Chapter 392: God.2

”Motherfucker, this is overkill! ” Ebisu shouted.

”Stop talking shit and get ready! ” The fox screamed.

”Ugh. ”

Meanwhile, inside Kaguya ’s shadow…

”…Now, I understand why people fear my father. ” Nero could already understand this the first time she saw Victor getting serious and carrying out a massacre, but now her opinions had been reassessed, and she really understood.

”Just for context, you can ’t do that, okay? ” Maria commented with a dry look.

”No ordinary Noble Vampire can. ” Eve added.

”He can because he ’s an irregular, who has the powers of three Vampire Count Clans. ” Roberta continued.

”…I doubt even Natashia can use this technique. ” Bruna commented.

”…Hmm, she can use it, but I don ’t think it would be that effective. Remember he used the power of fire and water. ” Eve replied.

”Hmm, is the mountain going to disappear? ” Roxanne asked in an innocent tone.

”…… ” And silence was all she managed to receive in reply.

Everyone just watched as the beast descended from the heavens and crashed into the mountain.


”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew a little when he saw that the barrier still held that power, a power that was a variation of Natashia ’s one punch, one million hit attack, his dear wife~.

The barrier and the beast fought like never before, only with the clash of the two, damage was being done all around.

The mountain only resisted because it was continuously being bathed in Ebisu ’s power. After all, if it weren ’t for that, the mountain would already have disappeared.

30 seconds passed, and the stalemate broke, and Victor ’s power was losing strength until it slowly disappeared.

”Cough. ” Ebisu spat golden blood on the ground.

”Motherfucker! Making me spend so much power. ” He wiped his mouth a little and looked up to the sky with a proud look. He ’d proved that a lesser Vampire was no match for a God!

He felt like he had slapped this monster in the face now, and he was very pleased.

But at this moment, the monster ’s smile grew even wider, and he spoke:

”Impressive~, but what are you going to do about the other one? ” He pointed up.

”…Eh? ”

At that moment, the clouds parted and revealed a gigantic ice spike that was falling from the stratosphere.

”Hmm, I don ’t think that ’s enough yet. Shall we warm things up? ”

Victor snapped his fingers, and the ice spike started to catch fire.

”…. ”

”Oh? Still not enough? You ’re greedy, huh? As expected of a God! ”

”In that case. ”

Victor snapped his finger again, and the ice spike was covered by lightning and began to rotate on its own axis, acting much like a massive drill.

”…. ” Ebisu ’s expression was now pure terror. He instinctively knew that with that piercing power, his barrier wouldn ’t hold.

”…very greedy. ” Victor narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw Ebisu ’s expression, ”In that case, I ’ll add-. ”

”Stop, please… ”

”Umu? ” Victor put his hand close to his ear and turned towards the mountain: ”What did you say? I ’m sorry, the wind noise is too strong, I can ’t hear shit. ”

”… ” Ebisu bit his lips, he knew that damn one could hear. He ’s a damn Vampire, how could he not hear?

”I said, ’ ’ I ’m sorry, Okay!? I will let you in just don ’t use that power! ” he begged.

”…Ohh… ” Victor opened his mouth as if he understood.

[Kaguya, did you film this?]

[Of course… who do you think I am?] She spoke with a proud snort.

[As expected from my favorite Maid.]

[….] Kaguya displayed a small smile as she watched the spike fall from the stratosphere.

Victor acted as if he was thinking, and soon his smile grew:

”How about… ”

”… ” Ebisu was filled with hope when he saw Victor consider, but his next words left him in despair:

”No. ”

”You ’re a God, right!? ” Victor ’s smile grew in a way that anyone who saw him would consider him the villain.

”A motherfucking Superior Being! Right!? Prove that you are a Superior Being, overcome your limits! ”


Victor raised his hand, and instead of stopping as the God asked, he increased its speed even more!

”Crazy piece of shit! ” Ebisu began to float, his white aura began to increase, and he threw all his power into the barrier.

Again as in the previous scene, the ice spike hit the barrier.

But unlike what happened with the old attack, due to the thorn ’s piercing power, it easily broke through the barrier.

”FUCK! ” Ebisu created another barrier, this time a smaller one, centered on just stopping the thorn.

The thorn smashed into the new barrier, but it was different from the previous one, and they started fighting to see who would fall first.

”AHHHHHHHH! ” Ebisu screamed, and with that scream, he succeeded in taking the power out of his ass and holding back Victor ’s attack.

The stalemate continued for a few seconds until…

Victor ’s thorn stopped spinning…

”Hahhhh. ” Ebisu sighed in relief. He managed to protect his temple, he suffered some minor internal damage, but his temple was protected at least.


He spat blood on the floor and quickly wiped his mouth.

Clap, Clap.

”…? ” Hearing someone clap, he looked up towards the noise and saw a tall man wearing a black yukata sitting on the thorn of ice that fell to the ground and pierced the mountain with his weight.

”Congratulations, you ’ve surpassed your limits. ”

”Piece of shit…- ” Ebisu was going to speak ill of all 50 generations of Victor, but he stopped when he heard the man speak:

”As you were so excited, I thought I ’d throw those at you. ” Victor looked up to the sky.

”…. ” Ebisu looked towards what Victor was looking at and saw several ice spikes standing in the air, ready to be launched.

Soon all the will he had to curse the 50 generations of Victor ’s family disappeared as if it didn ’t exist, and only pure terror remained.

’Just how much power does this motherfucker have? What he didn ’t take into account was that Vampires recover very quickly. While he was playing tug of war with a spike, Victor was exhausting all his power and creating more.

With his regeneration speed, he only needed to rest for a few seconds, and he could already create another one.

Of course, he completely ignored the mental fatigue and just smiled like it was okay.

”But after some consideration, I decided that no, after all, I ’m not a bad person~. ”

Shameless son of a bitch!

”BUT! ”

”!!! ” Ebisu ’s body shook when he heard the ’but ’.

”If you ’re really excited, I can throw them at you-. ”

”NOO, I ’m not excited, please move those things. ”

”Nah, leave them in heaven. ” Victor chuckled.

He turned to the nine-tailed fox, and his smile grew.

”!!! ” The fox felt his whole body tremble under the man ’s gaze.

”I was looking for you~ my longtime friend~. ”

”…. ”

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