My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

​Chapter 386: A sister she never knew

Chapter 385: Victor is a good father… The best.

”Master, what should we do? ” Kaguya asked Victor, who was looking at the village.

”Hmm…- ” Victor ’s eyes began to glow faintly violet as the way he saw the world changed.

He started to see lines in the sky, but he ignored them and focused all his attention on the village ahead.

As if there were no walls or buildings, Victor ’s eyes penetrated everything, and he could see the village as if it were the back of his hand.

His eyes roamed everywhere in the village, but only two places caught his interest.

The first location was a type of warehouse, and, in it, he could see that, similar to his house, the location where noble vampires lived was also underground.

And in that basement, he could see 10 noble vampires.

His smile grew as he found what he wanted, but soon his attention was captured by the village ’s highest point.

Even with the power of his eyes, he couldn ’t see what was inside. The only thing that was apparent was that this place was a sanctuary.

And Victor knew full well that the shrine was where the Japanese gods were.

They normally remain in the divine world, but if they use their own shrines as a means, they can come to the human world.

’The abode of a god… ’ His eyes couldn ’t help but sparkle with interest.

Another thing he noticed was that no matter where he looked, he couldn ’t find that unknown fox.

’Where is this fox? For God ’s sake, she or he is very good at hiding. ’ Victor was seriously questioning whether this fox existed or not.

Even a Living Ghost like Shinji couldn ’t find anything about the fox.

”Kaguya, that is your target. ” Victor pointed to the warehouse.

Kaguya looked to where Victor pointed.

”There is a basement where the vampires are hiding. ”

”Capture them all. ”

”…. ” Kaguya ’s eyes glowed slightly blood-red, and she spoke:

”Yes, My Master. ” She wasted no time, quickly descending into the darkness and heading towards the village.

She didn ’t even think to ask the Maids for help, in this particular job, she wanted to go alone… She alone was more than enough.

”Nero, it ’s your turn. ” Victor looked at his adopted daughter.

Nero, who was looking around curiously, was surprised for a moment when she saw Victor, or now her father, looking at her. She looked around, and seeing everyone looking at her, she said:

”… Me? ”

”Yeah. ” He chuckled lightly as he stroked her head, ”You are an Alucard now. You have my blood… ”

”… ” Nero ’s cheeks turned a little red as she remembered a scene…

The scene of her biting and drinking Victor ’s blood.

She knows that in vampire culture, adults let their children drink their blood, not through the neck but through the wrist.

But at the time, she was so thirsty that she wasn ’t thinking clearly.

”And just like Eve, Roberta, Maria, and Roxanne… You are special. ”

”You just need to figure it out. ”

”Hmm… ” She made a face of disbelief as she understood what Victor was suggesting, ”Do you want me to attack the place alone? ”

”Hey? How did you find out? ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”…. ” Nero didn ’t answer Victor ’s question and just smiled tensely.

Running away from weak beings while protecting a little girl was one thing. Now… Directly attacking a base of supernatural beings that god only knows how many of them and which are strong is a big NO!

She wasn ’t that reckless! There are limits to stupidity!

Suddenly, Nero felt someone touching her shoulder, and she turned and looked at the maid who had a sinful body:

”You get used to it. ” Bruna showed a lifeless smile.

”Indeed, indeed. ” Eve, Maria, and Roberta nodded several times.

”At least he won ’t throw you into a den of wild werewolves. ” Bruno spoke.

”At least he won ’t make you fight an entire church base… ” Eve whispered, but everyone could hear her voice.

”…. ” Maria nodded her head furiously. She completely agreed with Eve. After all, she was together with the girl that day.

”At least he won ’t make you fight him for who knows how many hours… or days… ” Roberta spoke in a hollow tone. She ’s already lost count of how many times she ’s been forced to fight her master…

’Okay, that was our agreement, and my other self likes this treatment, but still! ’ Roberta pouted when she remembered that Victor always beat her until she was utterly destroyed.

Her master was unforgiving, and even though she was a woman, he beat her…

’It ’s okay that I got stronger because of that, but even so… ’ Roberta wanted to be beaten in a different way!

”Hmph. ” She huffed in annoyance when she saw her master ’s irritating smile, tossed her long black hair that almost reached the floor to the side, and ignored her master!

”… ” Gintoki and Shinji were silent, but their thoughts couldn ’t help but synchronize.

’So it wasn ’t just me who suffered this… ’

”…. ” Nero looked blank-eyed at the maids. It seemed that each one suffered something from her… Hmm… Father.

Nero looked at Roxanne.

”How about you? ”

”… Me? ” Roxanne looked at her, confused.

”Master hasn ’t done anything to her yet. ” Bruno spoke.

”Yes, I wonder why he hasn ’t thrown her in the lion ’s den yet. ” Maria narrowed her eyes slightly.

”Kukuku~. ” She flashed a hateful smile, ”Unlike you, I am his wife for eternity! He will not treat me badly! ”

”…Eh? ” All the Maids were petrified when they heard what Roxanne said.

They quickly look at their master and see their master massaging his forehead as if he has a bad headache.

Seeing that their master didn ’t deny it, they couldn ’t help but think:

’So it is true!! ’

[GAHHHHHH! Look what happened! You got so passive that some random bitch took your place! We were the first!] Alter Eve was freaking out.

”… ” This time, Eve didn ’t scold her Alter, as her eyes just glowed blood red.

A situation that was shared by the other Maids.

”…. ” Victor felt even more of a headache when he saw the expressions of his Maids.

”Roxanne… ”

”Yes? ” Roxanne looked innocently at Victor.

”Next time we turn to Eleanor ’s territory, I will throw you to the immortal monsters. ”

”…Eh? ”

”WHY!? ”

[Remember what I said about keeping it a secret?]

[… Oh, secret. Got it…] Roxanne realized what she did wrong, but she wasn ’t particularly feeling bad about it, considering that it was inevitable.

Her entire existence is linked with the man in front of her since even her main body is within his soul.

In the dryad ’s mind, what she said wasn ’t wrong, and while she didn ’t understand much about social issues and relationships, she knew one thing.

She wants to be with the man in front of her forever, and that was enough for her.

’…He doesn ’t like it? ’ She felt a little sad now.


Victor sighed when he felt what Roxanne was feeling, then he chuckled lightly and patted Roxanne ’s head.

Roxanne ’s body shook a little when she felt Victor ’s hand, and then a smile that showed all her sharp teeth appeared on her face.

She could clearly feel the emotions Victor was throwing at her, and soon her thoughts vanished with the wind.

”Anyway, Nero. It ’s your turn, attack head-on. ” He pointed to the gate of yokai territory.

”…. ” Is he really going to act like nothing happened!?

The Maids ’ gazes grew even stronger.

”Hmm… Isn ’t that dangerous? What if I die? ” She didn ’t want to prove to be a coward, but she still had her doubts.

Victor just flashes a small smile, ”Who ’s in front of you now? ”

”Count Alucard? ”

”Wong. ” He shook his head, disagreeing:

”The one in front of you is your father, and I will never let my daughter do anything that could hurt her, and I won ’t let anyone else hurt her either.

”…. ” Nero ’s cheeks turned slightly red when she heard what he said:

”So go ahead, and attack them with everything you ’ve got, but…I forbid you to use your weapons. ”

Seeing Nero ’s reluctant face, he spoke:

”Trusting in guns isn ’t necessarily bad. ” Victor backs away a little, and he starts walking towards a cliff, but unlike what the human and the ghost next to him thought, Victor didn ’t fall but started walking in the air.

He lifts his hand up a little.


Everyone hears a resounding noise like a sonic boom made by a jet.

They look up, and they see something coming down from the heavens.

The heavy clouds were parted a little by the pressure that this something descending from the sky caused, and in less than a few seconds, it fell into Victor ’s hand.

”…An Odachi…? ” Shinji looked curiously, analyzing the Odachi. He couldn ’t help but say something, ”Look at the size of this Odachi… can he use it? ”

”Of course, he can. After all, this is the master ’s personal weapon, its name is Junketsu. ” The one who spoke was Maria.

”Purity? ” Gintoki raised his eyebrow, finding the name strange. After all, it was a vampire weapon, so he expected something like:

Blood Drinking Sword, Destruction, Blood Blade, etc, etc.

”But weapons are tools, they can break, they can be stolen by the enemy, and used against you, so you should never forget to improve your body as well. ”

”…Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like this Odachi. ” Victor assumed the position of IaiJutsu, looked towards the village, and saw that the Youkai were on alert from the sonic blast or from Kaguya.

Maybe both.

”If you have a weapon that cannot be stolen or destroyed by normal means, you can trust it… But just like I said earlier. ” Victor ’s eyes began to glow slightly blood red, and cold air began to leave his body.

”Never completely trust a tool. ”

He drew the Odachi, and the sound of the sword being unsheathed was heard, but the eyes of the humans present were unable to observe the action.

A blue slash in the shape of a crescent moon flew towards the village gate, and trails of cold air could be seen as the slash flew.

But contrary to what everyone expected, that cut did not go through the gate but split in two directions, and as if being controlled by someone, it began to surround the village.

Victor ’s eyes gleamed slightly:

”Cocoon… ” Victor ’s cold, low voice was heard.

And then something happened, the cut suddenly began to rise towards the heavens, and the trail of ice that followed it began to create walls at a ridiculous rate.

Seconds after Victor made his attack, a gigantic cocoon of ice was created. This cocoon covered the entire village, including the underground creating something like a cocoon where no one could escape, not even underground.

Victor put his Odachi in the sheath again and moved back to his normal position as he turned to Nero, who had her mouth open in shock.

”A tool is a tool, it can be replaced. A fight to the death, a war is different from an ordinary fight. You must use everything to your advantage if the tool gets in your way, just throw it away, and use your fists, stones, ground. ”

”Use everything around you. ”

”And at the end of the day, the only thing you can trust is your own body. ” A lesson Scathach taught him, and now he ’s passing it on to his daughter.

He laughed lightly and walked over to Nero, then lightly gripped her shoulder and said:

”Go have fun, My Daughter… ” He walked a little further and continued, ”I ’ll be watching you. ”

Nero ’s eyes glowed blood red as she woke up from her stupor, and she spoke with a small smile on her face:

”Yes… Father. ”


A woman wearing a completely black Yukata casually walked through an old Japanese house, her long nine tails fluttering behind her, causing a hypnotic effect on everyone who watched her for a long time.

She was holding a Katana in her hands and walking around with a neutral expression on her face, an expression that perfectly concealed her inner rage.

All the subordinates who saw this woman passing through the halls just lowered their heads slightly as a sign of respect, and when she was out of sight, they went back to their jobs.

This scene was repeated a few times until the woman arrived in a place that only the main members of the Clan could enter.

She opens the door with a bang and looks at the man sitting in front of her, precisely speaking, a man who looks like a man in his 40s.

Like her, he also had nine fox tails and ears, proving that they were the same species and somehow related.

”Are you hiding something from me? ”

”… ” The man narrowed his eyes a little, and soon his expression returned to normal as he took a sip of the tea that was in his hand and put it back on the table:

”Haruna, that ’s not manners-. ”

”Cut the bullshit. ”

”…. ”

”I ’m not a kid anymore, I ’m a fucking commander now. ”

”Sigh… ” The man may only look 40 years old, but he was much older than that; he was much older than Haruna herself.

”Do you remember the first order I gave when I became a commander? ”

”Do not betray me, or will you experience something worse than death? ” The man spoke.

”Correct. ” The sound of a Katana being unsheathed is heard.

”And that rule also applies to you, GrandFather… Wrong, Former Commander, Otsuki Yoichi. ”

”Or do you prefer what humans call you, Nasu no Yoichi, the hero of the battle of Yashima? ”

”… ”


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