My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 331: Karma is always coming back

Chapter 330: Betrayals.

While Victor, his wives, and acquaintances were busy with their own problems.

Something terrible had happened in the Royal Capital. The seed of chaos that Victor had sowed ended up bearing fruit much sooner than expected.

The seed of chaos that Victor sowed came together with an incident that was happening, and…

It became a fire that only grew by the second.

”…. ” Selena, who was staying at a hotel that had a perfect view of the royal castle, smiled with cruel happiness.

Why was she smiling? Simple. Vlad ’s castle just exploded, everyone in the Royal Capital could hear a massive explosion coming from the castle, and a few seconds later, a big hole appeared on top of the castle.

”What ’s happening? ”

”Who attacked the King ’s castle? ”

All the Vampires stopped what they were doing and looked at the castle, wondering what had happened.

After Selena received the ’gift ’ from Victor, she wasted no time. She spent the whole day making preparations, and the next day, she already started selling this information. She made sure the information was expensive, and the result of that?

She and Victor had just made a lot of money, but the money wasn ’t important.

Selena made a gesture with her hand, and a projection appeared in front of her, displaying an area close to the Royal Capital.

”…Hey, did you know? Apparently, the King ’s Son is sleeping with his own mother. ” Said a man who looked ordinary but at the same time quite suspicious, as he started talking to one of the Vampires.

”… Eh? Did the Vampire King wear a green hat? ”

”Idiot, stop listening to these rumors, they are clearly false! ”

”But… I have proof. ” The suspicious looking man started showing the ’video ’.

”Look at those titties… Holy fuck. ”

”Moron! Hide this! We will die. ”

”Oh, I forgot. ”

Selena gestured to the left, causing the image to change, and soon she saw the same scene but in another scenario.

This scene was repeated throughout Nightingale ’s territory. She made sure to use all her connections so that this information could spread as quickly as possible.

And the effects were pretty obvious. In less than 2 days, all Vampires had heard this rumor.

Vampires were creatures that always sought entertainment, especially Vampires who were a little older.

And this sultry gossip did not go unnoticed by them.

Selena only had to pour the gasoline and make a little spark, and the Vampires themselves were responsible for putting more flammables on that fire.

Vlad was respected by everyone for his strength, and everyone had held him in admiration, but they also feared the man.

But just as he was respected by everyone, he was also hated.

There would always be two sides to the coin. Vlad could control the Vampires in his own territories, but he could not control the feelings hidden behind the fake smile of the Vampires. Thus, some of these individuals would often feel envy, hatred, and greed towards him.

And they didn ’t actively act on these feelings because it was foolish to fight the old monster.

Because of that, this rumor spread so fast.

Vlad ’s hidden enemies made sure the rumor got around and made sure to spread it as quickly as possible. They didn ’t just settle for Nightingale and wanted the entire supernatural world to know about this incident.

The result?


Another explosion blasted from within Vlad ’s castle.

And that sight put a twisted smile on Selena ’s face; ’But… that ’s still not enough. ’

The Witch wanted more. She wanted this man to suffer as much as she had when she lost her sister, her precious little sister.

”Everyone go home, the Royal Capital is now under martial law. ” Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, several Vampires appeared around the city.

’…Tsk, the royal guard. ’ Selena looked at the man who seemed to be the leader with a dangerous look, but then that look of hers faded, and she snapped her finger.

’I better hide for now. ’

A blue magic circle appeared at her feet, and soon Selena ’s appearance disappeared, and in the place where she was, a corpse appeared.

Vlad was looking at the sight in front of him with a cold, lifeless gaze.

The only things on his face were his red eyes.

In front of his vision were the corpses of his First Wife, completely dismembered, and his Eldest Son, who had been laid open.

Vlad didn ’t even argue or want to hear excuses, he just showed up and dismembered the two.

A portal appeared behind Vlad.

”My Lord, I ’m sorry, but I couldn ’t locate the original source of the rumor. ” Alexios spoke in a serious tone while making a gesture of respect.

”It doesn ’t matter anymore… ” Vlad looked to the side and saw the bodies of his Second Wife and Third Wife.

As he had done with his Son and his First Wife, he ’d just raised his hand, and pulled the two women to that spot, and killed them.

Controlling the blood of other beings was quite easy for someone like Vlad, and by doing so, he could ’lift ’ the beings ’ bodies.

Who was Vlad?

He is the Motherfucking Vampire, the True Vampire.

Of course he knew what was going on inside his own castle. He knew his First Wife was cheating on him with their Son, but he didn ’t do anything about it.

One thing about living for such a long time is that your feelings get numb.

After spending several millennia away from his Wives, he came to see them as ’strangers ’.

Even though he recognized the women in front of him, he didn ’t have any feelings for them anymore.

But… He was attached to them… Because they were his. His children, his wives, his castle. Nightingale was all his.

He ’d built it all up.

And like an Old Dragon, Vlad wanted to keep it all to himself.

’Hah, that ’s pretty ironic coming from someone with the last name Dracul. ’

Unlike Younger Vampires, Vlad never practiced the ’ritual ’. He is a King, and he didn ’t like to be tied down by something. Because of that, he didn ’t feel his emotions being directed towards his wives nor could he feel their thoughts and the emotions.

Vlad thought for a bit as he looked at the women lying on the floor in front of him.

’There was a time I loved them… But… That time is no longer today. ’ Vlad looked at the moon with a lifeless look, and thought of the face of a woman with long black hair and violet eyes.

’In the end… It seems that only that strange woman remains in my heart. ’ His face took on a longing expression.

”… ” Alexios looked at the bodies of Vlad ’s second and third wives.

’Sigh… It wasn ’t for lack of warning. If he ’d had paid attention to the women he ’d picked up, this wouldn ’t have happened. ’

The First Wife cheated on him with her own son.

The Second Wife, who was Lucas Tepes ’ mother, cheated on him with a Werewolf.

The Third Wife, who was the mother of Saulo Tepes, betrayed him with Eros, the cupid, a god related to Aphrodite.

The only Wives who ’d remained faithful to their Master were the Fourth Wife, mother to Adam Tepes, and the Fifth Wife, mother to Elizabeth and Lilith.

… And the consequences of that decision was them falling into a coma due to lack of blood.

Despite never having performed the ritual, Vlad ’s blood was simply too delicious.

He was a progenitor whose blood had matured for 5,000,000 years.

The Women were used to blood that seemed to taste like the ambrosia of the Gods.

When they tried to drink another blood, their bodies simply rejected it and spat it out.

They felt as if they were drinking the rotten water that fell from the garbage.

It was just awful.

Of the Wives, only the First managed to stay alive on Theo ’s blood.

As Vlad ’s firstborn, he had a little more of his father ’s blood.

And after several years of doing this, a relationship was born due to Vlad ’s abandonment.

’This is all the master ’s fault… ’ Alexios was a servant.

But he was also a counselor, the reason for his existence was to help this old man make decisions.

’This situation could be resolved easily, he just needed to take care of his women… ’


Alexios sighed inwardly.

’Now, an invisible enemy is spreading rumors about this situation. ’ Alexios felt a headache when he saw the video.

The woman in the video was clearly Vlad ’s first wife.

And the man in the video was clearly Theo Tepes.

The rumor got so big that Vlad himself had to do something, he was forced by the situation to do something.

If he didn ’t do something, his reputation, his titles, the man known as the ’monster ’ feared by all would have his image shaken.

And Vlad just couldn ’t stand that fact.

His pride wouldn ’t allow it.

…Yes, the old Vampire was a broken man, completely confused, and crazy.

”What should we do, Master? ”

”…Tell my children what happened, keep looking for whoever is at fault for these rumors, and use my subordinates to try to contain this mess. ”

”…What are you going to do, Master? ”

”I will visit Jean and Anna… They were the only ones who stayed by my side despite everything… ”

’I at least have to see them… ’ Vlad felt he should do that, or it wouldn ’t be fair to his women.

’I ignored this problem long enough… I won ’t make them wait any longer. ’

’…Finally, he ’s going to do something useful! Fuck, he should have done this from the start! Ugh… He has to retire! That old bone isn ’t thinking clearly… ’ Alexios had a lot of frustrations he kept to himself.

’Actually, he needs a vacation. ’ Alexios looked at Vlad who was absorbing the body of his son and his wives:

’This man is so greedy that he doesn ’t want to burn his treasures, huh? ’ Alexios could very well understand the reason for his master ’s action.

”Master, please take a vacation. ”

”…Huh? ” Vlad looked at his counselor confused.

”Are you crazy? Why would I take a vacation in the middle of these troublesome times? ”

”For god sake… ” Alexios opened his eyes and looked at Vlad angrily: ”Everything that is happening here is your fault. ”

”…. ” Vlad opened his eyes a little.

”You can ’t keep your Wives ’ beds warm. I bet you didn ’t even care about them anymore. but like a greedy old man, you didn ’t want to let your women go. With your blood manipulation powers, you could solve their problems easily. ”

”But in the end, you just watched everything and did nothing. ”

”From the moment you found Ophis ’ mother, you were never the same. ”

”…She ’s special… ” Vlad didn ’t get mad at Alexios, the man was very reminiscent of his first friend, even his attitude of losing control of his emotions and speaking the truth to his face.

It is because of this personality that Alexios was his advisor.

”That is the problem. ”

”You are in mourning. ”

”… ”

”You loved that woman so much, and when she was gone, you grieved, and instead of trying to resolve this situation. ”

”You sat on your throne while brooding over the past. ”

’From the beginning this man was never suited to have multiple women. He is a complete disaster, when he stops liking a woman, he won ’t let that woman go, and in the end he locks her in this big prison called a castle.. .

’Actually, is he normal? After all, all living beings had someone you loved more than others… People like that boy are weird, how can he have that level of obsession with all those women? ’ Alexios received gossip from his daughter about Victor.

And he couldn ’t help but be surprised by the man ’s attitude.

He was the complete opposite of his master.

’I think Alucard ’s title suits him a lot… ’ Alexios thought ironically.

”…Sigh… ” Vlad took a long breath.

”Fine, I ’ll do it. I will take Jean and Anna. ”

’Fucking finally! Finally he listened to me, that son of a bitch! ’

Alexios was jumping for joy in his mind, even though his expression hadn ’t changed at all.

”… But. ”

’Ugh… I knew it… ’ Alexios complained when he saw his master ’s murderous gaze.

”I ’ll do it after I clean up this mess. ”

Vlad disappeared from where he was.

He appeared somewhere underground.

He walked through some corridors, and ’crossed ’ a wall. The moment Vlad walked through the wall, a magic circle appeared, causing the wall to suddenly disappear, revealing a hallway in its place.

Vlad hid the bodies of his two wives in a labyrinth where only he knew the location.

Yes… The old man was completely mad.

Had he always been aware of his wives ’ conditions, and yet he decided to do nothing? What was the reason for this?

The truth of the matter was….

He didn ’t feel like doing anything, so he didn ’t do anything.

He could say as many excuses as he wanted to himself, he could try to fool himself as much as he wanted.

But he himself understood that if he wanted to solve this problem, he could easily do it, he just didn ’t do it because he didn ’t want to.

Since separating from Ophis ’s mother, he ’d felt no motivation to do anything, everything seemed so… monotonous… and boring.

Soon two coffins were in front of him.

He walked over to a coffin and pulled the lid off.

Looking at the woman who was looking like a mummy.

’Jeanne… ’ Vlad ’s eyes lit up a little as he looked at Adam Tepes ’ mother, and his lifeless eyes took on a guilty expression for a few seconds.

’Maid of Orleans… You were a very good woman to me… Sigh. ’

It was just a few seconds, a few seconds that could pass in the blink of an eye.

And in that second, Vlad felt guilt. His guilt mostly came from knowing that this woman in front of him didn ’t deserve to end up like this.

She was just too kind for that.

But that guilt disappeared as quickly as it came, and soon his eyes turned neutral and cold. He looked at the other coffin, and opened it.

Unlike the other coffin, this mummy had a slightly different appearance.

Horns could be seen sticking out of the mummy, it was as if the mummy was not something human… but a demon.

’Anna, former general of Lilith, the mother of demons… The only being that came close to killing me… To think that this being would have two such kind daughters. ’

Vlad looked at the two mummy bodies with various thoughts, and soon he made a decision.

His hand completely deformed, and as soon as the blood came out of his hand, Vlad controlled the blood towards the women ’s mouths.


The two opened their red eyes, and a gigantic pressure fell throughout the castle.


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