Chapter 401: A New Name, and animportant matter

”Umu, it ’s good that you ’re thinking about this Victor, but you shouldn ’t focus too much on the rape. ” Ruby suddenly stood up from Victor ’s lap as she said that.

”What do you mean? ” Victor asked Ruby who was fixing her hair.

”If you ’re going to judge Aphrodite for this… Then my mother and Violet ’s mother should be judged too. ” Ruby spoke with a small smile to Victor.

”…. ” Victor ’s eyes twitched, and both Victor ’s and Adonis ’ feelings were in shock.

”Remember, when my mom made me, she kidnapped my dad, whose name I don ’t even know, used him, then threw him away. ”

”The beginning of Agnes ’ relationship with Adonis also started with her abusing him. ”

”I-… ”

”The fault lies with Adonis because he was weak. ”

’Oof. ’ Adonis ’ feelings inside Victor took critical damage.

”But-. ”

”Of course, I ’m not agreeing with this act or saying that the three women did something right. I repudiate this kind of act regardless of species. ” Ruby spoke while looking at Jeanne.

”…Can you please stop? ” She muttered in a weary voice.

”What I ’m saying is, these were ancient times with different thoughts and different ideologies. To modern people, the way people 1000 years ago lived must seem pretty wild. ”

”This is where the time difference comes in. ”

”Just as people of the future will study modern-day history and laugh at us while calling us uncivilized barbarians, we are doing the same to a person who has lived since the beginning of time. ”

”…. ” She really had a good point, and it was so accurate that no one knew what to say again.

”Look at the situation more calmly, and with a cold mind, and you will realize that what we are doing here and now is meaningless. ”

”Arguing with a being who has lived since the beginning of time about morals is the stupidest thing you can do. She is not a human with an expiration date. She is a Goddess and will exist until the end of time, or until someone kills her. ”

”Anyway, I ’ve voiced my opinion. I ’ll prepare the torture room… ” Ruby flashed an amused smile when she heard what she said.

”What are you smiling at Ruby? ” Violet asked curiously.

”It ’s nothing, I just thought it was funny that I was talking about morals, and I was about to go to a torture room to make arrangements to torture some Noble Vampires for the information they have. ”

”Something which from a human point of view is terribly evil and immoral. ”

”…Oh. ” Everyone spoke at the same time as they opened their eyes in shock.

”If my mother were here, she would probably tell Victor something like: Stop thinking bullshit, you are a Progenitor. Morals and that sort of thing you should leave to the humans. ” Ruby mimicked Scathach ’s voice perfectly.

”…Yes, indeed. She would actually say that. ” Everyone agreed with her statement.

”It ’s a thought I don ’t quite agree with, after all, Victor is Victor, he should make his own decisions and not be swayed by something like being a proper ’Progenitor ’ or a proper ’Noble Vampire ’. ”

”…But he never listens to me. ” Ruby spoke as she looked at Victor with a slightly accusing look.


Victor felt other arrows piercing his body as Ruby ’s sharp words really cleared Victor ’s mind.

”Anyway, I ’ll get back to my business. ”

”Kaguya, please. ”

”Yes, Lady Ruby. ” Kaguya started following Ruby, and behind her, her shadow started to grow as all the Maids and Nero left her shadow.

”Well, now I like her more… ” Nero commented since she found Ruby ’s words quite sensible.

”Hi. I am your mother too. ” Violet grumbled.

”…just how many mothers do I have anyway? ” Nero asked Violet.

”Well… The one who should answer that is Darling, right…? Darling. ”

”…. ” Victor ’s body trembled slightly under Violet ’s gaze, but it wasn ’t out of fear.

”This is a tricky question because, officially, I have 6 wives. ”

”Six? ” Violet ’s eyes sparkled.

”I mean, I have five wives… ” Victor just realized what he was saying unconsciously and corrected himself.

’Damn, Adonis ’ feelings… ’

”Hmm… ”

[Roxanne, don ’t complicate things.] Victor spoke to Roxanne when he realized she was going to say something.

[But master…]

[I know, I ’ll work it out. You know my wife ’s personality right?] It ’s one thing with her friends and her friends ’ mothers, who were basically known to her and are part of the family.

The girls still didn ’t have much intimacy with Victor ’s maids. Only Ruby does because she ’s spent a lot of time with them.

[Everything will work itself out in time, take your time, and you still need to understand what it means to be ’my wife ’.] Victor thought.

And Roxanne ’s body shuddered when she heard Victor ’s obsessive tone.

[Don ’t think about it for now, you ’ll always have me by your side, but, for now, focus on growing up and learning how the world works.] Whether or not Roxanne was still a child mentally, she needed to mature her thoughts and understand what was going on. What a wife really means.

Because Victor understood that for her now, a wife was just something that is meant to be by his side forever, which is not wrong.

But it ’s not just that.

[Mm… Okay master.]

Nero looked at the maids, who had their eyes glowing slightly, and realized:

’And your lovers? ’ She didn ’t want to add gasoline to the fire; unlike her father, she didn ’t like to see the circus burn…

Not in her family, of course.

”Leaving that aside. ” the Succubus suddenly spoke.

”Hmm? ” The group looked at the Demon.

Violet clicked her tongue in disdain, jumped onto her husband ’s lap, and sat on him.

”What is it demon number 1? ”

”This bitch… ” Veins bulged on the succubus ’ head, ”Just call me Anna! ”

”Only Victor ’s mother has the right to that name, so change it! It ’s not your real name anyway! ”

”Umu, Umu. It will be confusing if there are two people with the same name in this room. ” Victor nodded his head.

”So, what name are you going to give her? ” Jeanne asked curiously.

”Jeanne!? ” She looked at her friend in surprise.

”How about bitch number 1? ” Violet spoke in disdain.

”Shut up, you delinquent! Bitch! ”

”Hmmm!? ” Violet ’s face distorted like a delinquent trying to pick a fight.

”Yoshi, you ’re picking a fight with me?! Let ’s go outside! ” She got off Victor ’s lap.

”It ’s what I ’ve been waiting for! ” The Demon angrily hit the table, ”I ’ll show you why I earned the nickname: The Reaper! ”

The Succubus ’s wings spread as her eyes gleamed dangerously.

While the two faced each other, wanting to fight, Victor and Jeanne were…

”Hmm, how about Rose? ”

”Meh, she doesn ’t look like a rose to me. ” Victor denied what Jeanne said.

”So, Juliet? ”

”She ’s not a princess. ” Victor denied it again.

”Would you join?

”Looks lame coming from a former general. ”

”… ” the Demon ignored Violet and looked at Victor and Jeanne. She now felt like she was an animal that was about to be named.

And that feeling was not a good feeling!

”Lilith? ”

”There are already too many Liliths in the world. Adding one more to the group is going to get even more confusing. ”

”Ugh, how about Artoria!? ”

”She doesn ’t even have blonde hair! ”

”Nyx? ”

”…Hmm, wouldn ’t that be disrespectful to a Demon? After all, she is a Goddess. ”

A Demon with the name of a Goddess? What the fuck? Is the world upside down?

”Violet? ”

”Hell no, I don ’t want this woman named after me. ”

”Ugh… Why don ’t we just use a google name generator site? ” Jeanne was losing her patience a little now.

”Jeanne! Is that how you treat your friend!? ”

”…Humpf, ” Jeanne turned her face away.

”…Despite being annoying and having a questionable attitude, she ’s not a bad person. I feel like using google would be going too far. ”

”…Victor…. ” As expected, does this man still have some heart in him?

Victor smiled slightly, ”Let ’s just auction the right to name her on the internet. I bet many Supernatural Beings will be interested in naming a Demon. I ’ll make money from it too. ”

”…this piece of shit! ” He has no heart!

After getting annoyed at the way Victor and her friend were treating her, the succubus leapt towards Victor with a dark power in her hands.

”I will kill him! ”

”Oh. ” Victor clapped his hands together and smiled gently at the Succubus:

”How about Morgana? ”

”Eh…? ” Being taken aback by the decent, even cute, name, along with a gentle smile that was unfair to her heart, the succubus stumbled on her feet and, with a somersault, landed straight into Victor ’s lap.

”Wow. ” Jeanne clapped her hands, ”That was an amazing performance. ”

”She ’s really unique in being able to trip over her own legs and land straight into a privileged spot…I don ’t think anyone has that lucky skill. ” Maria couldn ’t help but comment with mild annoyance.

”Have you heard of Pepper? ” Bruna commented to Maria.

”…. ” Maria couldn ’t help but be silent when she understood that maybe Pepper had that ability too.

”So, what do you think? ” Victor asked with the same smile on his face.

”I- I-…I liked it… ” The impact of seeing Victor ’s face very close to hers and feeling the intoxicating scent of his body and blood… It made the Succubus ’ entire body visibly tremble as she twitched her legs. .

”… ” Jeanne narrowed her eyes when she saw how her friend reacted.

’Don ’t tell me… That bitch, she didn ’t listen to me. ’

”Then your name will be Morgana from today onwards…until the day you tell me your real name. ”

”…Hahaha~, that will never happen. ” She was taken aback by Victor ’s words, but soon she laughed amusedly.

”Oh? Why? ”

”For Demons, their real names are very precious, and we only give them to people of extreme trust, like a husband… ”


A hand grabbed Morgana ’s head and started squeezing.

”My head!! ”

”What do you think you ’re doing, flirting with my husband in front of me, you bitch…? ” Violet looked like a Demon that came out of the deepest confines of hell. Even a kind of hot smoke was coming out of her mouth.

”Ugh, I didn ’t mean to. It ’s in my nature! ” Morgana began to struggle furiously.

”Begone Thot. ” Violet threw Morgana straight into the basement wall.


Even with the underground protection, Violet still managed to make a small spider-web-shaped crater with the woman in the middle of it.

”Ugh, goddamn gorilla strength. ”

”Is that true? ” Victor asked Jeanne as he casually grabbed Violet ’s hand, who was about to jump on Morgana, and pulled the woman onto his lap.

He hugged the woman tightly and stroked her hair.

And soon, Violet ’s angry state started to fade as if it never existed, and she became quite tame.

”…. ” The maids and Nero looked at this scene, couldn ’t help but think:

’Is she some pet or something? Why is her mood so easy to change!? ’

”Yes, although this only applies to high level Demons. By giving themselves a name, the Demon is linking their existence with the world, and by doing so, they can exit the Demon World. ”

”Because of that, their name is something quite important. ”

”Hmm, what about the 72 pillars? Aren ’t their names known? ”

”Those are not their real names, but something more like a Noble Title. ”

”Ohh. ”

”Living and learning… ” Victor said:

”Is your real name pronounced in the language of Demons? ”

”Yes. ” Morgana spoke while patting her body lightly.

”Interesting. ”

”Leaving that matter aside. ” Morgana caught everyone ’s attention.

She tossed back her hair and looked at Victor with a serious look:

”We need to talk. ”

Victor flashed an amused smile:

”…But aren ’t we talking? ”


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