My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 372: An Unforgettable Night

ey had in Japan was simply too big…

Ridiculously big.

Even a broom, a sandal, or a towel can be a Youkai.

”…a Youkai festival this time. ”

”I hope it ’s not the same as humans. ”

”Well, I guess they wouldn ’t go that far. ” Sasha laughed.

”Indeed… ” Victor looked around and saw that several Youkai were wearing masks, realizing that if they didn ’t wear masks, it would be like not being ’dressed ’ for the occasion, Victor disappeared for a few seconds and then came back.

In his hand were two masks, one mask was of a black fox.

And the other mask was of a Tanuki.

Victor puts the fox mask on his face and hands the Tanuki one to Sasha.

”…Why a Tanuki? ”

”Do you prefer a tengu then? ”

”…I don ’t like their big noses. ” Sasha commented as she took the mask and put it on her face.

”See? ” Victor laughed a little, and then he said, ”A Tanuki suits you. ”

”…why? ”

”They ’re fat… they like to trick people, and they sleep a lot. ”

”That has nothing to do with me! ” She pouted behind the mask.

”Really…? ” Victor asked suspiciously as he started to walk.

”Yes! ” Sasha started walking too, as she took Victor ’s arms like a couple would and started walking around the festival looking for anything interesting.

”So, how about a panda? ” Victor spoke.

”…why panda? ”

”They are fat, lazy, and in certain countries, they are considered a national treasure. ”

”And that ’s what you are to me… My treasure. ”

”…Darling… ” Sasha ’s gaze softened a little, and then in less than a few seconds, it took on an angry expression.

”I ’m not fat! ”

”… ” Victor exhibited a small smile, ”Of course, you ’re not… ” He touched one of her thick thighs and squeezed.

”You are too thick. ”

’Natashia ’s genes are strong in this one… Or is it Carmilla ’s genes? ’ Remembering the photo of the woman who was Natashia ’s mother, Victor couldn ’t help but think it was just because of her that mother and daughter were so thick.

’…Even Victoria doesn ’t seem to lose in this matter. ’

”Stop, don ’t do this here. ” She patted her hand lightly. If it were anywhere else, she would be more than satisfied with this advance, but she ’s not an exhibitionist, and she doesn ’t like too much intimate contact in public either, though miraculously, no one is looking at him.

Being in a crowd didn ’t help.

”Heh~. ”

”Heh~, nothing! Stop that sneaky smile! ”

”Kukuku, I ’m a fox, I have to be sneaky. ” Victor laughed like a sly fox.

”Geh, no fox would act so shameless. ”

”Hahaha~, I wonder about that. ” Victor laughed in a normal way.

The couple began observing every attraction at the festival.

Because it was a Youkai festival, even stranger things than in the human world were seen all over the place.

… But it wasn ’t as weird as glorifying a Dick.

Seriously, Victor couldn ’t understand. Maybe he wasn ’t really into the culture of this place? Victor thought that was probably the correct answer.

The two had fun, took pictures, and played with each other with light games.

Looking at Victor ’s back as he walked along holding her hand, Sasha couldn ’t help but bite her lip in frustration, love, passion, possessiveness, and lust.

Her feelings were chaotic, but she held back..

Yes, she did her best to hold back her cravings.

And she just managed to hold back because she was enjoying her time with her husband so much.

And after experiencing all the attractions.


They suddenly stopped while looking at the sky and saw several fireworks lighting up the sky.

”Ohh… I wonder what they ’re celebrating. ”

”…Hmm, it seems to be the coronation of a new Ryujin. ”

”Ryujin? ” Victor looked at Sasha, who was carrying various strange things that she had bought, such as a wooden umbrella, a strange bear, and various things the Youkai were selling that she had been interested in.

”Something like a dragon deity? A lesser god? Meh, who cares? ”

”… Indeed… ” Victor couldn ’t help but agree.

”… ” A hush fell over the place, and unconsciously, the couple ’s hands clasped together while they silently watched the fireworks as they enjoyed each other ’s presence.

It wasn ’t until the fireworks ended that Victor squeezed Sasha a little tighter and said,

”Let ’s go somewhere else? ” Victor turned around as he pulled Sasha.

”…No. ”

”…? ” Hearing Sasha ’s response, Victor stopped pulling Sasha and turned to look at the woman.

Sasha had her appearance hidden by the umbrella she ’d bought, and the only thing visible was the mouth of her mask, but as a couple united by a ritual, the two could clearly feel each other ’s strong feelings.

”…Darling, thank you so much for the evening… ”

”But has the night just begun? ”

”…For me, that was enough. We went out and had fun, and acted like a normal couple… That was the best Date I could ask for. ”

”… ” Victor was silent. To be honest, he wasn ’t satisfied yet and wanted to do ’more ’ for Sasha.

What he didn ’t understand, or forgot, is that sometimes having more, having something bigger, or having something more dazzling wasn ’t always the best choice.

Sometimes the simplest choice, and one that everyone would make, was the best choice.

Of course… If this were normal conditions, Sasha wouldn ’t be satisfied with just that…

But today was special… After hearing the moans of her two friends…

She was…


She couldn ’t hold back any longer!

”Darling. ” She lifts the umbrella, and Victor sees Sasha ’s dark blood-red eyes, eyes of possession, eyes of desire, eyes of someone who was doing their best to hold on.

”Take me, now. ”

”!!! ” Sasha ’s desire exploded in his direction and for a few seconds, Victor was surprised.

He was really surprised and, for a few seconds, he even thought he was dealing with Natashia… Wrong, that feeling was more intense than Natashia.

”…no need to say it twice. ” Victor ’s feelings exploded just as hers did and invaded her entire being, filling the woman with his desire.

”Come with me Honey. ” Victor pulls Sasha into a hug.

”Yes… Darling. ” And Sasha didn ’t deny his embrace.

Rumble, Rumble.

A thin bolt of lightning covered the two, and in the blink of an eye, they were gone…

They appear in Victor ’s room.

Victor gently removes Sasha ’s mask, and soon the face of the woman with long golden hair and blue eyes that were now red is seen.

”Will you be mine, honey? ”

”…Fool… ” Sasha gently takes off Victor ’s fox mask, ”From the moment you comforted me when my mother died… You were always mine, and I was always yours. ”

”… Sorry for the delay… ”

”Shhh… ”

”Apologies are not necessary, I know you wanted to make this date the best for me, but things always happened like you were getting in the way… ”

”I-… ”

”Shh… ” Again she stopped him from talking nonsense.

”Just Fuck Me. ”

”… ” Victor ’s eyes flashed even brighter, and he threw the woman on the bed and climbed on top of her.

”Don ’t hold back… Because I won ’t… ”

”I wasn ’t planning on doing that either. ” His eyes glowed golden yellow for a few seconds.

Soon the two attack each other like two animals in heat.

Moaning sounds were heard throughout the place.

… And a long night that not even 20000 thousand words would be enough to describe what happened to the two lovers.


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