My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

​Chapter 385: Victor is a good father... The best

Chapter 384: Scathach is jealous.

A few minutes before Vlad arrives in Japan.

A portal appeared in a room, and soon a white-haired woman and a blonde-haired woman came out.

The portal caught the attention of all the women present, and they looked towards the portal curiously.

”Luna, you came. ” Ruby spoke up when she saw who it was that had arrived.

”Yes… Luna, the one who was forgotten, is here… Desu. ”

Just by the way she spoke, Ruby could clearly understand that she was a little annoyed. She even said ’Desu ’, which is something only anime characters say.

”Ugh… I ’m sorry. I told you it was an emergency. ”

”… I know. ” She flashed a teasing little smile.

”… Anyway, we ’re going to Akihabara, so we have to take advantage of the night to be able to buy the manga. ”

”Sure. ” Luna nodded lightly, but before following Ruby on her way out, she looked at Scathach and bowed slightly in respect.

Scathach, who was lost in her thoughts, just nodded.

But even though she was lost in thought, she was listening to the entire conversation.

She always had an eye on her daughter, no matter where she was.

”Natalia, you ’re finally back. ” Violet spoke.

”Yes… I ’ve been busy. ” Natalia spoke while looking at Luna and Ruby, who left the room.

Soon her attention returned to the maid ’s master.

”I can imagine, people are abusing my Maid. Tsk, Tsk. ”

”…. ” Natalia almost commented that Violet was the one who abused her the most, considering that she always asked for random things from Natalia, and in a way, the things Violet asks for are harder to obtain than opening a portal.

She doesn ’t use a lot of energy when opening a portal that already knows the location and isn ’t being protected by any entity. It ’s something a lot like breathing.

Meaning that it ’s a very easy job.

”Anyway, you can go get her. ” When Violet was finishing relaying her order for Natalia.

The woman ’s body visibly trembled, and she quickly spoke:

”I ’m sorry, Lady Violet. Lord Victor is calling me! ” She quickly creates a portal and jumps into it, not even waiting for Violet to finish talking.

”…What the hell… ” Violet was shocked by the way Natalia ran away.

”HmmHmmmHmm…~ ”

”…? ” Violet looks towards this strange noise and sees her friend Sasha sleeping on the couch with a rather silly expression.

”… This bitch, she was completely satisfied, and now she ’s sleeping like a child. ” Violet smiled a little.

”It ’s quite impressive how quickly she managed to fall asleep. ” Jeanne spoke as she sat elegantly in a chair that had a round table.

”Well… She ’s completely satisfied, in many possible ways… ” Anna commented, and the girls could feel a little jealousy in her voice.

”Indeed. ” Jeanne commented lightly while ignoring Violet ’s gaze.

’She ’s very jealous… ’ Jeanne couldn ’t help but think when she saw Violet ’s look, but she understood her feelings a little since she had the same feelings when she found out that Vlad had other wives.

”Bitch-… ” Violet stops talking and quickly stands up.

Not only her, Jeanne and Anna got up too.

”… ” Sasha opened her eyes and sat down on the couch.

Scathach began up from her thoughts:

”Oh…? That old man is here. ” Scathach knew that crushing pressure all too well, and she understood the old man well enough to know he didn ’t even bother to hide his aura.

”…is he after us? ” Anna spoke.

”You value yourself too much. ” Scathach laughed scornfully.

”That old man can have any woman he wants. I wouldn ’t doubt it if he had a mistress right now. ” Scathach spoke and then continued:

”The only thing that makes that man move are his children…Specifically speaking, his youngest daughter, Ophis. ”

”…. ” Anna and Jeanne ’s faces went dark. They had complicated feelings now.

They were happy that the man wasn ’t after them but annoyed they realized they didn ’t mean anything to him.

They completely believed Scathach ’s words.

The reason for this is that the woman never lies when it ’s a subject she considers ’useless ’, and unlike other vampires, she doesn ’t like to meddle in gossip.

And she is also the woman who knows the king of vampires the most, after all, the man seems to treat her like a daughter.

Even if Scathach doesn ’t like it.

”…As expected, they are very fearful. ” Scathach suddenly spoke while chuckling lightly, as if he found something very funny.

”What happened? ” Sasha asked.

”… ” Scathach looked at Sasha as several thoughts began to go through her head. She sniffs the air a little and still smells Victor on Sasha ’s body.

Clicking her tongue with mild annoyance, she says, ”The gods felt the old man too, but they fled like chickens in front of a predator. Cowards. ”

”…Few beings have the guts to fight someone who can permanently kill you. ” Jeanne spoke.

”Meh, they ’re too used to immortality. ” Scathach still maintained the tone of disdain.

As a warrior, she knows that death is always on her side, and at any moment, it can take her life.

These gods are so afraid of this so-called ’death ’ that they don ’t even dare fight an ’invader ’ who can harm them.

’I think if something happens, only the primordial gods and Amaterasu will do something. ’ She analyzed the situation calmly.

”…Darling, are you going to be okay? ” Violet ignored all that she asked.

”…Of course he will. After all, he ’s a father too. ” Scathach spoke with a small smile.

She knows that the bond that Ophis and Victor had was very precious to the little girl, and Vlad is not going to do something that will make his daughter sad.

”Anyway, we ’re done here in this country. ” Scathach rises from the ice throne.

She stretches her body a little and snaps her neck.

”Victor can handle the rest. Did he say he was going to capture the Japanese vampires? To learn the Youki that youkai use… ” Scathach puts her hand on her chin while she seemed to be talking to herself aloud.

”…. ” The women around him were used to his craziness.

”Heh~… Interesting, I never intended to learn Youki because that would conflict with my foundation… But Victor is still learning. ” She kept talking to herself, and slowly her smile grew.

It was an expectant smile.

”I ’m going back home. I have to prepare for the meeting of supernatural beings. ”

”… ” Sasha narrowed her eyes a little, ”Is my mother going to this meeting too? ”

”I think so, it all depends on the king ’s will, but I think he will take the three main vampire counts. ”

”Which means; Fulger, Snow, and Scarlett. ”

”Wait… My mom isn ’t home… ”

”…She will have to come back since only the vampire count can participate in this. You are not a countess, you are acting as your mother ’s surrogate only, but at meetings like this… The countess herself must be present in the flesh and bone. ”

”Ugh… When is that going to happen? ”

”I don ’t know. ”

”…Huh? ” Violet looks like she ’s suddenly gone deaf.

”It all depended on the representative of this event, he is the one who decides when it happens. ” Scathach spoke.

”Representative? ” Hearing that word for the first time, Sasha and Violet didn ’t know what to say.

”This year is the gods ’ faction, right? Who is their representative? ” Jeanne spoke as, even before sleeping, she had heard rumors about this event that would happen in a few years.

She was kind of into the subject.

”Who knows? It hasn ’t been announced yet. ”

”But if we ’re going to talk about the main forces of the gods, it ’s probably going to be Thor, Shiva, Zeus, Takemikazuchi, or Frog who will win. ”

”Ugh, this is going to be a mess. ” Anna can ’t help but talk.

”Well, the organizer will be there, and he ’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. ”

”…Now that I think about it, who is the organizer? ” Jeanne never had the opportunity to know about this being who was capable of managing so many troubled existences.

”…The most troublesome existence you can imagine…The owner of The Limbo Prison. ” Scathach grimaced when she thought of that being, he didn ’t seem to be strong, but he didn ’t seem to be weak either, he ’s like a junction of all the contradictions in the world.

And because he owns The Limbo, a prison that at the deepest levels can imprison even a god king, and he is an existence that no one wants to be on the bad side.

’At least he ’s from a neutral faction. ’ Scathach thought.

”… ” The four women thought of the prison that was in Nightingale.

Even Jeanne and Anna don ’t really know about that prison, only Vlad himself knows something about it, and why the prison was in Nightingale.

”Will you stay? ” Scathach looked at Jeanne and Anna.

”…Yes… ” Jeanne spoke after looking at Anna for a few seconds, she seemed to want to know her opinion, and when the Succubus nodded, she continued, ”When we talk to that man, we ’ll be back. . ”

”I see… Remember my advice, Victor is not stupid so don ’t try to trick him. You will only fail. ”

”We know… ” The two said when they thought of the scene of Victor explaining how he analyzed people.

And then there ’s the fact that that man is the man that Scathach Scarlett is interested in, for God ’s sake, he ’s got the guts to tease the strongest female vampire.

Jeanne and Anna know all too well the fate of those who think they can take advantage of Scathach.

Even the torture of hell seemed kind compared to what Scathach did to his victims.

The vision of Victor kissing Scathach can ’t fade from their minds.

”And you two? ” Scathach looked at Sasha and Violet.

”Ugh, hell no. I don ’t want to go back to that paperwork hell just yet. ” Violet fervently refused.

’Darling needs to fill me for 7 days. I won ’t go back to that hell until I ’m equal to Sasha. ’ Violet thought.

”Hmm… I ’ll be back. I need to talk to my mom~. ” Sasha laughed a little. She wanted to tell Natashia the news and thought her mom would gnash her nails with envy…

’In truth. Probably, she will say; Finally, fuck! Now I can attack him, right!? ’ Sasha thought this situation was more likely to happen.

”… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes as she remembered that there was a woman who had always made it clear that she wanted Victor…

Her beloved disciple… Her beloved Victor…

’Bitch! ’ Scathach grits her teeth, but she does her best to ignore this feeling. After all, she knows that she was to blame for never realizing the obvious signs of what she felt for Victor.

She really was cursing her density now.

”Okay. ” Scathach looks at Viole, ”Call your Maid. ”

”Yeah yeah. ” Violet rolled her eyes when she thought people were abusing her Maid. She ’s not a bus, you know?

When Violet takes her phone, a portal appears in the room.

”I am here. ”

”…Eh? ” Violet opened her mouth a little in shock.

”I still haven ’t called you… ” Natalia just pointed up while smiling.

”… ” The women looked up and saw a small circle in the sky.

”I was listening to everything. ”

”Since when? ”

”From the beginning… ” She replied with the same smile.

”… ” The women narrowed their eyes, they didn ’t notice anything.

Even Scathach noticed nothing.

”Oh, don ’t worry, I don ’t usually do that. This was a rare occasion-. ” Natalia would explain why she did that, considering that she knows how paranoid vampires are.

”Natalia, why didn ’t you say from the beginning that you could do this? ”

”…Eh? ”

”You are very useful for spying on people. ”

”I mean… Wasn ’t it obvious that from the start, I could do this? ”

”…? ” Scathach looked at Natalia, confused.

”Lord Victor is using this to spy on people all the time… ”

”What? ”

”From the moment I explained to him about my powers, he made me use my powers in quite interesting ways. The little portal where he threw that Nuke into hell was just the tip of the iceberg. ”

”… ” Anna opened her mouth in shock at what she had just heard.

”Well, it makes sense, I think… She controls space… ” Jeanne commented.

”Wrong, I don ’t control space. I ’m not on my father ’s level. ”

”My power just creates a hole in space from point A to point B. ” She explained.

”…Hmm… Just send me back home. I ’ll think of ways to use your power. ”

”…Countess Scathach. ”

”What? ”

”I only obey the orders of the Snow Clan… ”

’And from Lord Victor… ’ She thought but kept it to herself.

”Oh… But what about Victor? ”

”He is my husband! ” The one who spoke was Violet.

”…Make sense. ” Scathach spoke.

”Anyway, make a portal to my territory. ”

”Sure. ” She snaps her finger, and a portal appears.

”Well, well. What do we have here? ” Victor said as he looked at what appeared to be a village in the mountains.

”The entire place is protected by Youkai. ”

”…And yet, you managed to get through them all. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”…Yes. ” Shinji didn ’t like the smile of the man in front of him at all.

”Ugh, I ’m really unlucky… ” Gintoki muttered.

”In a way, I ’m really impressed that you managed to lose that much money in less than what? 4 days? ” Mary commented.

”That can already be called talent. ” Roberta continued.

”Unlucky doesn ’t explain it. ” Roxanne spoke.

”I mean… What kind of idiot bets his money on gambling? He had enough money to live a good life for a long time. ” Eve explained.

”I don ’t understand this game called Pachinko… What ’s the fun in that? ” Roxanne commented.

”Don ’t try to understand, it ’s better for your mental health. ” Kaguya spoke in a serious tone.

”indeed, indeed. Gambling is never a good thing, only losers do that. ” Bruna spoke to Roxanne.

”I ’ve seen idiots lose their lives because of gambling, so it ’s best to avoid it, Roxanne. ” Nero spoke.

”…Okay… ” Roxanne nodded.

”Ugh. ” Seeing the group of beautiful Maids talking about him, he felt several arrows pierce his heart.

Gintoki felt weird now since, even though he was surrounded by many beautiful women, he didn ’t feel anything. Why?

His eye slowly turns to Victor.

’That man is just incredibly handsome. What the fuck!? ’ He was really questioning his sexuality now.

He knows he ’s not gay, he has several porn magazines and has been interested in women since he was young.

But… When he first saw Victor, he just felt that any woman ’s beauty wasn ’t comparable?

It ’s like you look at a pizza made by a 5-star chef, and all the people around were just 3-stars.

And to make matters worse, Victor wasn ’t 5-stars, he was 10-stars!

’He really needs to wear a mask. I feel my common sense breaking here. ’

What Shinji was experiencing now was the effect of Aphrodite ’s blessing. When the goddess of beauty comes, everyone is forced to look at her and admire her beauty.

And as someone who has her blessing, a similar effect happens to Victor.

”Master, what should we do? ” Kaguya asked Victor, who was looking at the village.

”Hmm…- ”

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