My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 390: Nero doesnt want towalk away from her father

Chapter 389: Visiting a God.

A white-haired girl with her hands and legs transformed into some kind of beast was standing in the midst of beings of various different sizes and shapes.

Blood was seeping from the bodies of these beings, and she was breathing heavily.

Her claws were soaked with blood and the bat wings behind her were visibly shaking, she was clearly very tired.

Around the girl, only destruction could be seen.

All structures had at some point been destroyed by the energy attacks she unleashed from time to time.

”Ugh… ” The wings behind her started to disappear, along with the claws on her hands and feet, and she dropped to her knees.

Her body was extremely sore, it was as if she wasn ’t used to using certain muscles, not to mention the mental fatigue she was feeling.

She used her power too much, and recklessly, and because of that, her body was feeling the price of using her power like that.

But before her body could fall to the ground, she felt his hands firmly gripping her.

The girl didn ’t even struggle, she instinctively already knew who the person was, and upon feeling his presence, she just became more relaxed.

”Good job, My Daughter. ” Victor chuckled lightly as he picked up Nero like a child.

”Mm… ” Nero felt awkward when she heard what Victor said, it was a pretty sweet feeling she wasn ’t used to, but it definitely wasn ’t a bad feeling.

Nero wrapped her arms around Victor ’s neck, and leaned her body against him, resting her head on his shoulder:

”Let me get some rest… ” She slowly closed her eyes, she only needed a few minutes of rest for her body to fully recover.

”Oh? And here I was thinking of offering my blood to you… But if you want to rest normally, that ’s fine. ” He laughed as he stroked the girl ’s head.

”…! ” She opened her red eyes that were glowing slightly.

She looked at Victor ’s neck, and swallowed hard.


She felt her throat itch again, but it wasn ’t like what happened in the fight, this was an itch that came with a feeling of deep thirst.

A feeling she knew would be fulfilled if she drank her father ’s blood, but… She was quite reluctant to do so. His blood was like a drug, and she felt she should be careful not to get addicted.

Even if she only tried it once, she already missed drinking his blood.


Like all beings who were addicted, she could not hold her desire for long.

She brought her mouth to his neck, and licked a little, and just with that gesture, she felt a shock running through her whole body, it was a very addictive sensation!

”Heh~. Looks like you want in the end, my daughter. ”

”…S-Shut up… ” She buried her face in his neck.

”This is wrong, I shouldn ’t be drinking your blood from your neck. ”

”Hmm? Why? ”

”Only lovers do that. ”

”… Is that right? ”

”…Don ’t you understand Vampire culture? ”

”I understand… ” Victor remembered the Scarlett sisters explaining to him a little in the past: ”But I ignored it, it doesn ’t influence me at all. ” He was born a human, and while he ’s a Vampire now, he doesn ’t necessarily have to follow their culture.

And at the end of it all, he was a Progenitor, and along with his personality to do whatever he wanted, along with his blood driving his nature of a king who must go his way.

He usually ignored any cultural norms. He ’d learn about it and try to understand why, but other than that, he only found it efficient to know about it.

Because understanding culture meant understanding the beings that participated in it…

Although there were cultures like the dick festival in Japan that he didn ’t really understand… Okay it was a fertility festival, but… what the fuck?

”… ” Nero was speechless when she heard what Victor said.

”And it ’s not you… It ’s father. ”

”Ugh… ” Nero visibly trembled when she heard what Victor said, she still wasn ’t used to it, but she wouldn ’t deny calling him father, after all, he ’s already done much more than anyone else has done in her entire life.

”Okay… Father. ”

”Good, good. ” Victor nodded several times in satisfaction.

He pat Nero ’s back a little, and said, ”Go back to what you were doing. ”

”…Mmm. ” Nero didn ’t hold back for long, she licked her father ’s neck a little, and then she bit his neck.


When she tasted the divine taste of his blood, her eyes opened wide, and she tightened her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs in her chest. She looked like a koala now that was not going anywhere.

”Well, this is a mess, isn ’t it? ”

”… ” Victor heard a man ’s voice, and looked back, and soon saw Shinji, Gintoki, and all of his Maids, except for Kaguya.

All his maids were some distance away from Gintoki, only Roxanne was not.

”This brings back memories… ” Bruna commented.

”Indeed. ” Eve, Maria and Roberta couldn ’t help but agree.

Victor continued watching the group, until something happened.

Out of nowhere, Roxanne slipped and landed straight with her head on the floor.

”…. ” All the people looked at her not knowing how to react. How did she slip out of nowhere? And with her physique, she should have repositioned herself easily, but instead, she fell like a rotten banana.

There was definitely something supernatural at work here, and they couldn ’t help but look at Gintoki.

”…Ugh. ” She got up from the floor, and rubbed her face a little, and then she turned her gaze to Gintoki.

”…. ” Gintoki started to sweat when he saw the Maid ’s gaze, and her extremely sharp teeth didn ’t help much either, she was scary.

”What? ” He played innocent.

”It ’s a bad idea to walk around you! ”

”Ugh, it ’s not my fault, okay? I have no control over it. ” He knew it was his strange power ’s fault, but he couldn ’t do anything about it.

”Now you understand why we walked away from him. ”

”…Yes. ” Roxanne, despite being warned about it, completely ignored it, she was a world tree, she should be immune to these things, after all, she was like a part of nature.

Roxanne quickly moved away from Gintoki and stood closer to Roberta.

”Ugh, I don ’t feel good about this sight. ”

”Is it quite common for women to turn away from you? ”

”Yes… When I go on Dates, weird things tend to happen to the woman, broken heels, waiter who loses control and spills drinks on her, etc. ”

”… ” Shinji and Victor looked at Gintoki with pitying eyes, the poor bastard was really unlucky.

[Master, I ’m done… all Japanese Noble Vampires, and their scrolls containing Youki ’s techniques have been acquired.]

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew when he heard what Kaguya said.

[Good job, My Maid.]

[… That was nothing.]

Victor smiled even wider when he heard Kaguya ’s proud voice.

[Come back, I will visit the temple.]

[Yes, master.]

Victor looked around at the mess for a bit, he completely ignored the little leech on his neck.

Seeing the huge amount of blood, he thought it would be a waste.

He lifted his palm a little, and his eyes started to glow.

And then a sight that surprised Shinji and Gintoki occurred.

The blood of all the dead beings around them began to float as if defying gravity.

Drop by drop they ascended towards the heavens.

”What the hell… ” Shinji couldn ’t believe what he was seeing.

”Come to me. ” As if by a divine order, all the blood of the village beings began to fly towards Victor ’s hand.

And at an extremely fast pace, all the blood in the area began to gather at one point.

And in the time of 10 seconds, all the blood in the area disappeared, even the blood from Nero ’s clothes and the corpses, everything was clean.

The only thing that could be seen around were dead bodies on the ground.

”…can all Vampires do this? ” Gintoki felt a slight dread as he imagined Vampires controlling blood.

”Of course not, our master is special. ” The one to answer was Roberta, she felt slightly offended when Gintoki compared her master to others.

”Indeed, indeed. He is our God. ” Bruna ’s eyes glowed slightly blood red.

”… ” Gintoki felt awkward when he saw the maids ’ fanaticism.

…Although it was only Bruna and Roberta who were more intense about it, it wasn ’t like all maids didn ’t have something similar inside them.

Especially for Maria and Eve.

Nero at this point stopped drinking her father ’s blood, and licked his neck a little, an instinctive gesture that Vampires had.

And when she did, the little fang hole in Victor ’s neck closed.

She nodded in satisfaction, and turned around, then she looked at the orb of blood in Victor ’s hand with curious eyes.

She could feel a lot of blood compressed in that orb, it was like a candy made of thousands of bodies.

That orb had a very seductive energy.

But… Despite thinking about it, she felt no desire to have this Orb, her father ’s blood was enough.

”Roxanne, what do you think? ” Because of their connection, they didn ’t really need many words to communicate, Victor could convey his intent to Roxanne, and the woman could do the same.

”…I don ’t recommend giving this to Nero, she just woke up as a Vampire, and is not used to drinking the blood of other beings. All she ’s come in contact with so far has been your divinely delicious blood. ”

”If she eats this… Well, she ’s going to throw up. ”

”… ” All the maids nodded when they heard what Roxanne said.

”Master ’s blood is very delicious, other blood tastes like rubbish in comparison. ” Eve was the one who spoke, she was pretty wild when it came to Victor.

”Hmm, Hmm. ” The maids nodded again.

”… ” Victor flashed a wry smile, and he looked at Roxanne:

”And about you? ”

”Hmm? I don ’t need it anymore. ”

”Why? ”

”Well, we ’re connected, right? ” She displayed a small smile, as she spoke internally:

[My main body is inside you master, and there is a literal sea of blood in your body.]

[A sea you increased by giving me that fruit.]

[I won ’t deny that.] She laughed lightly.

”…. ” Gintoki and Shinji felt awkward when the two stopped talking, but due to previous demonstrations, they could understand that they were talking through some sort of telepathy.

’It ’s something very important that he can ’t say out loud. ’ Gintoki and Shinji thought.

”Well, in this case. ” Victor opened his mouth, and swallowed the blood orb.

Inside Victor, the being inside Victor who was seeing the sea of blood thinning slightly as it was absorbed by the tree.

”Hmm, if he continues at this rate, eventually will he gain some kind of skill? ” He spoke aloud to himself.

As he didn ’t have much to do, he was researching the effects that that tree would have on Victor ’s body.

”Hmm… There ’s no chance that this tree is simple, after all, it ’s a World Tree, something must happen… Ugh, if only I could get through that barrier.- ” At this point he stopped talking and looked up. .

”Well shit. ” That was the only thing he could say when he saw a stream of blood falling towards him.

Finishing up swallowing the Orb of blood, Victor had flashes of several different memories.

He ignored the useless memories and focused on the ones he wanted to know.

”…I see, the sneaky fox is hiding there, huh. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed slightly as he looked at the temple.

At this moment, Kaguya appeared next to Victor:

”Master, I ’m back… What did I miss? ” Kaguya spoke as she looked around.

”Nothing important, just a usual massacre. ” Roxanne who spoke.

”Oh… ”

”….. ” Shinji and Gintoki broke out in a cold sweat when they heard the phrase:

’Usual massacre. ’

Which meant that this was a recurring thing!

’These psychopaths! ’ Shinji and Gintoki were really hoping that Victor would ignore their existence, and leave them alone.

”Hey, my maid, you came at a good time. ”

”Are we going to visit a God? ”

”…why not? ” Kaguya laughed lightly.

”Let ’s go to them. ” Victor started to walk towards the temple, while holding Nero who didn ’t seem to have any intention of getting out of his arms.

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