My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 321: The Wives Are United (2)

Sasha and Natashia didn ’t train for long. The two women had important commitments pending, and because of that, they couldn ’t fully focus on training.

Though what little time they had was enough for Natashia to teach Sasha several basic techniques that her other personality hadn ’t.

” ”Fumuh… That training was quite satisfying. ” Sasha spoke as she stretched.

”Haha~, you sure have talent. My mom would ’ve been proud if she saw how her granddaughter progressed so fast today. ” She flashed a loving smile.

”Seriously? ” Sasha looked at her mother with a twinkle in her eye.

”Yeah, just like Scathach, my mom also liked talented people. That was also one of the reasons the two women got along well, they were both maniacal warriors, although my mom wasn ’t as insane as Scathach. ”

”And just like Scathach, the woman recognized a diamond-in-the-rough when she came across someone. ”

”Ohhh. ” Sasha had always had a little interest in hearing stories about her ancestors, but her mother, who was the only one who knew those stories, rarely spoke of them.

Because of this, she now looked like a child who was hearing an interesting story for the first time.

”She would definitely be happy that she had a granddaughter just like you. ”

”I wish I had met her. ” Sasha spoke with a bit of regret, from what her mother said about her grandmother, she seemed like a very interesting person.

”…Me too. ” She flashed a sad little smile.

”…? ” Sasha looked at her mother confused.

”To be honest… I didn ’t really talk to my mom like I ’m talking to you right now. ”

”…why? What happened? ”

Natashia looked towards the mansion, and spoke with a neutral look: ”I think one of the reasons was because she had such high expectations of me? ”

”Although I was born a ’genius ’ in my time, it wasn ’t enough for her. ”

”…She wanted a monster to be born… A monster of the same level as Scathach. ”

”… Mother… ”

”To be honest… ” She displayed a sneer: ”I didn ’t know what she wanted either, she never openly spoke her thoughts. ”

”She ’d always been a closed-off woman, and she ’d taken care of things herself… Come to think of it, her attitude was quite similar to my Darling ’s. ”

”Darling? ”

”Yeah, they are a lot alike in that regard, my Darling always tries to work things out on his own. ”

’And he always tries to keep the filth of the world away from his wives… In his own words, he wants his wives to remain ’free, noble, and untouched ’ by the filth of the world. ’

Natashia opened her eyes wide when she noticed something.

’Did she keep her distance from me for the same reason…? ’ She couldn ’t help but think about it now.

”Indeed, this part of Darling is really annoying, even though this is also one of his best qualities. But it ’s also one of his most annoying. ” Important things must be said twice!

Sometimes Sasha wanted Victor to talk more about his problems, and be a shoulder for him to lean on.

’I know he counts on us, and he always talks about his problems…but…but… ’ Sasha wanted more, she wanted Victor to depend on them completely. She wanted him to tell her his plans, and all that. She wanted to know what was going on in that crazy head of his.

But she knew that was impossible. Despite being emotionally dependent on girls, the core part of his personality…

Was action!

He didn ’t stand still, he just couldn ’t. He was like a shark that needed to be constantly swimming in order to live.

He wouldn ’t wait for anyone to take the action for him, he ’d always take the first step himself and walk in front of everyone.

This was Victor ’s main characteristic.

Victor was a man of action, and she completely understood that.

”Why are you standing in front of the door? ” Eleanor appeared.

”… ” The two women awoke from stupor and looked at Eleanor.

”You didn ’t leave? ” Sasha looked at the luggage she was carrying. It was just a simple suitcase, and behind it was a big black greatsword.

”I ’m waiting for Victor, and my carriage. ”

”…Huh? Where is Darling? ” Sasha asked curiously.

”He went to the human world to solve something, and said he would be back soon. ”

”By the way, that was three hours ago. ”

”…He abandoned you… ” Natashia flashed a small smile as she looked at the tall woman.

”He wouldn ’t do that. ” Eleanor rolled her eyes, she didn ’t fall for Natashia ’s provocation.

”Heh~, you sure have confidence in that man, huh. ”

”…What are you suggesting? ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes.

”It ’s nothing~… ” She flashed a mischievous smile.

”I ’m just amazed at how my darling Darling has managed to fully approach and build close relationships with the most important and powerful women in Nightingale. ”

”… ” Eleanor was silent.

”Now that my mom has said it, that ’s true… ” Sasha touched her chin and thought a little about the women who had an obvious interest in Victor.

After thinking, she opened her eyes a little surprised.

”Hey! Is this not Darling ’s fault, but the women ’s? ” She looked at Natashia.

”Eh…? ” Natashia looked at her daughter.

”You shamelessly approached him after that fight. ”

”… ” Natashia turned her gaze away. She felt like she was being accused by her daughter of stealing her husband or something.

”And Scathach approached Victor after they trained together for six months. ”

”Well, their personalities are quite compatible, the two seem like they were made for each other. ” Eleanor rolled her eyes.

”And now, you. ” Sasha looked at Eleanor.

”… Me? ”

”You may not realize it, but you ’re a crazy bitch. I ’m sure you ’ll be next… My insides are screaming it. ”

A vein bulged in Eleanor ’s head, and the tall woman stomped on the floor in irritation:

”Hey! Don ’t mistake me for Violet! ”

”Humpf, I have-. ” Sasha huffed and was about to say something, but she was interrupted voice her mother ’s innocent

”About your guts, isn ’t it because you ’re horny? ”

”Eh? ” She looked at her mother with a shocked look, and a little red.

”I mean, I ’ve never heard of guts being able to talk. I ’d understand if you had a hunch or something—. ” Natashia was going to continue talking, but Sasha suddenly spoke:

”Mother this is just slang for foreboding! ”

”Oh… ” Natashia now understood.

’That ’s just youth slang… ’

”… ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes at Sasha:

”I would understand if it was Violet or Natashia, after all, those two women are horny all the time, but even you Sasha? Are you being influenced? ”

”…I ’m not horny anymore! ”

”Oh, so you were before… ” She flashed an amused little smile.

”Ugh, this bitch… ” Lightning began crackling around Sasha.

”Mah, Mah, don ’t tease Sasha too much, she ’s been sensitive ever since what happened a few hours ago. ”

”Huh? ” Eleanor looked confused at Natashia: ”What happened? ”

”M-Mother-. ” Sasha tried to stop Natashia ’s honest, unfiltered mouth from saying anything, but she was too slow!

”A few hours ago, me, Scathach, and my daughter, had a hot time with my Darling. ” She flashed a small, happy, and at the same time perverted smile.

”…M-Master too? ”

”Of course, she ’s always there when that sort of thing happens. ”

”O-Ohh… ” Eleanor looked like she received a lot of emotional damage when she learned this information.

”She ’s just not there when Victor has sex with-… ”

”MOTHER! ” Sasha put her hand on her mother ’s mouth, and said with a blood red look:

”This is too much… Too much information. ”

”Let ’s shut up, okay? ”

”…Hmm… ” Natashia nodded, indicating that she understood.

Sasha sighed a little, and let go of her mother ’s mouth.


Natashia coughed a little, and continued:

”I ’m sorry about that. ”

”… ” Eleanor didn ’t say much, she just nodded, she seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

”Mother, you shouldn ’t go around talking about our intimate moments to strangers. ” Sasha spoke to her mother as if she were teaching a child.

”Eh? But I don ’t say that to people I don ’t know. ”

A vein bulged on Sasha ’s head, ’Isn ’t this woman very shameless? Did she forget what she did just a few seconds ago!? ’

Seeing her daughter ’s expression, Natashia showed a mischievous smile, and pointed to Eleonor:

”Believe me, I don ’t say this to strangers, I only say this because it ’s Eleanor. ”

”Huh? ” Sasha didn ’t understand.

”…Eh? ” Eleanor woke up from her thoughts and looked at Natashia.

”Eventually, you will fall under Victor ’s charms and join us. I ’m just paving the way because I know that in the future, you will join us. ”

”…Huh? ” Even though Natashia explained her reasons, Eleanor still didn ’t understand this woman ’s thought process.

”What facts do you rely on for that claim? ” Eleanor looked like an experienced lawyer for a moment, even though she was not a lawyer.

”Instinct… ” She flashed a small smile that held many meanings.

”You are exactly the kind of woman my husband would like. I can feel it in you, you and I are buddies. ” She flashed a companionable smile, and for a few seconds her eyes looked like swirls of black.

”??? ” Literal question marks seemed to appear around Eleanor.

She didn ’t understand anything.

”Well, don ’t think about it too much, you ’ll understand in the future… ” She flashed a smile of someone who seemed to understand a universal truth.

”You guys look like you ’re having fun. ” A cold voice was heard around.

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