My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 377: Sasha And Victor. 3


… For a while.

The two recently just finished their lovemaking session, and they were resting.

’…I really appreciate being a vampire… ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think as he stared at the ceiling.,c`o`m

He ’s sure that if he were another race now, a race that didn ’t have a stronger regeneration ability, he ’d be fucked.

In the sense that female vampires are indeed very thirsty.

’She ’s still better than Violet and Ruby. ’

Believe it or not.

Of all his wives, Ruby was the worst in the sense of depravity.

She was the most intense and the one who most actively sought out Victor in bed.

Violet lost by an ugly margin when it came to the bed and Ruby.

While Violet enjoyed an intense lovemaking session where all of her feelings were thrown at each other like a fire that only grew without end.

Ruby was the most ’quiet ’, she was an intense liability, and she wouldn ’t be satisfied until all her fetishes, dark desires, and her insides were completely filled.

From BDSM, cosplay, bunny outfit, during the year they were together, the woman always found a way to make things more interesting.

Victor thinks that because she is a woman who watches a lot of anime, she was the most perverted.

, ᴄ`ᴏ`m … But thank god, she doesn ’t want to do a weird love session that involves things like tentacles, etc.

In the first contact with the world of hentai that Victor had thanks to Ruby, he can only think of one thing:

’Japanese definitely have weird fetishes… ’ And his thought only came true when he saw the ’dick ’ festival.

Although he understands that he was just getting it wrong, they definitely have some explanation for this festival.

… It ’s something cultural, right?

As someone who was born in the US, he finds it strange, but for the Japanese it should be normal?

The tentacle was just a better-known example, there were far worse fetishes.

Like Ugly Bastard…

’Only who takes pleasure in seeing a woman blackmailed by an old man and treated like a toy? ’ Victor couldn ’t understand.

After a ’long ’ research with his wife at the time, he understood what she wanted, and luckily, he realized that out of all those weird fetishes, his wife had the most ’acceptable ’.

In a way, they were the most normal fetishes compared to the ones mentioned above.

Sasha was the most balanced of them all.

She is the one Victor has had the most ’normal ’ lovemaking experience he has had.

’…Although Ruby was normal in the beginning too. ’ Victor can ’t help but think of Ruby. Although slightly embarrassed, she managed to keep her cool facade, and presented a hentai to Victor and said:

”Let ’s try that next time. ” An attitude she only has when they ’re alone and that he missed.

It was so much fun to see a cool, calm woman speak those words.

As my good friend Andrew said; ’The quiet ones are the most active… ’

’Sasha definitely has the potential to surpass both of them… ’ After all, it ’s Sasha that Victor was talking about.

Someone who has Natashia ’s blood…

And if Natashia was already that way without having been deeply involved with Victor yet…

Imagine Sasha? She just came out of her shell and discovered a new world…

’The future will be interesting… ’ Victor can ’t help but show a small smile.

He won ’t deny that, just like Ruby, he was a bit perverted too. He really wanted to ’play ’ with Sasha in Knight ’s outfit.

With her long golden hair, blue eyes, and noble attitude, he thinks she is a perfect fit for this role.

’… Well, it looks like Ruby ’s perversion is rubbing off on me. ’ He couldn ’t help but smile in amusement.

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