My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 34: Victor has been kidnapped!

Hearing everything that happened, Scathach ’s smile just grew and grew.

When Kaguya finished explaining everything that had happened since the moment Victor turned into a Vampire.

”What ’s his blood type? ” She asked curiously.

”RH Null Blood… The golden blood. ”

”Pfft… HAHAHAHA! ” She started laughing like she was crazy.

Kaguya just looked at the woman, wondering if this madwoman was right in her head.

”And to think… Pfft… And to think that history would repeat itself with my daughter…? HAHAHAHA! ” She looked very happy for some reason.

”Countess Scathach knows about something? ”

She stopped laughing for a moment and looked at Kaguya with a slight smile on her face, ”Who knows? I ’m quite old; maybe I ’m just crazy? ”

Kaguya ’s face twitched a little, she didn ’t expect her to respond like that.

Scathach exhibited a soft smile on her face, took a deep breath, and let the air out of her lungs. ”It ’s been a while since I laughed like that. When was the last time? I think about 500 years ago? ”

Kaguya, seeing the woman ’s H-cup breasts sway as she made this simple gesture, just clicked her annoyed tongue.

Scathach walks slowly towards Victor with a smile on her face, she sits on the sofa that was next to the one that held Victor and his wives, she crossed her legs sensually and spoke with killing intent leaking from her body:

”That ’s enough, have some kind of respect for yourself; doing that in front of everyone is inappropriate. ”

The instinct of the four exploded, warning of danger; they quickly broke apart and rose from the couch, prepared to fight.

”Hmm, the reaction is fast, but not good enough. ”

”M-Mother? ”

”Wipe your mouth, daughter, how inappropriate. ”

Ruby ’s face turns bright red, and she quickly licks her lips; ’I can ’t believe I did this in front of my mother! ’

”Sasha Fulger, I hear your mother lost her vampire count title on some stupid bet, as expected of her. ”

”Yes, as expected of her, ” Sasha nodded in disdain as she licked her lips.

”Violet Snow, I heard your father woke up. Do you intend to come home? ” Scathach asked.

”Hmm? I am not. My house is next to my Darling~ ” Violet spoke as she hugged Victor.

I looked at Violet and smiled kindly, then patted her head, ”Hehehe ” Seeing the goofy smile on her face, my heart melts into cuteness.

I look at Kaguya, ”Kaguya, do your magic. ”

Understanding what I mean, Kaguya nods, and then disappears into darkness, then she covers Violet ’s body in darkness. Like magic, Violet ’s outfit has changed from a nightgown to an outfit that looks like a cosplay she always wore.

”Done ”

”Good Job, Kaguya, ” I said as I stroked Kaguya ’s head.

”… ” Her body shook a little, and she turned her face away.

Soon, I stop petting Kaguya and sit down on the couch again; Violet sits on my right side, Ruby sits on my left side, and Sasha, who was a little embarrassed about the whole situation, sits next to Ruby.

And Kaguya was behind me along with Natalia and Maria.

I look at the woman, ”We haven ’t introduced ourselves yet, right? ” I display a gentle smile.

”My name is Victor Walker; nice to meet you, Mother in law, ” Again, I feel the atmosphere around me tense up, as if I ’ve said something wrong.

”…Heh ” The woman displays a dangerous smile and licks her lips, ”Nice to meet you, Victor. I am Ruby ’s mother; my name is Scathach Scarlett. ”

”Now that we ’ve introduced ourselves let ’s talk about important matters. ” I keep smiling.

”Oh? ” She looks curious about what I ’m going to say.

”I want to ask your permission to be with Ruby. ”

The woman ’s smile suddenly disappears.

”D-Darling, this is too fast! ” Ruby looked at me with fear evident on her face.

”Yes, Darling. You must talk to my mother first! ” Violet spoke jealously.

”Idiot, that ’s not what she ’s talking about! Read the room! ” Sasha yelled at Violet.

”Huuh? ” Violet was confused.

Question marks started appearing around me, and I was confused why they were reacting like that.

”Brat, don ’t you understand your situation? ” Ruby ’s mother spoke in a neutral tone.

”I understand my situation, ” I said as I looked at her, ”I married your daughter, and I didn ’t ask your permission for that, right? ”

”Indeed… That ’s it. ” She looked at me with a stunned expression.

”Don ’t worry, I intended to do this with each of my wives, ” I commented with a small smile.

”Heh… ” She flashed a small smile, ”What are you going to do if I don ’t allow you to be with Ruby? ”

”M-Mother!? ”

”Silence, Ruby. ” Her eyes glowed red for a moment.

”Y-Yes, ” Ruby recoiled.

”Answer me, ” She looked at me again.

The answer to that question was simple, ”I don ’t intend to do anything. ”

”Huh? ”

”Huh? ”

Ruby and her mother exclaimed in unison.

I continue with a slight smile on my face, ”At the end of it all, your opinion on this matter doesn ’t matter much, ” I commented honestly.

”Brat- ”

I interrupt, ”Ruby is already married to me; what I ’m doing here is just a formality. Whether you allow it to happen or not, it doesn ’t matter anymore. ”

I look at Ruby, ”All that matters is Ruby ’s willingness; if she wants to be with me, then I ’ll make it happen. ”

”D-Darling, ” Ruby spoke with a red face and a small happy smile on her face; it was pretty obvious she wasn ’t against it.

”Brat, you ’re talking too loud for someone who doesn ’t have the strength, ” Scathach spoke in a venomous tone as her killing intent seeped from her body, she looked quite annoyed.

I look at Scathach, and I explain, ”Yes. I ’m weak now, but sometimes you can ’t solve some situations with brute force. ”

”Heh, ” She flashed a sneer, ”If I kill you now, you can never be with my daughter. ”

I saw Sasha, Ruby, and Violet ’s faces distorted in anger for a few seconds.

”Think with me… If you kill me now, what will happen? ” I asked in a neutral tone.

”I would bring my daughter back home, that ’s all. ”

”What about her bloodlust? You know the ritual. ”

”She can handle it. After all, she is my daughter; if I can handle this bloodlust, she can too. ”

Oh, she lost her husband…? Come to think of it; I don ’t know much about my wives ’ families, the only one I know a little better is Sasha ’s family.

”Naive, ” I commented.

”Huuh? ” Her face was distorted.

”You are naive; your way of thinking is very naive, ” I said, then I continue:

”Ruby isn ’t you. If I disappear, what guarantees she won ’t go crazy from bloodlust? ”

”… ” She was silent as she looked at me.

”And even worse, what guarantees she won ’t hate you? ” I asked, smiling a little.

”Huh? ” She put on a confused face: ”She would hate me…? Her own mother…? That is impossible. ”

”Why is it impossible? You ’ve already lived a long time, right? From the way you speak, I can say that. ” I said and added, ”Then you must know how easily a child can hate their parents. ”

”…. ” She bites her lip, and I see her eyes glow blood red.

”That ’s why I said; it doesn ’t matter if you approve of Ruby and me. In the end, I ’ll still stick with Ruby. ” I spoke neutrally and added, smiling happily, ”I just became something irreplaceable for Ruby, and you can ’t do anything about it. ”

”Indeed… ” Scathach lowered her head a little, her bangs hiding her eyes, and soon she started biting her nail.

I could feel Ruby shaking a little as she held my hand; I looked away briefly and saw that Sasha was very alert, it looked like she was ready to do something if the situation called for it.

”Darling, this is dangerous; you ’ve said too much, ” Violet spoke seriously in a low voice.

I just smile and pat Violet ’s head; I look at Scathach again:

”Scathach Scarlett, ”

”Hmm? ” She looks at me, and when I see her eye gleam, for a moment, I feel my whole body tremble with fear and excitement. But, then, I display a big smile that shows all my sharp teeth:

”Wouldn ’t killing me be a waste? ”

”Waste? ”

”The moment I saw you. Do you know what I felt? ” Finally, I decide to be honest.

”…. ” She kept looking at me.

”Afraid…I feel scared, but I also feel disappointed and frustrated. ”

”Oh…? ” She displayed a big smile.

I get up from the couch and walk slowly over to Scathach. I kneel on the floor and look into her red eyes; I touch it lightly and caress her face:

”A strong opponent was in front of me, but I didn ’t have enough strength to face it… So I couldn ’t satisfy my desire to fight… This is really frustrating. ”

Her red eyes that were glowing seemed to lose intensity, then her smile grew in a distorted way that showed all her sharp teeth; this smile just made me more excited, but…

”This is really disappointing. ”

”Indeed, ” I agreed.

I stop stroking her face and pull away.

When I look at my wives, I just saw them looking at me shocked; even Natalia, Maria, and Kaguya, who are always stoic, were looking at me with their mouths open.

’Why are they reacting like this? ’ I thought.

When I sit down on the couch again and look at Scathach, I was taken aback by the gentle expression she was showing, she was so beautiful…

I feel Violet and Ruby pinching my leg, and as soon as I wake up from my stupor, I look at my wives and see my wives ’ annoyed expressions.

”Ruby… My beloved daughter, I allow you to be with Victor, ” She spoke with a sensual smile, she looked completely different from a few moments ago.

”Huh…? Thanks, Mother! ” Ruby thanked her.

”I decided something too. ” Suddenly Scathach disappears and appears in front of me, and with a simple gesture, she attacks my stomach.

”Cough, ” I was breathless from the sudden attack, and soon I felt another attack on my neck that made me lose consciousness; everything happened so fast that no one could react…

”Mother!? ” Ruby squealed in surprise.

”What are you doing, Bitch!? Drop my Darling! ” Violet yelled angrily.

Realizing what was happening, lightning starts to crackle in Sasha ’s body, and she screams angrily:

”Let go of my husband! ”

Scathach ignores Violet and Sasha ’s threats, she holds Victor like a sack of potatoes and speaks with a sensual smile as she licks her lips:

”I ’m kidnapping my son-in-law. ”

”Huh!? ” The three women exclaimed in unison; before they could do anything, Scathach disappears along with Victor.


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