My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 339: Ophis has disappeared

”Sigh… ” Genji and Shuten Douji sighed at the same time.

Soon Ginji disappeared again as he reappeared in front of the twin crows.

”Let ’s go. The show is over. ” Shuten spoke to Ibaraki as he turned around and jumped in one direction.

”Yes. ” Ibaraki looked at Gyuki for a few seconds, then turned to follow his leader.

”I have received information from abroad that Inquisition Hunters are coming to our country. ” Genji spoke to the twins.

”…This is new, who are the individuals? ”

”Senior hunters Jimmy and Thomas, and more importantly, a General Leonardo is accompanying them. ”

”…a General? ” The twins narrowed their eyes.

”Apparently, the Church is concerned about the rising tide of Demons from hell. ”

”Do you know anything about this Genji-sama? ”

”I don ’t know. ” Genji was as in the dark as they were. His job was being a doorman and Inari ’s direct subordinate, and it took up all of his work time.

”The Gods or Kurama must know something. ”

”Geh, Kurama… ”

”I know, I feel the same way as you do too, but it was Inari-sama ’s order, and as far as I know, he ’s doing a good job… ”

’Inari-sama must know something, but she ’s not telling me… ’ Genji sighed to himself.

”And to think that Inari-sama would give such an important job to that man. ” The woman spoke with an annoyed face.

”…The Gods need someone to do their dirty work-… ” The male twin fell silent when he saw Genji ’s gaze.

”I ’m sorry, Genji-sama. ” He quickly apologized and bowed.

”It ’s okay, you ’re not wrong about that either. ” Genji sighed as he knew that in any pantheon, there would always be someone who did the Gods ’ dirty work.

Genji snapped his fingers causing a sound reminiscent of glass shattering to echo out, then the red moon disappeared, returning to its natural color, revealing the humans below.

Genji ’s face twitched a little when he heard the noises of humans, he had gotten used to it over time, but with his hellish hearing, it was quite irritating to hear the voices of thousands of people in his head.

And especially at the Shibuya crossing.

”Whoaa… As expected of Genji-sama… He purified the entire area. ” Some subordinates spoke up.

’Only a servant of a Goddess can do something like that with a snap of his fingers and not feel tired afterwards… ’

He looked around and sighed when he saw that there were still some Yōuki energies remaining, then, with another snap of his finger, he purified the entire area, but there was still Yōuki left.

Specifically speaking, Haruna ’s Yōuki .

’Even that woman ’s energy is persistent just like her. ’ He thought when he saw that the remaining Youki was from Haruna.

Deciding he must get back to work, he looked at the crows:

”I ’m leaving now, don ’t forget to ensure the safety of those two. I don ’t want a Progenitor Vampire in this country… ” The moment he said that, his 9 tails fluttered up like a cat, and he also felt a shiver down his spine.

”…? ” The twins looked at Genji with a strange look. Why was he looking around while looking for something?

”Did something happen, Genji sama? ”

”… It ’s nothing… ”

’That was just my imagination… ’ The moment he thought about it, he started to feel like something was going to go terribly wrong.

’I have a bad feeling about this… ’

Back to Victor.

After training for some time with Pepper and Lacus, Victor realized that he should give Siena instructions, so he asked the girls to train with what he ’d taught.

And then he walked to Siena:

”Come with me, Siena. ” He kept walking as he passed her.

”Ugh, I was hoping you ’d forget about me. ” She grumbled.

He turned around and smiled, ”…Never. ”

”… ” Siena ’s body trembled when Victor smiled like her Mother, while she feared for her fate now.

Giving up on resisting, she started following Victor.

”Mizuki, when I ’m done with Siena, we ’ll go hunting… ” Victor ’s smile grew as he thought of the creatures.

”Okay. ” Mizuki wasn ’t intimidated since, originally, she came here for that.

”Before that, go talk to Commander Rose, and ask her for a weapon created here. Per Eleanor ’s explanation, only weapons created with the remains of monsters work on the monsters themselves. ”

When Victor saw Eleanor ’s display, he quickly asked her several questions, and he found that to kill these immortal monsters,

You must be someone from Clan Adrasteia. After all, only members of Clan Adrasteia had the mutated ’blood ’ that had been obtained through several millennia of constant fighting and using the flesh of monsters as food.

It must be said that this was a natural process. To survive in this cruel environment, the Noble Vampire race had to adapt and created a variant, and that variant was the Adrasteia Clan.

They were Vampires, but at the same time, they were monsters.

And the other way to kill these monsters is as Victor explained to Mizuki.

”…In some strange way, it makes sense. ” Mizuki said when she thought of the saying to fight poison, with poison.

Victor smiled when he heard what Mizuki said, ”We ’ll talk later. ”

”Hmm… ” Mizuki nodded as she seemed to think of something.

While walking, Victor raised his hand and caught the Odachi that came flying into his hand.

Walking to a secluded spot with Siena, Victor couldn ’t help but think that there were more ways to kill these monsters.

For example, in the last fight, he didn ’t use anything related to his Power over blood, and nor did he use Junketsu, his Odachi.

He just used his fists and his basic powers, which were already very strong.

’In the next fight, I will test if my blood power can kill these beings, or if my weapon can too… It will be fun~. ’ Victor was having a great time in this place.

Arriving in an isolated location with Siena:

”Siena, are you proficient in any weapons? ” he asked as he turned to look at the woman.

”No, I just use my powers. ”

”… ” Victor looked at the girl with a wordless look.

But when he thought of the woman ’s attitude of disgust towards humans, he could understand that she refused to learn any of the martial arts involved.

’But I don ’t think that would matter much to Scathach. ’ He knew Scathach didn ’t care about prejudice or anything like that. She just cared about efficiency.

’She must have focused on her powers first because they were just as strong as me? Victor tried to deduce his master ’s motives.

After some thought, he could deduce Scathach ’s motives. To see if he was right, he would fight Siena without using powers.

Just as he was about to propose this to the woman, he felt his phone ringing.

”Wait. ” He took the phone away from him and couldn ’t help but stare at the phone in shock as he remembered where he was.

”…Does the phone work here? ” Victor felt like patting June on the head, she created something very good.

Seeing Violet ’s number, Victor felt weird, he didn ’t remember giving Violet his number, but knowing his wife, he wouldn ’t doubt that she put her number on his phone herself.

He answered the phone and said, ”Violet? ”

”Darling… Please remain calm, and listen to me. ”

”… ” Victor ’s eyes change from kind to serious.

”What happened? ”

”About a week ago, Ophis disappeared. ”

”What? ”

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