Chapter 356: Hadō.

”From the beginning I ’ve never regretted a decision I ’ve made! ”

”You know why!? ”

”…. ” Genji was silent.

”Because from the beginning I always did what I wanted, when I wanted, and wherever I wanted! ”

”There is no room for petty in my hadō! ’ ”

”…. ” Victor opened his eyes wide when he heard the familiar sentence.

’This woman… ’

[Master, the fight is about to begin, should we send Gintoki and Shinji?] Kaguya mentally spoke to Victor.

Victor awoke from his stupor .

And pondered a little.

Initially, he was going to use the chaos Haruna would wreak to make his plans towards Inari, but… He changed his mind.

He couldn ’t do it, he couldn ’t do it the way he was going to do it now.

Haruna ’s mindset changed his thinking.

The woman herself changed everything.

Therefore, he altered his plan a little.

[Change of plans. Don ’t send Shinji to Kurama just yet. I want him to go to the unknown nine-tailed fox territory. Have Maria ready to use the Ghouls, warn the Maids and the girls to intrude at any time. The Nine-Tailed Fox and the Vampires must die today.]

[The plan to use Gintoki ’s bad luck still stands. Send Gintoki to Gyuki, we will cause a little chaos.]

[Tell Scathach to be prepared to put her plans into action at any time. Inari will definitely do something when Genji loses.]

[Do you think Genji will lose, Master?]

[Yes. Haruna seems to have been planning this fight for a long time. She has a different mindset than Genji who is only doing it because it ’s his job.]

[She is more prepared.]

[…..] A silence fell on Kaguya ’s communication.


”As expected, he was attracted to her. ” Kaguya spoke aloud to herself, she spoke in a way that her Master would not hear.

”I thought this would happen when my Master saw Haruna in person, and I was correct… God, did you curse my mouth or something? Why does everything I say happen? ”

There was one thing that Kaguya couldn ’t guess.

”And to think he was going to change the whole plan he made with Scathach for the woman… ” She thought that regardless of whether Victor was attracted to the woman or not, he would prioritize his plan, but no…

He changed his plan.

”What happened for him to completely change his plan? ” Kaguya felt curious.

[…Yes, Master.]

”In that case, I won ’t say any more. ” Genji cracked his neck a little, and took a step forward.

The pressure emanating from his body increased.

Like a current being released, a white power rose to the skies.

”HAHAHAHA! That ’s right, that ’s right! Let ’s fight! ”

Haruna ’s fan suddenly transformed into a Katana, and she held it in front of her.

She ran her finger along the sheath lightly, and spoke in a soft tone:

”I, Otsuki Haruna, promise. ” Her power began to cover the Katana ’s sheath.

”When this Katana is unsheathed, it will only be sheathed when the promised victory is achieved. ”

She started to take small steps back and forth, it was as if she was about to start a dance. Her Yōuki stopped blazing an uncontrolled fire that rose towards the heavens, and became calm like the surface of a lake.

Her Yōuki began to circle around her, it was as if her own Yōuki were accompanying her in her dance.

Holding the black katana sheath in front of her face, she spoke in a soft tone:

”Mai. ” [Translating meaning Dance.]

When the katana was unsheathed, everyone felt an instinctive danger in that katana. Everyone could feel death.

When the katana was completely unsheathed, everyone wanted to get as far away from that location as possible, and the eyes of the beings within that portal didn ’t help either.

Except for a few people, who had a big smiles on their faces, everyone felt apprehensive when they saw the black blade of that katana.


Genji took another step forward.

”I am Inari Okami ’s servant. ”

”In the name of my Goddess, I will command my Hyakki Yagyō towards victory. ”

Red tattoos began to appear on the man ’s face, and on his body and arms:

”May this parade of a hundred demons be immortalized in the memories of all present. ” He raised his hand and a white-sheathed katana appeared in front of him.

The moment the man took out his Katana, thousands of eyes of various sizes were seen in the gate behind him.

”Yōkai! ” Genji and Haruna spoke at the same time, their combined voices echoing all over the place.

”…. ” Victor couldn ’t contain his smile.

Ophis continued to watch everything the woman did.

Nero was preoccupied with her surroundings.

Jeanne and Anna were curious.

Shuten was restraining Ibaraki from jumping between the two beings.

The Yōkai around them were tense for the fight that was going to take place, and they wondered if it was safe to stay here.

They could feel the atmosphere getting heavier with each passing second, they could feel the icy blade of death on their neck.

But even though they were feeling it, they wanted to see this fight. After all, this wasn ’t something that happened every day.

They needed to see it!

As Genji removed his katana from its sheath.

As Haruna positioned herself as she was about to start a dance, the two spoke to their respective armies:

”Let ’s dance. ”

In the next second, Haruna and Genji appeared in the middle of Shinjuku ’s intersection, as they began exchanging blows.

Clang, Clang!

The sound of blades clashing burst outwards and echoed around! Haruna fought like she was dancing, and Genji fought in an old-fashioned but very polite way.

In the third second, everyone heard the roar of thousands of beings.


The first beings to come out of their respective gates were Dragons!

The three Oriental Dragons of different coloring.

And a gigantic White Oriental Dragon with blue eyes, and white scales faced each other in the sky.

The White Dragon was gigantic. He was much bigger than Haruna ’s three Dragons.

Soon after, several Yōkai of different forms came out of their respective portals.

Leading in front of them were their commanders.

”Nyahahahahaha, this will be fun-Nya. ” Next to Haruna, a woman with long black hair, and sapphire blue eyes appeared. She was wearing a modern Yukata, and behind her she had 3 cat tails, and as expected on her head she had black cat ears too.

She was Yotsuba Kuroka, the second in command of Haruna ’s army and her right hand.

”Don ’t scatter too much, fight in an orderly fashion. ” On the other side was another fox but he only had 3 tails.

The man was wearing a rather flashy white Yukata, his hair was white, and he looked very similar to the man who was fighting Haruna.

This was Genji ’s son.

Hashimoto Gin.

And just like Kuroka, he was also a commander.

The two commanders looked at each other for a while, and then began to give orders to their respective Yōkai.

Fights were happening all over the place, in the air, on the ground, in the buildings, the destruction was spreading.

And hitting beings that had nothing to do with the fight.

But, interestingly, only two places were far from the conflict.

The building where Victor was sitting watching everything, and the middle of the avenue where Genji and Haruna were fighting.

Genji and Haruna ’s location was understandable. They were the Leaders, and nobody wanted to interfere in the two Leaders ’ fight.

But Victor ’s case was completely different.

No one dared approach him. The pressure the man had as he watched the two Leaders fighting was simply terrifying.

Victor ignored everything, he ignored all the noise around him, these minions didn ’t have his interest.

Even the Dragons in the sky, Victor only took one look and soon lost interest. He could tell that the monster called a Behemoth he ’d fought was much stronger than that flying snake.

His focus was on the two leaders, and the techniques they were using.

Haruna used a Sword Style that was elegant, beautiful and deadly.

She danced around her enemy as she fought, and honestly it was something very interesting to watch because it was very different from anything Victor had ever seen in Martial Arts.

Genji on the other hand was simpler to understand. He was rigid, experienced, and had a high level of technique.

He was like a Master who ’d had thousands of years to improve.

But even this Master couldn ’t take space from Haruna. Her irregular fighting style seemed to completely contradict Genji ’s rigid style.


”Hiii! ” Nero unconsciously grabbed Victor ’s arm as she heard the roar of the larger White Dragon.

”Hmm? ” Victor stopped watching the two for a few seconds, and looked at Nero.

”Are you scared of those snakes? ”

”Snakes… ” Nero, Shuten and Ibaraki felt like choking, even Jeanne and Anna didn ’t know how to react.

And Ophis?

Well, Ophis was…

”Wow, Cat… Wow… Dawg… Wow… Snake, Fox… ” She was looking around like a child who went to the zoo for the first time, her eyes gleaming with curiosity.

And she didn ’t feel any kind of fear or tension coming from the situation, after all, she had complete trust in her father!


A roar which held a great amount of pain resounded above.

Everyone on the battlefield looked to the sky, and saw the three Dragons biting off various parts of the White Dragon.

The White Dragon ’s eyes began to glow, and the weather around it began to change.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes. He felt the air around him begin to circle the dragon, and he immediately understood that the larger Dragon was summoning something resembling a hurricane.

’Idiotic beasts! My daughter is here, what if a random rock hits her in the face!? ’

”Ophis, hold on. ” Victor rose from the throne and placed Ophis on his shoulder.

”…? ” Looking at her father, she saw his serious eyes, she nodded. Ophis got on Victor ’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Victor smirked, and with a little kick to his feet, he leapt towards the Dragons.

Victor started to ’walk ’ in the air, creating a block of ice under his feet with each step and with that impulse, he walked in the air.

He did this three times, and the third time, he picked up more momentum and flew straight at the four Dragons.

”… What he is doing? ” Ibaraki asked the question that was in everyone ’s hearts except Haruna and Genji who never stopped fighting.

A massive killing intent washed over the four Dragons, and they stopped curling like snakes did when they fought and looked at Victor.

”You annoying snakes, if you don ’t know how to fight properly, then don ’t start a fight! ” Victor held the tail of the larger White Dragon.


He started spinning furiously.

”Well well! ”

A small hurricane began to be created around him.

”Begone! ” He stopped spinning and threw the larger Dragon along with the three smaller dragons that were tangled up in the larger one far away from the battlefield.


A ridiculous wind pressure formed with the huge body flying towards the skies.

”…….. ” A silence fell on the battlefield, even Haruna and Genji stopped fighting.

Victor pat his hand twice as if he ’d done a good job, and nodded in satisfaction. He ’d thrown the irritating beings away.

He could kill them, but that would be like interfering with that woman ’s fight, right? So he just moved them away! They can fight elsewhere!

”Ugh…Father…Sick… ” Ophis ’s eyes were rolling, she felt sick.

”Oh shit… Are you okay? ” He started to worry.

”Mm. ”

”…This man, did he just throw four Dragons like that? Dragons, which are beings that are at the top of the food chain. Dragons which can be considered a pretty terrifying being in various mythologies… Did he just go there, and throw those beings to god-knows-where? ” Shuten asked no one in particular.

”Yes, he did. ” Anna, Nero, Jeanne, and Ibaraki all spoke at the same time.

”…I need a drink. ”

”Take it. ” Ibaraki handed Shuten a gourd.

”Thanks. ” He didn ’t even ask what it was, and just drank the alcohol.

”Umu…? ” Realizing that the battle had stopped, Victor looked at the beings with a confused look.

He flew towards his ice throne, placing Ophis back on his lap as he sat down, while resting his head in his hand, and said:

”… Continue, please. ”

”…. ”

Veins bulged on the heads of all the beings present, Victor had managed the feat of irritating the two armies just by being himself!

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