rength, it ’s all about attitude, character, and way of acting.

If it was Scathach in this situation, what would she do?

’She would take her spear, train, and even under the effects of bloodlust, she would get stronger to come back and have her revenge. ’ That ’s her strength, she has an unshakable determination.


She would make plans, hide, make allies, train and one day, even if it took years, she would have her revenge.

And even if she were to ask someone for help, she wouldn ’t make half-assed plans like the two of them did. She would make concrete plans with real benefits, something that would draw the attention of potential allies.

Victor could spend hours here talking about every decision every single one of the women close to him would make.

’Just what drove two great women to become something like…this? ’

Victor couldn ’t help but feel disappointed by this situation.

Yes, that was the correct word.

He was not sad for them, nor sorry for them.

He was just disappointed.

Two great warriors, two great women were reduced to this just by contacting Vlad.

It was because of this that Victor didn ’t ’take care ’ of everything. He wanted his wives to shine, have their own responsibilities, and motivations, he ’ll be there whenever they need help.

Each of his wives had responsibilities, and even with those responsibilities, they never stopped evolving.

Even though Ruby was stuck in her lab most of the time, she had never stopped improving, the same goes for Sasha, and Violet.

With a single glance, Victor could feel that his wives had the power of a 500-year-old vampire.

Drinking his blood daily, and training, made them push their powers to even higher levels, and with their Vampire Count form.

Even Violet could face the current Morgana and win.

And that ’s not empty speculation from Victor, the Snow Clan wasn ’t feared for their firepower for nothing.

’They ’ve evolved, even if they don ’t tell me anything, I ’m always watching all of them… Always. ’ Victor stroked Violet ’s head possessively.

”What is that look, Count? ” Jeanne commented with a cold look.

”I ’m disappointed. ”

”Hmm? ” Morgana ’s face distorted, she wasn ’t too happy to receive pity from this man.

”You-. ”

”I ’m disappointed to see two strong women become…. this… ” He pointed at the two women as if they were insignificant, at least their current selves.

ρꪖꪀ᧚ꪖ ꪀꪫ꫁ꪥꫀ​ꪶ​ ”…. ” The women were silent, and a little surprised by what Victor said.

”Jeanne D ’Arc. ”

”A Saint. ”

”The maiden of Orleans, everyone knows her deeds, a woman who may be considered the noblest of all. ”

”And… this is you now. ” Victor snapped his fingers and a mirror of ice appeared reflecting Jeanne ’s appearance.

”… ” Jeanne opened her eyes in shock when she saw herself in the mirror, this was the first time she had actually seen herself in the mirror, and the reality shock couldn ’t help but make her shiver a little.

’I look… tired… and weak. ’ She bit her lip with her final thoughts.

”Anna… Now, Morgana, a former general of Lilith ’s demons, an existence everyone fears, dubbed by the Demons ’ own mother as The Reaper… ”

”A title that should strike fear into all Demons or beings against Lilith, but… Look at you now. ” Victor snapped his finger again and Morgana ’s image was reflected in the mirror.

She looked in the mirror, and her appearance was there, just changed clothes, she was still hot, and her succubus wings, horns, and tail were still beautiful.

But… Her face… Her face was dead, she looked tired, and lifeless. It was like staring at a walking corpse, very different from the youthful look she always had even while slaying Demons.

”You are deplorable. Your current selves cannot even be considered worthy of asking me for anything. ”

”…. ” Victor ’s words hurt… It hurt more than it should have in the hearts of both women.

But like it or not, these are the words they needed, they needed the truth.

Victor snapped his finger and the mirror disappeared.

”And I will fix that. ”

”Eh…? ” The two reacted confused to Victor ’s final words.

”What do you mean? ”

Victor got up with Violet in his arms like a princess, he kissed her mouth:

”Take care of the place, and let me know if my mother ’s condition changes, and if Aphrodite shows up. ”

”…Do you think she will come back? ”

”She ’s definitely going to… I want to see my mom ’s answer, and when she ’s ready, my mom is definitely going to call her friend. ”

”Keep an eye on her for me. ”

”I will… ” Violet kissed Victor ’s mouth again, and said in a dark tone, ”I ’ll cut your balls off if you touch them. ”

”You know that will never happen. ” Victor chuckled as he pecked Violet on the lips.

”Yeah, yeah, it ’s not you who touches them, it ’s the bitches who come at you. ” She spoke in a venomous tone:

”My husband is the most handsome man after all. ”

”And that really might be true now. ” Victor laughed.

Victor broke away after a kiss from Violet.

And then he looked back at the two with a cold look:

”Natalia. ” His voice came out loud, it was as if he had spoken all over the house.

And in less than a few seconds a portal appeared.

And Natália together with Luna left the portal.

”Ugh, I swear to god… ” The words that she was going to continue were cut short by what Victor said.

”Thanks for always being around Natalia. ” Victor flashed a small, grateful smile.

”Damit. ” She cursed herself for falling into that beautiful smile every time.

”Luna, how is Scathach? ”

”Bored. ”

”Sounds like her. ” He laughed.

”Take care of Ruby. ”

”Always. ”

”Good. ” Victor spoke with a smile, and in that same instant his body was covered by lightning, and he disappeared.

Rumble, Rumble.

And in the blink of an eye, he appeared in the same spot with Jeanne and Morgana being held like a sack of potatoes on both of his shoulders.

”…What the fuck!? ” Morgana screamed.

”I didn ’t see anything… ” Jeanne ’s face darkened.

”Open a portal to Eleanor ’s territory. ”

”Yes, Master. ”

”Let me go! ”

”Stop struggling, pig. ” Victor smacked Morgana on the ass.

”Ugh… Why does it hurt so much!? ” Because of the pain, she didn ’t even register what he called her.

”Of course it hurts, I attacked with your weakness. ”

”You set my ass on fire!? ”

”It is clear. ”

”…. ” She was speechless at this shameless brazen admission.

A portal appeared, and Victor looked to the side, specifically at his Odachi.

”Junketsu. ”

The odachi seemed to shake a little and soon flew towards Victor and got close to him.

Looking at the menacing handle of the Odachi, Morgana stopped resisting, that Odachi just gave her a very bad feeling.

”You should have done this from the start, look at Jeanne, she ’s a good girl. ”

”… ” Jeanne decided not to comment on the way he spoke, and how it made her heart flutter with a strange feeling.

Victor laughed, and jumped towards the portal.

When the portal closed, Natalia asked:

”What is he going to do? ”

”Knowing my husband… ” Violet flashed a small evil smile: ”Probably throw them to the monsters… And I hope they get eaten by the monsters and turn into shit, HAHAHAHAHA~ ”

”… ”


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