My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 322: Feelings Put on a Piece of Paper

”You look like you ’re having fun. ” A cold voice was heard around.

”… ” The girls looked towards the door, and saw Ruby in casual clothes.

”Since when were you there? ” Eleanor asked.

”I just got here. ” Ruby spoke as she smoothed out her long red hair, and removed the ponytail hairstyle she was wearing.

”Ohh… ” She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn ’t even notice Ruby ’s approach.

Ruby looked at Natashia for a few seconds, and seeing the woman ’s calmer state and her happy smile on her face, she looked up and down, and then her eyes went to her childhood friend and repeated the process.

After a few seconds of silent observation,

Ruby flashed a small smile, she completely understood what had happened.

”Welcome back, Sasha, and Natashia. How were your trainings? ”

”Oh…? ” Natashia looked at Ruby, and showed a small smile:

’As expected of that woman ’s blood daughter, I think? ’ Natashia completely understood that little smile from Ruby.

With just a little glance, and noting the clothes, and the girls ’ moods,

Ruby understood what happened.

’Although the contraction in my leg must have given away my emotional state. ’ Natashia thought amusedly, she had no idea how many times she had to use her lightning power to ’dry ’ herself.

’I need real panties and tampons. ’ She thought to herself. All her current appearance was derived from her ’power ’, but due to the messy state of her interior, she needed real clothes.

After all, it was a nuisance to walk around in that state.

Interesting fact, she would only wear new panties, after all, she could create the rest with her power.

”It was quite refreshing… I was able to learn a lot… ” Sasha replied with a happy smile.

”And I need to shower. ” She spoke with a surprisingly serious face.

”You both do. ” Ruby spoke.

”I will wait in the living room. Go shower and change clothes. When you come back, we will go to the Snow Clan. ”

”Oh, you were thinking about that too. ” Sasha flashed a gentle smile.

”Yes, that fool needs us. ” She flashed an amused smile, it seems they both had the same idea.

”What are you going to do, Natashia? ” Ruby looked at the older woman.

”Hmm, I ’ll take a shower, and then I ’ll go home. ”

”I need to sort out some things in my Clan. Although my Darling took the rats out of that place, he didn ’t eliminate everything. After all, he seemed unsure about some smaller clans, and because some lesser Clans have histories of being loyal to the Clan Fulger, I asked him not to use the gallows… or our relationship could get worse. ”

”Dealing with the minor Clans in your territory must be irritating. ” Ruby said this because she more or less had an idea of what Clan Fulger territory was like.

Because of Natasha ’s bad leadership, and the change of leader, her territory was completely messed up.

”Indeed, some lesser Clans are responsible for the food that is quite popular in Nightingale, and thanks to my other self, she hasn ’t completely tied these lesser Clans to Clan Fulger… Now, I have to deal with this shit. ”

”… When you talk like that, I feel quite happy that my territory does not have these problems. ” Eleanor sighed in relief.

”…. ” Natashia looked at Eleanor with a dead look.

’Your territory is 100 times worse than mine! ’ As a Countess, she knew the status of Clan Adrastea ’s territory.

’But if you think about it, her territory is quite simple, she just needs to deal with the monsters, and since she ’s been doing that since she was little, she ’s gotten used to it? ’

’A territory that is relatively easy to control is that of Clan Scarlett. After all, the territory of Clan Scarlett is something more like a luxury condominium where several people have luxury homes. ’ And believe it or not, to buy a house, or land in Clan Scarlett ’s territory,

It was ridiculously expensive, even for some Vampires who have amassed troves of riches. So much so, that they would hesitate buy a house here.

And this land was so prized simply for the simple fact that Scathach Scarlett livec here. Just being present in this place has long made her a wealthy woman.

Although something similar happened in the Royal Capital where the King lived.

If owning a house in Scathach territory was expensive, in the Royal Capital, this value could quadruple depending on the area.

Because of this, the main properties in the Royal Capital were owned by rich companies and government buildings.

Only people who shit money could own a mansion in the Royal Capital.

”…Because of having so many lesser Clans that have a history with Clan Fulger, my Darling can ’t do what he did in Clan Snow. Unlike my territory where the smaller Clans are self-sustaining, the entirety of Agnes ’ territory depends on Clan Snow. ”

As a Countess responsible for Nightingale ’s domestic and foreign policy, all minor clans needed permission from Clan Snow to do certain things.

In theory, the same should apply to the Fulger Clan who were responsible for feeding Nightingale.

But thanks to Natasha ’s negligence, the woman let the smaller Clans grow, and lost her monopoly.

Natashia continued: ”Some small Clans have stopped supporting me. They may be acting like they are supporting me on the ’surface ’, but behind the curtain they are supporting Niklaus. I need to resolve this before it becomes an issue in the future. ”

”Ugh, honestly, my desire is to just go and destroy everything and get back what I lost, but that would sink our reputation even further. ” On the surface it might seem that Clan Fulger had quite a few supporters, but that wasn ’t completely true.

”Well, every territory has its problems, just know that if you need help, you know where to call. ” She spoke in a cold tone with a small smile.

”Yeah…I know. ”

”But no need to worry, I will solve this problem easily, I just need to use the empire that my beloved younger sister created, and soon all the territory will be under my control, I have postponed it for a while until I stabilize my Clan. ..Now that the Clan is stable, I can do that. ” She flashed a predatory smile.

”I see. ” Ruby flashed a small smile, and then turned around:

For Ruby, this was good news. After all, the less problems the women related to Victor had, the better it would be for her husband ’s mental health.

Thinking of Victor…

”Where ’s my Darling? Has he finished his training? ”

”… ” Sasha, Natashia and Eleonor looked at each other, and then they smiled:

”He left. ”

8 hours later.

Snow Clan Territory.

Violet was behind a desk, and around her were mountains of paper.

”…The enemy of sentient creatures are these papers… The enemy of sentient creatures are these papers… ” She was mumbling this as a little smoke came out of her head.

She looked like she was going to explode at any moment.

”… ” Hilda flashed a small smile, and opened a small bedroom window. The window had enough space for the smoke coming out of Violet ’s head to flow out.

”GAHHHHH! ” Violet threw the papers as she screamed. She ’d finally exploded! She held her head as she screamed, and soon she lay down with her head on the table.

”How about a break? ” Hilda spoke in a gentle tone as she picked up the papers Violet tossed into the air.

”…I will accept. ” She sighed a little, got up from her chair and walked towards the couch and lay down.

Finished with organizing the documents, Hilda looked at Violet with a small smile.

’Well, it lasted longer than the first time Agnes took to those papers. ’

”Although we don ’t get tired physically, Vampires can still get tired mentally. ”

”Especially for someone who has never used her head like you, Violet. ”

”… ” Violet glanced at Hilda:

”What is that supposed to mean? ”

”It ’s just advice… If you see you ’ve reached the limit, rest your head, and eventually you ’ll get used to it. ”

”Oh… ” Violet understood now.

She visibly sighed as she snuggled up on the couch:

”My problem isn ’t the workload itself. It ’s these documents. Why can ’t we just digitize everything and put it on a private server that doesn ’t have internet access. ”

”…You ’re talking like your husband now. ” Hilda flashed a small, amused smile.

”Umu? ” She looked at Hilda confused.

Hilda walked towards a drawer, and took out a white envelope, and walked towards Violet.

”Take a look. ”

”… ” Violet adjusted her position and sat up on the couch, soon she took the document from Hilda ’s hand:

”Ideas discarded due to lack of time. ” She read what was written on the front of the envelope.

”What is that? ”

”As stated, these are the ideas that Victor had for the Snow Clan, but didn ’t put into action because he didn ’t have enough time for it… ”

”The project about a private server to organize the information is also in that envelope… ”

”Wha-… ” Violet couldn ’t believe what she heard.

”You mean that… ”

”Yes, he had the same idea as you. ”

Violet looked at Hilda rather silly, and then a gentle smile appeared on her face.

She opened the envelope, and a small paper fell to the floor.

”Hmm? ” She placed the envelope beside her, and took the paper.

When picking up the paper that fell, she realized it was a letter.

The letter was white and had the letter ’V ’ on the front.

It was pretty obvious who had left the letter.

”… ” Hilda and Violet look at each other confused.

”Open, I think he has something to say. ”

”… Okay. ” Violet opened the letter, and began to read.

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