hilda to continue her report.

”… ” Hilda laughed a little, and a memory of when Agnes took over the Snow Clan appeared in her eyes.

’It was the same situation, huh? Lady Agnes ’ parents had just died, and suddenly that delinquent had to take over the Snow Clan. ’ A nostalgic smile appeared on her face.

’Although not good at leading a Clan from the beginning, she learned and became a good Clan leader. ’

Nobody is born knowing things. Usually, people must learn from trial and error to become good at something.

And that ’s normal.

To err is natural. To remain in error is stupidity.

’And unlike Agnes, Violet is not alone. She has several people supporting her, Agnes herself is also alive to support her daughter. So despite the situation being the same as in the past, at the same time, the situation is very different from the past… She ’ll be fine. ’

”What are you laughing at? ” Violet asked curiously.

”It ’s nothing… ” Hilda remained with a smile on her face and then continued her report.

”… ” Violet looked at Hilda strangely, but she stopped thinking about it when the woman continued her report.

’Ahh~, this is going to be fun. I want to see how much she changes. ’ Hilda ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds as she was somehow feeling expectant.

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