My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 399: Anna and Aphrodite afriendship of over 10 years

Chapter 398: ls Aphrodite a GoodFriend!?

”Fuck! I mentioned his mother! ”

She could understand what had happened now. Hearing his mother ’s name from the mouth of a person he considers dangerous, he completely freaked out.

And it ’s not like she couldn ’t understand Victor since, until now, every action she ’s taken towards him has somehow conflicted with the man.

Something she didn ’t understand, considering that she was just being herself.

She couldn ’t understand how she harmed the man in any way since, to be honest, she was even being kind!

If it was another being, she would have already used her power and had fun with them! But did she?

Of course not!

All because of her only human friend, whom she holds dear.

It ’s hard to find someone with such a pure and completely honest soul these days, and she highly values ​​that side of the woman.

”I need to fix this fast! ” She looked towards Anna ’s house and teleported in front of her house.

”Anna, are you there? I need to talk to you. ” She clicked the doorbell several times.

”Stop ringing the bell! I am not deaf! ” The door suddenly opens, and a woman resembling Victor appears.

”…Huh? Who are you? ”

”… It ’s me, Renata! ”

”Are you thinking I ’m stupid? Renata is not someone divinely beautiful like you, she has a dangerous body that would make any man drool over her, but overall her looks are Okay! I ’m even prettier than her! ”

”… ” A vein popped in Aphrodite ’s head when she heard what Anna said about her alter ego.

Wait, alter ego?

She looked at the reflection in the window and realized she was still in her divine form.

Because of her haste to try to fix the situation, she forgot to change her appearance!

”Hmm? ” Aphrodite looked to the side and noticed several hostile glances towards her.

She used her divine sense and saw that they were vampires.

Aphrodite looked at them with disdain, thinking they might hurt her friend with her here? Hell no!

Before she could do anything, she heard something with her divine senses that made her stop her movement.

”Lady Violet, a goddess is at the door of Lord Victor ’s house. ”

’Victor ’s subordinates!? ’ The way the man spoke so respectfully of Victor ’s name hinted that this was the case.

’Shit, I almost did something irreversible again. ’ Aphrodite imagined patting the head of that vampire who spoke on the phone. If it weren ’t for him, they wouldn ’t exist anymore to tell the tale.

”So, who are you? ”

”Ugh, look, it ’s me Renata, okay? ”

”Lies-. ” Anna stopped talking when she saw the woman in front of her changing into Renata ’s appearance.

”…See, I ’m your friend. ”

Anna quickly closed the door in the woman ’s face and locked the door:

”Eh…? ”

”Do you think I ’m stupid enough to fall for this obvious lie? ” Victor ’s wives had already told Anna quite a bit about the supernatural, and having someone take on someone else ’s appearance wasn ’t impossible in that kind of world.

So she won ’t fall for this obvious trick!

Aphrodite ’s act only made Anna ’s distrust grow even more!

Anna ignored the woman ’s screams and quickly went down to her basement.

After triggering various security devices that Victor left in the house, devices that were made by the witches he hired when he went to Greece, and locking herself in the fortified basement. She took out a phone and was going to call her son.

”Look, I know it ’s hard to understand, but you need to listen to me. It ’s something important! ”

”!!! ” Her body shook as she looked back and saw the woman ’s divinely beautiful appearance.

”How did you get in here!? ”

”… ” Aphrodite stopped walking when she saw Anna ’s eyes full of fear, sighed a little, and tried once again to explain to Anna, this time, staying in place.

”Listen to me, okay? I won ’t harm you or anything, I promise I won ’t leave this spot. ”

”… ” Anna looked seriously at the woman and nodded. Even with her fear, she could understand that if the woman wanted to do something with her, she would have done it from the beginning.

A few minutes ago.

Victor opened his eyes.

”Master! You finally woke up, you were scaring us! ” He heard Roxanne ’s voice.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at his Maid and saw that she had an expression of fear on her face.

”What happened…? ” he asked in a gentle tone.

”… Master, began to release a terrible killing intent, despite being asleep, the feeling that you wanted to kill everything and everyone. ”

”…Oh-…I ’m sorry, I-. ” Victor stopped talking when Violet suddenly entered the room.

”Victor, your mother! ”

”!!! ” Violet ’s words reminded him of what Aphrodite had said, causing him to grit his teeth. Just the thought that something might happen to his mother drove him mad, far more than what happened with Ophis.

Rumble, Rumble!

Wasting no more time, Victor covered himself with lightning and flew towards the sky.


He easily passed through the ceiling, and when he reached the top of the clouds.

A deafening noise of falling lightning was heard by everyone, and soon it was gone.

In his haste, he didn ’t even think about calling Natalia to open a portal to the United States.

But to Victor, it didn ’t matter much since, with the speed he was going now, he would get there in less than a few minutes.

Violet ignored all of this and quickly said, ”To ensure Leon ’s safety, take him to The Lost Club. ”

”Yes, Lady Violet. ” The vampires on the phone replied, and soon the connection was cut.

Ruby appeared in the room, and along with her were Vlad ’s ex-wives.

”What happened? ”

”I don ’t know yet, but I just heard a report that a goddess was at Victor ’s home. ” Violet explained.

”…. ” Ruby narrowed her eyes a little.

”Kaguya, get the noble vampires we ’ve captured, we ’re heading home. ”

Kaguya woke up from her stupor, pulled herself together, and then she nodded her head and did as ordered.

At the same time that Kaguya composed herself, all of Victor ’s Maids did the same. They took on a serious look and seemed to be ready to act at any moment.

They understood very well how precious their master ’s parents ’ existence was to him.

”Violet, call Natalia. ”

”I ’m already doing it! This bitch is not answering! ” Violet hung up the call and tried again. This time it didn ’t take a few seconds, and Natalia answered:

”Hmm… Lady Violet-… I ’m sleeping~. ”

”Get over here now, bitch! ”

”Mm… ” Ruby nodded her head as she observed Violet, who was talking to Natalia, and then said:

”Victor ’s current state is similar to what he was in with Ophis but much worse. We must go back quickly to understand what is happening. ” She looked at the Maids.

”And we will act accordingly. ” Ruby forced herself to stay calm. It was no use losing her mind like her husband and Violet.

Someone had to stay cool, to give precise orders, but she swore to herself:

’If something happens to them… God or not, they will suffer. ’ It might not be now or even soon, but in the future? Definitely.

If there ’s one thing Ruby has the same as her mother and Victor, it ’s that she never forgets a grudge.

”So you ’re saying that my friend Renata was a goddess all along? ”

”Yes. ”

”And because you ’re a goddess of beauty, you have some bullshit called divine power, and your power allows you to control people ’s desires. ”

”…Yes. ” Aphrodite ’s face trembled a little when she heard what Anna said, ”I ’m not just the goddess of beauty, I ’m the goddess of love, and sex too… And by being born a titan, my powers are stronger than normal gods. ”

”And because of that, I have these effects on beings. ” She felt like specifically pointing out that point, she was no ordinary goddess, okay?

”…Hmm, that explains some weird situations from the past. ”

A few years ago, Anna and Renata were drinking in a restaurant when some men approached and tried to hit on them.

Anna was annoyed and was going to kick these men ’s eggs and then call the police because they were being too aggressive.

But… The whole situation was resolved when Renata spoke a few words, and those men accepted like ducklings and left.

There was also another situation, this time involving Anna ’s own work. She was having difficulty winning a case, and she complained to Renata about it. Then a few days later, the lawyer she was ’fighting ’ was very cooperative and even helped her.

She knows she ’s an excellent lawyer, but even she wouldn ’t be able to make an experienced Lawyer act tame and obedient like a dog without using questionable means.

And there have been more situations in the past. Honestly, Anna thought that Renata was the daughter of some organized crime leader or something, but since she had no proof of that thought, she never dug into it and ignored it. It ’s not like she did any harm to her anyway.

”…I ’m still not convinced. ” Anna was demanding since she knew that any supernatural being could speak pretty words to deceive her.

”… ” Aphrodite put her hand to her brow, ”What do you need to know to trust me? ”

”Hmm, a few days ago, I got in touch with Renata and talked about something personal. What was it? ”

Renata ’s response was instantaneous, ”Are you talking about your dissatisfaction with not being able to get pregnant? I thought you were joking about that. ”

”Ugh, ever since Victor became an adult, I was thinking, why not try having a girl now? I ’ve always wanted a girl-… ” Anna stopped talking when she realized what had happened.

”Okay, I believe you… for now. ” She commented on this at the end because she still had doubts. After all, they are supernatural beings, right?

They may have kidnapped, and interrogated, her friend, and because of that, this woman might know about it.

The possibility of being a shapeshifter who could take on her friend ’s appearance and memories wasn ’t low either.

Her imagination was running wild.

”Great, now let ’s get to the important stuff! I accidentally contacted your son, said your name, and now he ’s really pissed- ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”Victor? ” Anna looked up a little when she saw the broad back of a man, she couldn ’t recognize him for a few seconds due to the clothes he was wearing.

”Geh-, I didn ’t do anything to her, okay? She ’s been my friend for a long time! I wouldn ’t do anything to her. ” Aphrodite quickly spoke up as she saw Victor ’s gaze.

”Mother, are you okay? ” Victor did his best to speak in a calm voice but didn ’t turn around either. He knows his face isn ’t one of the most presentable right now.

”Yes? I was just scared that another supernatural being had come here, and a goddess at that! Wasn ’t this house safe? ”

”Yes… Indeed, this house was supposed to be safe… ”

”Look, your home protection is okay, most supernatural beings wouldn ’t get through that magic circle. ”

”But you passed. ”

”Well… Any god of my level could easily pass through these barriers. ”

”And that ’s a problem. ”

”… Victor? ”

Victor took a deep breath to calm down some and recovered from his state, then turned to his mother with his normal face and checked her for any obvious evidence of Aphrodite ’s power.

He knew very well about the woman ’s ability to influence beings.

”W-Wha-… ” Anna looked at her son ’s face in shock, he was so different!

It was the same feeling she ’d had when she ’d first seen him when he ’d suddenly grown up and said some bullshit called ’puberty ’.

But now? This was on a completely different level. He was gorgeous.

Stunningly handsome… She could see her son ’s features in this man ’s face, but other than that, he looked like a completely different person.


She felt her heart pound when she saw this man looking at her with such focus and looking like he was seeing something precious.

”Idiot, stop looking at her, you are influencing her! ”

”…. ” Victor narrowed his eyes slightly and turned to Aphrodite.

And at that moment, Anna came out of her stupor.

’What the fuck? I almost got horny from my own son! His appearance is dangerous! What happened!? ’

”You still have with you the blessing I gave to Adonis, and I remember clearly that this blessing was the strongest blessing I gave to a mortal, which means that if you don ’t control it like you normally do, you ’re going to go around enchanting everyone. ”

”Hold back? I never held back. ”

”Yes, you do. It ’s probably related to the vampire ’s Charm. By holding that power, you unconsciously hold back the effect of my divine blessing. ”

”But due to your emotional state right now, you ’re not holding back. ”

”…. ” Victor just kept looking at her with a dry, cold gaze, he was clearly just looking for an opening to throw her away from here, and Aphrodite realized that.

”Look, I ’m sorry, okay? ” She lets her guard down on purpose.

”…. ”

”I know I don ’t have any common sense from being a goddess, etc. But I don ’t want conflict with you, as you are the son of the only true friend I ever had. I just wanted to get along with you. ”

”…Of course, I thought about doing the other things, but I wouldn ’t go so far as to use my powers on you just for that. ”

”But!! It would be another matter if you wanted~. ”

”Woaahh, look at this bitch. ”

”Oy! ”

”What do you expect me to say when I see my supposed ’true ’ friend throwing herself at my son? ”

”He ’s married, you know! He has 3 wives! ”

”What!? ” Aphrodite looked at Victor in shock.

”Six, actually. ” He responded unconsciously as he kept his gaze on Aphrodite.

”Eh…? ” This time it was Anna who was speechless.

”Hold the donkey ’s balls. ”

Anna goes in front of Victor and holds his face.

”… ” Victor unconsciously placed his hand in front of the woman, an obvious protective gesture, and kept his gaze focused on Aphrodite, as he still hasn ’t let his guard down.

”Who are the other three wives!? And when did that happen!? ”

”Yes, Yes! We demand to know! ” Aphrodite spoke as if she were a protester protesting for her rights.

”…How about we get back to the matter at hand? ” Victor spoke.

”Mother, do you know her? Tell me honestly, don ’t be afraid. ”

”Hey! You won ’t get away by changing the subject like that! Remember, I taught you that! That tactic doesn ’t work on me. ”

”Yes, Yes! We demand to know-. ” Aphrodite stopped talking when she felt Victor ’s gaze intensify.

”… ” Her body visibly trembled, and unconsciously, her legs quivered. Even though she found it hateful for Victor not to give in to her charm, the other side of her also liked that fact… Despite being hateful…

Very hateful… Indeed, very hateful… And exciting…

’Ahh~, I really want him in bed. ’ Knowing he has wives didn ’t stop the beauty goddess. It just made her more curious and somewhat obsessed.

The thought is simple if he has so many vampire wives who are known to be quite thirsty… That means he ’s capable, right?

”…I ’m quiet. ” she muttered.

”Victor! ” Anna caught Victor ’s attention again.

”Ugh, look. ” Victor looked at his mother, ”It ’s complicated, okay? But just to satisfy your curiosity, the last three are the mothers of my wives. ”

”…. ” Anna and Aphrodite look at Victor with pure disbelief, and Anna can ’t help but think of that red-haired woman she came to visit in the past.

Unlike Anna, the little bit of information that came out of Victor ’s mouth left Aphrodite even more shocked:

’Older vampires too!? ’ Aphrodite ’s curiosity literally exploded through the ceiling and reached the stratosphere at that moment.

Anna remembered how close Victor and Scathach were to each other, and she couldn ’t help but speak:

”Gahhh! My instincts were correct! My son is practicing Oyakodon! ” She crouched on the floor while holding her head with both hands, looking quite desperate.

”…that fuck is that? ”

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