My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 369: Sasha Took Her Mothers Teachings Very Seriously.

Chapter 368: Kurama.

Chapter 368: Kurama.

How foolish I was. Just an innocent child. A typical child just like you could find anywhere.

With the only difference being that I was a child full of kindness, I believed I could have a different world.

A world without conflict, a world of peace, but… Something happened to change me suddenly.

It happened when I was only 7 years old, a war broke out, and at that time, all of Japan was bathed in blood.

The Seventh Heavenly Demon was what he called himself, a self-centered, eccentric, and charismatic man.

Oda Nobunaga.

The man who wanted to unify Japan.

And… It was in this bloodbath that I realized the true nature of beings, and it was in this war that I realized the reality of the world.

… The world just needed a good liar and a river of blood for him to bring change.

This was the reality that a 7-year-old fox understood…

And at just 7 years old, I used the transformation skill that foxes were better at and joined the humans in the fight.

”Kid, do you want to change the world? ” That was Oda Nobunaga ’s question.

My answer?

I decided to join the liar and change the world. He was a charismatic bastard, after all…

And I was a fox whose specialty was deceiving.

Kurama, the calamity fox, made a name for himself in the supernatural world and in the human world as Kurama, Oda ’s great general.

And in less than a few years, I got what I wanted… I mean, Oda got what he wanted.

He unified Japan, Japan found peace, and it was on that day, the day that Oda unified Japan, that it started.

It was all about timing, he had me, and he had the best assassins available to him too.

The Kuroyami Clan, vampires who could control the darkness, they were the perfect assassins.

Nobody knew their goals, but they were too useful for you not to use them.

All was well, Oda unified the country, the liar who made a river of blood changed the world.

But… Just three days after he unified Japan.

As if fate was laughing at his efforts.

His most faithful subordinates Akechi Mitsuhide, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, betrayed him, and along with them was I, Kurama.

… We forced the old man to commit seppuku in the incident that is now known as the Honnō-ji Incident incident.

On that day, his subordinates split up, Toyotomi Hideyoshi decided he would take up Oda ’s second mantle, and Akechi disappeared somewhere. The last I heard news of him was that he had become lord of some land.

I didn ’t care much for him.

What about me?

Well, I caused a war against Toyotomi Hideyoshi by accusing him of treason for killing Oda Nobunaga.

… As I said, the world just needs a good liar and a river of blood for the world to change.


The world doesn ’t need to change, endless war, endless conflict, an endless river of blood.

If these things bring about the evolution of humans.

So be it.

But that can never change. War must always happen, and peace need not be eternal but temporary.

It ’s those things that I like the most. It ’s those things that I, Kurama, feed on and get stronger.

Worry about committing a slaughter…?

Nah, this isn ’t a slaughter, this is divine punishment.

After all, I have a goddess of my own backing my plans.

See? It ’s easy to create a reason for a war, you just need to blame some stupid god.

The world needed war, and a river of blood, and I, Kurama, will gladly make that world come true.

A few years passed, and the world reached relative peace, but I wasn ’t worried like I was in the beginning. After all, I managed to get much stronger with all the wars I caused and all the bloodshed.

And if there was one thing I understood about humans, it was that… Give them just a few years, and they would definitely start another war.

And I was correct.

The first world war and the second world war was a good stage for me. I managed to get much stronger than in the wars that I caused in the past.

And it was in this war that I discovered the existence of so many other supernatural beings.

It was as if my worldview was expanding.

New countries, with new supernatural beings and more wars to cause,

But… Unfortunately, thanks to the pact I made with Inari, I couldn ’t leave Japan.

If I did that, my power would get much weaker because of the pact.

It was on that day that I regretted having made the pact with that goddess. This feeling was already being created when foreigners began to come to this country by means of large boats.

But I didn ’t think they would come from such an interesting place.

I cursed my idiot self who made a pact with that bitch.

But… There was no use crying over spilled milk.

I continued to serve Inari until a few years passed again.

The era has changed, humans have become more technological, and the modern age has arrived with force, the information age.

The internet has changed the world.

And… One incident, in particular, caught my eye.

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠ ᴇʟ, ᴄᴏᴍ When I heard my subordinate speak of a special ’little girl ’, I didn ’t think anything at first, it wasn ’t until I asked people to investigate that I discovered that the little girl was the daughter of the vampire king.

A being whose very existence caused fear in any supernatural being.

A monster that was alive even before humanity was what it is today.

… And I thought… ’This is a good opportunity. ’ If I played my cards right, I could cause a war between the vampires and any supernatural being in Japan.

And that ’s what I did. I spread rumors about the vampire king ’s daughter.

I spread pictures of her.

And as I thought, in less than a few days, all the supernatural beings in Japan were after the girl.

But it wasn ’t until the first week had passed that I realized the bullshit I ’d done…

A gigantic pressure descended all over Japan, and I felt my whole body twist in front of such a presence.

Just as this presence appeared, it only took a few seconds for it to disappear, but all the supernatural beings in Japan could feel it.

Death was here…

Death which took the form of the new Count of vampires.

Count Alucard.

He was here, and he brought with him a river of blood!

A young monster that is an irregularity even for beings of the same species as his.

An irregularity that was recognized by the millennial monster, Vlad Dracul Tepes.

I had hoped that this man would bring the war I wanted, but I was dead wrong.

What he brought, what that monster brought to Japan, was not the war I expected, but a one-sided massacre.

In less than a few hours, a river of blood was created… And in less than a day, a sea of ​​blood was created.

That ’s not what I wanted…

A war can only happen when the two adversaries are on the same level, this is an undeniable fact.

It ’s the same as a fight. A decent fight can only happen when two opponents are on the same level.

But… Alucard and his subordinates?

They weren ’t on the same level as the beings from Japan.

This could not be called a war but a mass genocide.

The only ones who could for them were the gods, and they weren ’t very interested in intervening.

Present-day, in a hidden cave, a place that Kurama hid.

”… 50% of all supernatural beings in Japan have been wiped out… Everyone who somehow wants to benefit from the situation I created… Even Inari was forced into an eternal coma by the woman who caused the incident, the woman that was immortalized as Crimson Nightmare. ”

Even after receiving the report of what happened, he still couldn ’t believe it.

’This could no longer be called mass genocide. ’ Kurama thought.

”This is more like a calamity. ” He couldn ’t help but break out in a cold sweat when he saw this result. The man was like a tsunami or a hurricane.

He was like a natural disaster, and this was the first time in his entire existence that he had seen such an outcome.

Kurama thought for a bit. Even though he had lost Gyuki, it ’s not like he didn ’t have subordinates in Japan anymore, and he always had Onis who liked to chase humans who could join him, but…

”Why bother? ” He felt this was an excellent opportunity.

”Inari is in an eternal coma, so my contract with her is revoked until the day she comes back to ’life ’. ” A fox grin appeared on his face, and his long red tails began to flutter in the wind.

”It ’s time to see what the world has to offer. ” He looked to the side, and his vision seemed to go through the long rocky walls, and he saw the ’sea ’.

A ’POOOF ’ is heard.

And Kurama ’s appearance changed to that of a white bird. It appeared to be a common bird that was seen anywhere near the beaches of Japan.

He was a master of disguise, all thanks to his power that could transform him into whatever he wanted, and if that wasn ’t enough, he could even completely hide his Youki.

You don ’t manipulate wars and create conflicts if you ’re not careful.

And care was not enough to deal with someone like Alucard, a man who has the Kuroyami as his subordinates. That was one of the reasons he immediately hid in this place. After all, this place was built by a witch, and no one could find that place if he didn ’t want to.

’It ’s time to experience freedom away from these lands. ’ In a way, he really was grateful to Alucard. After all, because of him, he could finally say goodbye to these lands.

’Oh, before I forget. ’ Kurama approaches a scroll that was open on the table. This was a scroll that contained information about a nine-tailed fox.

A woman who was harboring the noble vampires, vampires Alucard had been looking for quite fervently these past few days.

His eyes glowed red for a few seconds, and as soon as that scroll closed and disappeared from the table, he sent the scroll somewhere.

’With that, he ’ll be busy for a while… Consider this as a thank you, Alucard. ’

Even if it was indirectly, Alucard helped him, and he is an honorable man. He pays his debts…

He ’s definitely not doing this with the thought that Alucard might forget about his existence.

”… ” He felt a shiver down his spine, a shiver he always felt when he felt something bad was going to happen.

’You better run. ’ The bird quickly turns around and starts flapping its wings away from the cave.


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