e tears from Violet ’s eye, and I hug her tighter and lay her head on my chest,

”Shh, I ’m here, Okay. ”

”Mm, ”

While Violet and Victor are in their own world, Sasha approaches Ruby and speaks in a low voice,

”He just ignored your mother…? ” She commented in disbelief.

”…Yes ”

Ruby looks at her mom, she was hoping her mom was pissed off, but to her surprise, her mom had a ’happy ’ smile on her face.

Seeing that smile, Ruby ’s body shivered, she knew her mother very well, and from what she understands of her mother, she only shows that smile when she finds something interesting,

”Luna! ” Suddenly Scathach spoke.

”Y-Yes!? ” Luna squealed in surprise.

Luna, who was silent along with Natalia, Maria, and Kaguya in the corner of the room, runs to Scathach ’s side.

”Thanks for contacting me, you did a good job…But now I want you to do something for me. ” Scathach whispered something in Luna ’s ear.

”Yes, Mam! ” Luna responded, like a soldier responding to his superior, then she ran out of the room.

When Ruby heard her mother ’s words, she looked at Luna with a look that said she would give her punishment for having a big mouth.

”Huh…? ” Violet, who was in her world with Victor, suddenly looks at Scathach, who yelled loudly.

”Bitch, begone, why are you still here? The room will stink of antiquity, shoo, shoo. ”

”Heh, looks like you want to get punished again, brat? ” Scathach ’s eyes sparkled a little.

Violet ’s body shuddered, and she hugged Victor tighter, ”Darling, I ’m being bullied~. ”

”She doesn ’t learn, huh? Doesn ’t she understand that your mother is vindictive? ” Sasha commented as she looked at Violet; a bit annoyed, she thought; ’she ’s taking advantage of the situation… ’

”Well, she ’s Violet, she doesn ’t have any sense, ” Ruby added.

I look at Violet and see her face saying, I want to be spoiled! She was so cute I couldn ’t resist; I put my face close to her and kiss her!

”Humpf? ” She looked surprised for a moment, but as soon as she kissed me again, our tongues began to battle for dominance.

Slowly, my bloodlust exploded; I felt my teeth start to change and also felt my eyes shift to blood red.

”Ugh~! ” I stop kissing Violet and look at the two voices; as soon as I see Ruby and Sasha with red faces, I could clearly feel what they wanted; I could feel it from our connection that got so much stronger than before.

”Eat, ” I spoke in a low voice, but strangely my voice resonated throughout the room.

”Oh…? ” Scathach displayed a curious smile.

Suddenly, Sasha disappears and appears at my right side; as soon as she opens her mouth and bites my neck, I felt my blood drain.

Violet puts her face on the other side of my neck and licks me; then, she bites me too.

”Let go of me! ” I heard Ruby ’s furious scream. When I look at Ruby, I see my wife is being held by her mother.

”Interesting. ” She said. ”She was completely lost in the desire for blood. ”

I suddenly feel a desire to be ’full ’, and that desire has taken over my actions, and that desire was affecting my wives too.

Violet, Sasha, and I look at Ruby ’s mom,

”Release! ”

We speak in unison.

The woman ’s body trembled a little, and then she lets go of Ruby,

”Huh…? ” The woman exclaimed in surprise, she looked at her hand and realized she wasn ’t holding her daughter anymore.

Ruby disappears and appears on my left side, ”Darling~, Darling~ ” Soon, she bites my collarbone.

The moment she bites me, I feel ’complete ’.

When the desire to feel ’full ’ has been sated, my bloodlust exploded again. I couldn ’t think of anything; I was very thirsty, and I just wanted my wives ’ blood! I open my mouth and bite Violet ’s neck.

”Ahh~, Darling~. ”

Seeing Victor feasting on the blood of his three wives, Scathach ’s smile grew distorted,

”Kaguya, explain to me everything that happened from the moment that Victor was turned, ” She ordered.

Kaguya approaches Scathach, she looks at the woman for a few seconds as if thinking about something, then she makes a decision; ’She is Ruby ’s mother, she has a right to know the truth. ’

”It all happened the day Violet turned Victor into a vampire-, ” Kaguya began to explain in a neutral tone all the events she knew.

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