My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 375:Sasha And Victor.

Chapter 374: A not-so-pleasant encounter. 2

She might even kill her mother Demeter with envy! She really wanted to see this scene because, just like all the other goddesses, Demeter was quite jealous of Persephone and Aphrodite when they learned of Adonis from the incident of Adonis being taken by Scathach at Agnes ’ request.

Of course, that same day, Adonis became the enemy of all the male gods of Olympus…especially Apollo.

And he did it simply by existing. He literally did nothing against the gods.

This is the extent of the irrationality of the gods. If you say petty, then Greek gods will appear in the minds of all beings who knew supernatural beings.

”Hades, huh… ” Victor spoke aloud purposefully.

”… ” Persephone was silent and continued watching Victor.

”…Hmm, I really want to talk to him. ”

”…Why? ”

”Who knows? Maybe, I just want to talk to him so that I can take his dear wife from his possession. ”

”What… ” Persephone looked at Victor in shock, looking at his gentle smile that graced his divinely beautiful face, looking at his expression that contained no lies, she thought.

’…was he really going to do this just for me? ’ Every woman ’s dream was to have two men fighting over her, especially a goddess like Persephone, who ’s always had a little bit of envy and jealousy of Aphrodite.′

”Would you really do this for me? ”

”…Of course…- ” Victor ’s smile grew slightly, ”Not. ”

”… ” Persephone ’s face took on a small satisfied smile at the beginning of Victor ’s sentence, but it totally collapsed when he finished his sentence.

She was looking at the man with a neutral, dead gaze.

”…HAHAHAHAHAHA~. ” Victor chuckled shamelessly as his fangs sharpened, and his crazy face laughed at the woman. It was as if he had seen something hilarious.

Seeing his crazy laugh, which was a mixture of insanity and evil, Persephone was speechless.

She also can ’t help but think that even laughing like that, he ’s still beautiful…

It was like an evil beauty… that couldn ’t help but attract women.

The Bad Boy attribute was strong in Victor.

Stopping his laughter, Victor looked at Persephone and said, ”Looks like you ’ve done a lot of research on me now. ”

”…It wasn ’t too difficult. ” She crossed her legs in an attempt to control something that was leaking from an important place and assumed a neutral expression before she continued.

”You ’re not really hiding what you ’re doing. ”

”… ” Victor just showed his smile but didn ’t say anything. After all, he knew she was correct.

”… You are not afraid? ”

”Afraid of what? ”

”You don ’t hide your powers, you provoke everyone, and you even almost provoked a war against an entire country. ” Persephone can ’t help but feel curious about this matter.

Even Ares, as he is, wouldn ’t be so reckless.

”… ” Victor continued looking into the depths of Persephone ’s eyes.


’That look, it ’s like he ’s looking into my soul. ’ She couldn ’t help but think about it. He was giving her a very dangerous look that made her heart pound and her desire to possess him increase.

”You seem to be getting something wrong. ”

”Hmm? ”

”I did not do anything. ”

”I did not provoke confusion, I did not provoke conflicts that can lead to death. ”

”…Huh? ” Persephone was really confused now.

”All conflicts that would lead to death were always caused by someone else first… I just reacted… intensely. ”

”They poked the lion with the short stick and suffered the consequence for it. ” Victor explained with a neutral face.

Victor could count on his finger how many conflicts he provoked, and these conflicts only involved fights in the sense of getting stronger. All the conflicts involving deaths were the ones where the other beings provoked him first.

He didn ’t really look for trouble with these beings.

The ones who came looking for trouble with Victor.

And as a faithful follower of the dogma,

Eye for an eye. Tooth for tooth. Blood for blood.

He returned with 100x intensity.

”By intensely, you mean to burn an entire country… ” Persephone was speechless.

”Indeed. ” Victor didn ’t deny it.

”You don ’t think you overreacted much? ”

”… Vampires, gods, supernatural beings in general always overreact, the difference is… ”

”Whether or not you have the strength to comply with this ’overreaction ’. ” He laughed lightly at the end.

Like the gods, Victor considers himself petty.

The only difference is that he ’s not stingy over little things.

’Oh, there ’s a man in X country who ’s prettier than you. ’

Victor would say, ’So what? Fuck it. I don ’t give a fuck. ’

But the gods?

Zeus would be the first to go after the man for his ass. Apollo would be offended and try to curse the man. While Aphrodite would take a little interest once she saw this man and maybe sleep with him, etc., etc.

Greek gods are these types of beings.

Victor wouldn ’t care about people outside his family, they could fuck off and burn in hell, and he wouldn ’t give a damn.

He just becomes crazy and psychopathic when it comes to his family. Condemning a country, a world, or a universe wouldn ’t be enough if it were to keep any danger away from his family.

He understands his hypocrisy, and he understands that he is petty.

But the woman in front of him?

Even if she does something petty, she will just say:

’And? I am the goddess of the underworld. I am a queen, and I can have anything I want. ’

So the descriptions of spoiled beings who have great powers are perfect for the Greek gods because, in the end, they are just that.

They ’re smart, they live a long time, and in a way, they ’re good at schemes, but when it comes to values or delicate things.

They are worse than spoiled children.

Victor, through Adonis ’ memory, remembers a specific incident.

Just because a king of another country refused to pay homage to Zeus, the god-king cursed the man to become a goat that would be hunted by his subordinates and die miserably.

And another story he knew was of a woman who was a faithful priestess of the goddess Athena, and this woman promised she would be a virgin forever. This woman had an unearthly beauty that was superior to Athena, or the mortals at least considered her that.

She was also quite proud of that fact.

And this beauty caught Poseidon ’s attention, so he went to Athena ’s temple and raped this woman, both to tarnish Athena ’s reputation because of the dispute they had and also out of the desire he had for the woman.

After all, this woman refused a god! And no one should do that!

When the woman went to seek help from Athena, the very goddess who was supposed to help her faithful priestess, only cursed her with the dialogue:

”You dishonored me. You promised to be a virgin, and you are no more. ”

Of course, this dialogue was just a facade. Athena was angry, jealous, and envious of the woman, so when there was an opportunity to get rid of her…

That ’s what she did.

And that ’s how this woman… Turned into a monster.

That was the story of Medusa, the woman who was a faithful priestess of Athena and who later became a gorgon.

A woman who has snake hair, and with just one look, she can petrify any being.

In the future, this woman who turned into a monster would be killed by a hero, who would use her head to overcome a challenge proposed by Athena herself.

After all, she was also known for guiding heroes with her wisdom.

And using the head of her priestess, she made a shield.

Aegis ’ shield, a shield she always carried, and a reminder of what would happen if you defied the gods.

”And you ’re telling me you have that strength? ”

”… ” Victor remained silent and said nothing.

But his silence was taken as an affirmation to Persephone.

”Arrogant… Very arrogant, and reckless… Like a hero who started in his path. ” She spoke in a neutral voice as she looked at Victor.

His gaze had now changed a little and become more… Mature and conscious.

”…I had spoken of Hades in the past. ”

”… ” Persephone narrowed her eyes, she didn ’t think this man would bring up that subject again.

”To be honest, I really want to talk to him. ”

”…What do you want from my husband? ”

”It ’s no big deal. I just wanted him to throw me into Tartarus. ”

”…… ” A silence fell over the room, and Persephone looked at Victor in shock.

”Are you crazy? ”

”Hmm? Of course not, there are no saner people in this world than me. ” He flashed an insane little smile.

”…Yes, you are crazy. ”

”You would not understand. ” Victor flashed a mysterious smile.

”…Is it possible to talk to Hades? ” Victor asked again after a few seconds.

”… It ’s impossible. Even if he spoke to you and allowed you to go to Tartarus, you would have to die first or become a higher existence for you to go to Tartarus. Even Hades himself cannot stay in that place for long, or he will go crazy. ”

”…I see… ” To be honest, Victor didn ’t really want to go to Tartarus, he just changed the subject because he didn ’t like the pace the conversation was taking.

”Well, that ’s a shame… ”

”… ” A silence fell around them, and suddenly Victor ’s voice was heard.

”I was thinking something… I think it ’s time for the Olympian gods to disappear. ”

”… ” Persephone narrowed her eyes.

”What do you mean disappear? ”

”What else would it be? To die, to be erased from existence. ”

”…Are you-… ” Persephone couldn ’t understand anymore, the man was simply bringing up random subjects, and all these subjects involve destruction and death.

He didn ’t even ask how her day was! Or how she is! The man literally doesn ’t care about her!

Persephone didn ’t mind Victor ’s question since she just treated it as a way for the man to change the subject because their conversation had no topics.

That is, he was deliberately avoiding and ignoring her!

’Petty piece of shit, a goddess like me, is in front of you. Can ’t you just woo me a little? ’

Somehow, she was even getting jealous of Hades, after all, he only asked about Hades!

She was jealous of her husband!

”… ” Noticing her slight hints of anger, Victor smiled inwardly.

What was the thing that a woman who thought she was beautiful, and really is, hates the most?

Being ignored.

Victor has 0 interest in Persephone. His only interest in her was… He wanted to stick his hand in her ribcage and break it in half, eviscerate her organ by organ, and kill her in the most painful way possible.

That was the only interest he had for Persephone, but this woman in front of him wasn ’t really her true body.

’Forget it, I ’ll be back later. As good as it is to observe this man ’s face, he doesn ’t particularly feel interested in approaching me… I should research more about him, so I can get what I want. ’ She thought in disdain.

Realizing that Persephone ’s existence started to get a little transparent, Victor understood that she was leaving.

”Well, it was not a very productive conversation, Persephone, it ’s always a displeasure to see your face. ” He flashed a small smile.

”…Do you really hate me that much? ” Persephone couldn ’t understand the reason for this hostility.

”Me, hate you? Impossible. ” He lied.

”…Oh… ” Her smile widened a little, but it soon broke with what she heard later.

”I just find you boring. Instead of being here, I ’d rather be with Agnes, but because of the curse, every time I sleep, I wake up in this place. ”

”!!! ” Persephone ’s face distorted with anger. She didn ’t even try to hide what she was feeling right now.

Being hated was no big deal, but being ignored and treated like air was unbearably irritating!

”Hahahaha~, see you in the future, queen of the underworld. ”

”Piece of shit! ”

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