My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

​Chapter 374: A not-so-pleasant encounter. 2

Chapter 373: A not-so-pleasant encounter.

’… Well fuck. ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think as he opened his eyes and saw that he was seated on a very familiar throne, and in front of him was a divinely beautiful woman.

Persephone, the queen of the underworld.

’I fell asleep? ’ Victor thought a little, and, with his speed of thought, he quickly understood what had happened.

When practicing the act of having a child with Sasha, the two ended up getting a little excited… Especially when Sasha showed her more intense side as a female vampire and someone who has Natashia ’s blood. In the end, they ended up overexerting themselves and, before Victor could notice,

He fell asleep.

”…I must say you are a very interesting existence, Count Alucard. ” The woman spoke in a neutral voice that held amusement and a little curiosity.

”… ”

She snapped her fingers, then panels of images appeared around them, and in those images, the scene of Victor inflicting his butchery on the people who hurt Nero and Ophis was seen.

’…These gods don ’t have the slightest sense of privacy. ’ Victor thought in amusement, though his face didn ’t change much as he looked at the scene in his head.

He completely ignored this attempt to intimidate him…or maybe she was just interested in what he did.

It was hard to say, but Victor knew something; the schemes had begun.

Victor could think of many ways people saw this scene. After all, when this carnage took place, they weren ’t yet in the ’reverse ’ world that Japanese Yokai would always use to fight.

”… ” Persephone was watching Victor ’s every reaction, every breath, his violet gaze that reminded her of a certain man, his perfectly muscled body but not a muscle-bound freak like Ares…

All her attention was on the divinely handsome man in front of her, and if she didn ’t know he was a vampire, she could have sworn he was a god. He was just too perfect.

The man had a dangerous mix of air like a war maniac, someone who would bathe in the blood of his enemies with a smile on his face, it was the same feeling she had when she first saw Ares, but…

At the same time, he had the air of someone Noble, graceful, calm, and intelligent… She couldn ’t help but relate him to the god Apollo, the god who is said to be the most beautiful on Olympus… A title he lost splendidly when Adonis was born.

Adonis, despite not being a god but a mortal, surpassed Apollo ’s beauty, and when he had Aphrodite ’s blessing, he became even more irresistible.

Two contrasting features that do not match but at the same time combine together and give the man an irresistible charm.

He was just sitting there looking at her, and she felt her insides twist.

’I really want him for myself… ’ Without realizing it, a much worse obsession than she had with Adonis began to grow in Persephone.

’Curses don ’t work on him, he doesn ’t have a weak body, isn ’t he weak? So what else? Should I find someone to make him weak so I can take advantage of this situation? ’ Several thoughts ran through the goddess ’s head.

’Ah~… No wonder Aphrodite is crazy about him… Even going so far as to threaten me, a fellow goddess. ’ Persephone thought of the words she ’d received upon contacting Aphrodite a few days ago.

”Persephone, if anything happens to that man, I swear to you… Not even that SIMP Hades can protect you. Stay away from that man. ”

After that, Aphrodite left and didn ’t say anything else.

’Not even in the time of Adonis did she antagonize me so strongly… ’ Despite having a hateful, neutral relationship, and sometimes helping each other…

That is, despite having a complicated relationship.

The two goddesses never directly antagonized each other, considering they were both Olympian gods.

They had their little problems, but they always resolved them indirectly using heroes or whatever connection they had.

Since, by the king of gods ’ own decree, fighting between gods wasn ’t allowed, but he didn ’t say anything if a god used a mortal to do his thing.

But… Aphrodite ignored all of this, and directly threatened her, even if she could resort to the wrath of Zeus and Hades.

And in a way, she was the only woman outside the primeval gods who could do that, considering that it was pretty well known that she had a whole legion of SIMPs who would do anything to please their goddess and have a night again with the goddess of beauty.

For Gods ’ Sake, she wouldn ’t doubt that even Zeus could help her all for a chance to lie with her. After all, he ’s a bastard in heat.

The only one who perhaps wouldn ’t grant Aphrodite ’s request was Hades since he was very loyal to his wife.

But unfortunately, despite being a loyal man, he no longer had features that she liked, like a divinely handsome face or a divinely beautiful body…

Even for a god, Hades was average.

If there ’s someone better next door, why would you stick with the average? Not to mention, she could have both. After all, being an underworld queen isn ’t a bad thing…

It was bad at first, but now that she was used to the position, she wasn ’t going to change.

”…I ’ve been really lonely these days, Alucard… You haven ’t come to visit me… ” She pouted, ”Do you have any reason not to sleep these days? ”

”… ” Alucard displays a small smile:

”I had a clear motive. ”

”Oh? ” Persephone makes a gesture with her hand, and the images in the sky disappear.

”I had to spend time with my wife, Agnes. ” Victor leans back on the throne he was on, cups his face in his hand, and sits down in a bored but comfortable way.

At some point, his black hair slowly started to grow out, getting into a wild state. Interestingly, his hair didn ’t fall down as if it was affected by gravity, and yes, it just floated around like it was defying gravity.

It was as if his hair wasn ’t made of normal hair, but something else…

”…. ” Persephone ’s face distorted slightly when she heard a familiar name.

’Sorry, Agnes… I really don ’t want to use your name, but… For this Bitch it ’s much more effective. ’ Victor couldn ’t let Persephone stay calm and take charge of the conversation.

He needed her in an angry, jealous, envious state, she couldn ’t be calm.

And the names of Agnes and Aphrodite were very effective in this situation.

And even if he had no choice, even if he was forced to choose, he would definitely never choose Aphrodite.


Even if in an abandoned world there were only him and Aphrodite, he would never choose the woman. He would rather die alone than bond with that woman.

His entire existence denied Aphrodite ’s existence, she was beautiful, divinely beautiful, but her insides were rotten, more rotten than the shit of a rotting pig.

Now that he has Adonis ’ memories, he can say that for sure.

’Good job, my younger self, for not getting involved with this woman… She really is an insufferable bitch. ’

”You… ” She bites her lip lightly and leans back against her throne, ”Is your wife ’s name Agnes? ”

”… Indeed. ”

”Agnes Snow, the leader of the Snow Clan and a Countess of Nightingale. ”

”…I wonder if your king let you marry another countess, isn ’t he afraid of a rebellion? ”

”Nah, the man is old and strong, he ’s arrogant as hell, he probably thinks he can beat everything and everyone… Which is probably true. ” Victor laughed.

”Even you? ”

”Indeed… For now. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed slightly.

”… ” Persephone flashed a small smile.

’Shit… She ’s good. ’ Victor thought he wasn ’t dealing with the goddess for nothing. He immediately realized what he had done.

By teasing his pride, she was able to get a speck of information from him, and with that information, she could do a lot.

’After all, the way I answered may imply that in the future, I will be stronger than him, and that opens up a range of many possibilities. ’ Victor felt a headache now, it was really too boring to deal with this woman.

”These days, I don ’t have time to sleep. I was busy helping my wife with various things. ”

”Various things, huh… ”

”Indeed, various things. ”

”You know how difficult a count ’s job is. I must always be close to her to ’help her with her needs ’ when necessary. ”

”I- I see. ” She looked a little shaken, and her perverted mind was running wild, imagining various things that hateful bitch would need help with.

”But this job doesn ’t compare to your job as queen of the underworld, right? You must be pretty busy. ”

”Nah, I have a lot of free time. The only one who does everything is my husband…- ” She stopped talking when she realized she was revealing too much, her face distorted slightly for a few seconds, then returned to normal.

”Heh~. Does he really have a cheating fetish? After all, his wife is always chasing other men. ”

”… Who knows? I never asked him personally. ” She rolled her eyes, totally ignoring the fact that she was cheating on her husband, considering that there is no such thing as cheating for the gods. From their point of view, human rules and their common sense don ’t affect them.

Persephone thinks that going after a divinely handsome man, and having that man be entirely hers, is commonplace for the queen of an underworld. She doesn ’t see it as a betrayal.

After all, if she has a man like Adonis… Now, with Victor as her possession, the other goddesses will envy the hell out of her, and with that, she ’ll prove she ’s superior to bitches, and most importantly…

She might even kill her mother Demeter with envy! She really wanted to see this scene because, just like all the other goddesses, Demeter was quite jealous of Persephone and Aphrodite when they learned of Adonis from the incident of Adonis being taken by Scathach at Agnes ’ request.

Of course, that same day, Adonis became the enemy of all the male gods of Olympus…especially Apollo.

And he did it simply by existing. He literally did nothing against the gods.

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