My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 346: Like a Storm God

spoke to herself.

”That is correct. Fighting the Gods head-on is stupid. ” Scathach was already thinking of methods to face the Gods if necessary. It all depended on Victor, and his attitude towards this ’war ’.

’Let me see how you handle this situation~. ’ Her smile grew.

”Huh, why? ” Sasha asked.

And it was Anna who replied:

”The Gods are dirtier than the Demons when they fight. ”

”… ” Sasha nodded indicating that she understood, and she startled a little when she heard the crack of lightning near her.


They quickly looked at Victor, and saw the man crouching like an animal, his body was surrounded by a very strong golden lightning, and his Odachi was in his mouth, sheathless.


A giant lightning bolt fell on top of Victor, and soon the lightning from his body began to change. Two golden bat wings, a large sharp tail, and animal claws, precisely speaking, parts of demonic beasts, began to appear.

”…Is that a Demon Beast? ” Sasha found his current appearance very similar to the demon beast he ’d fought in her turf.

And feeling the power emanating from Victor ’s body, she opened her eyes in shock: ’Did he change the Vampire Count ’s transformation? How is that possible? Isn ’t the Vampire Count transformation just Vampires reverting to their original state? How can he change that so easily? ’ Sasha was full of doubts now.

Victor ’s head took the form of a lightning beast, his power wrapped around his face like a helmet. His ears became sharper, his lips disappeared, and his teeth were the only thing visible.

”What the fuck is this? ” Leonardo just didn ’t know how to react to this.

’He entered the form of a Vampire Count, but why is it so strange? ’

”…This is new… ” Scathach showed a confused face, she had never seen it before in her entire life.

’Is he using the memories of the demon beast he absorbed with that Tree to do this? And at the same time he changed the Vampire Count ’s power? Huh? ’

Suddenly the lightning stopped crackling, and a dangerous sensation emanated from Victor ’s body as he stared at Leonardo.

”Give me your head! ” His voice came out like the demonic roar, and in the blink of an eye he disappeared.

”Shit-… ” Leo quickly created a shield in front of him. The shield did protect him, but he was still blasted away from the force.

’…How many times did he attack in that split second!? I couldn ’t see it! ’ He saw that his clone had long disappeared and decided to focus his power on defense.


Several hits were landing on his shield, and his shield was breaking at a very fast rate. The attacks were primitive, as Victor was only using his lightning claws, and making several cuts on his shield.

Crack, Crack.

Realizing that his shield wasn ’t going to hold any longer.

”Fuck! ” He roared in rage, and his power exploded, sending Victor flying backwards.

Taking advantage of this moment, Leo jumped towards Victor and attacked him.

ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ The world slowed down, and at the moment when Leo ’s golden blade would reach Victor, the man literally straightens his position in the air, and defended himself with the Odachi blade that was once in his hand.


The sound of two blades struck was heard.

’Fast! ’ From Leo ’s perspective, Victor, at insane speeds, corrected his position and defended. If it hadn ’t happened in front of him, he wouldn ’t even have believed it!

Victor brandished his blade, aiming to strike.

In a desperate struggle, Leo quickly formed a golden shield around himself.

As the blade approached the shield, the familiar impacting tone didn ’t appear. Instead, Victors blade passed through Leo ’s shield like a hot knife through soft butter.

’Fuck-. ’ Leo, realizing he wouldn ’t be able to dodge it, made a decision, putting his hand in front of the attack, and…


Sacrificing his arm!


His severed arm exploded with the power of lightning and sent Leo flying away.

’UGH! ’ Adjusting his position in the air, Leo looked around confused but couldn ’t see Victor.

’Where is he!? ’

Having the opportunity to breathe, he wasted no time and healed his wound. He looked at his arm, and soon a new arm was created on the spot.

”He ’s too fast, I can ’t see shit! ” Anna complained, irritated and at the same time surprised.

’Honestly, you can ’t measure this man by normal standards. In addition to being a Progenitor, he has the power of the three strongest Count Houses, he is very unusual. ’

’I see… That way, he sacrificed all his strength, and put it in speed and in power? But does he still have strength? ’ Scathach thought as she looked up above the clouds, she was trying to understand what she was seeing but still had no ideam, however….

”… Wha -…HAHAHAHAHA! ” Scathach began to laugh crazily.

’As expected, it ’s always fun to be around him! ’

”??? ” Following Scathach ’s gaze, people looked up, and their eyes widened in shock.

”Father is cool! ” Ophis ’s eyes gleamed.


”Priest. ” Victor ’s voice resounded in the sky.

Leonardo looked around for Victor.

”Pray to your god. ”

”Huh? ” He looked around confused.

Rumble, Rumble, RUMBLE!

”You ’re going to need his mercy. ”

All the clouds started to glow golden, they were completely charged with lightning.

Leo looked at the sky, noticing the strange change.

And as if Victor were a God of Storms, all the clouds gathered in one place, and soon a massive giant blade of lightning was created.

”What the fuck… ”

”He ’s got to be kidding! ” Sasha spoke while squeezing Ophis a little.

”Ugh-… ”

”Oh, sorry. ”

”He ’s just being Victor. ” Ruby and Scathach flashed a small smile.

”Don ’t look away. ” Victor tightened his grip on his Odachi ’s handle.

”Don ’t think about breathing. ” He positioned himself in the air.


Leo swallowed hard, and positioned himself in the air. His power began to increase, and soon golden armor wrapped around his entire body, and his golden wings grew even bigger.

”Don ’t think about blinking. ”

He tightly gripped the two golden swords and focuses all his power on the swords.

”Because the moment you blink… ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The lightning around him began to glow brighter, the clouds around the massive blade began to compress to the normal size of Victor ’s Odachi.

”You will die. ”

Leo didn ’t hear Victor, he blinked, and before he could see, feel, or realize, Victor was in front of him.


”AHHHHHHHH! ” With a war cry, he pushed his body beyond limits and reacted, swinging both swords towards Victor.

The moment the blade was covered by clouds of lightning from Victor, and Leo ’s golden blade clashed.

An explosion of unbelieveable proportions blasted out.



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