My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 407: Nero Meets With hergrandmother

Chapter 406: An Older Vampire ’sDesire

”Well, that ’s definitely a nice sight. ”

”This motherfucker, he ’s playing with us… ” Dorothy grumbled.

”Victor, what in the name of the Seven Hells happened? ”

”… What are you talking about? ”

”Look. ” Eleanor pointed to a spot.

Victor looked to where Eleanor was pointing and saw Jeanne holding his arm tightly as tears welled up in her eyes.

He looked the other way and saw Morgana with a neutral but clearly annoyed expression, sitting cross-legged as she had her arms wrapped around her bulging breasts.

”What happened? ” Victor asked.

”Suddenly, you displayed horrible power! When we thought you ’d killed these two women, you suddenly passed out, and your body started to convulse! ” Dorothy began summarizing what happened to Victor.

Her mouth couldn ’t stop, as she was telling everything that happened from her point of view at an impressive speed, even the Rappers would be surprised at the amount of words she could speak without breathing.

”Ohhh, well looks like it was no big deal then, hahaha~. ” Victor tried to get up.

But being unable to…

He narrowed his eyes and checked himself.

”Oh… ”

’Level 1… ’

A magic circle appeared in Victor ’s hand.

’Level 2… ’

The magic circle began to spin furiously.

’Level 3… ’

’Level 4… ’ Going up just one more level just in case Victor stopped using the seals.

Soon his body felt light again.

[Well, that was definitely risky.]

[Yeah, let ’s do this again sometime in the future.]

[How about… No? I don ’t want to have our recently restored soul damaged again, thank you very much.]

Victor tried to get up again but found himself unable because of Jeanne. He lightly touched Jeanne ’s brow.

”Ugh… ”

”Wake up, pig. ”

”Who ’s calling me Pig!? ” Jeanne stood up with a speed worthy of a Vampire and looked around as if looking for a fight.

”Hmm? ” She was confused for a few seconds and seemed lost in time. In her perspective, it was as if all the memories she had forgotten had returned to her body.

’Gahhh, I was tricked! ’ She messed up her own hair in annoyance.

’Why did I accept to become a Saint! I was so stupid! That bastard took advantage of my state! ’

”Finally… ” Victor stood up and stretched his body.


The Valkyries and Eleanor gulped at the sight. After all, his torso was completely exposed since his clothes weren ’t made of a resistant material like his suit.

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile:

”Jeanne, Morgana? ”

”…. ” The two women looked at Victor.

Morgana had a dangerous glint in her eyes, her gaze was no longer dead, and she looked much more alive than before. She had that seductive look that a succubus should have.

Jeanne was the same, her gaze glowing with innocence, but the sense of danger in her gaze never left. She looked pure and dangerous, a contradiction in itself.

A contradiction that Victor liked.

Because that was her real self.

Even some of her original appearance from that world was brought into this one.

Her eyes turned golden, and she looked quite pretty, but that wasn ’t all.

Victor could see a gleam in her eyes, a gleam that only people who lived as long as Scathach and Vlad had.

”Now, that ’s a dignified look. ”

”Hahahahaha~. ”

The two women had a slight blush on their cheeks, but unlike before, they couldn ’t help but smile gratefully and kindly.

Victor stopped laughing and looked at Eleanor.

”Hey, Eleanor. ”

”Hmm? ”

”I ’m sorry. ”

”… ” She opened her mouth slightly in shock, not expecting those words right now.

”I ’m sorry for treating you like that. Even though I knew you would just back off like that, I shouldn ’t have done that. ”

”…Eh? ” She still couldn ’t react to the words.

”What? If I ’m man enough to kick a woman in the face, I ’m also man enough to recognize when I screw up. ”

”…I don ’t think that analogy is correct. ” Rose muttered with a slight headache. She had a lot to think about, especially the way he looked.

”Is that right?… Meh, who cares, HAHAHAHA~. ”

”… Why are you apologizing? ”

”Hmm? Isn ’t it obvious that I like you? ”

”…Wha-. ”

”I would feel bad for being an idiot to someone who treated me so well and not apologizing later. ”

”Not to mention you still have to take me around your territory… And we must kill more monsters… ”

”Oh, I hope you ’ll keep what happened here a secret, okay? ” Victor asked lightly, but it was obvious he wasn ’t just asking, he was ordering.

”… Do not worry, I understand. I will ensure that this matter does not leave this place. ” The one who answered was Rose for her leader, as the woman was just too shocked to speak up right now.

”Umu, good to know. ” He chuckled lightly, then continued, ”There ’s a lot to do… ” He started to walk while talking to himself: ”Now that I ’ve solved this problem with these two pigs, ”

”I have free time… Maybe I ’ll go get my daughter? ”

Eleanor was so shocked that the words ’my daughter ’ didn ’t even register in her brain.

”I still need to train the Scarlett sisters…Scathach would laugh at me if I took her daughters so far away, and they didn ’t make progress. ” Victor ’s face darkened, the image of Scathach laughing at him flashed through his mind, and he didn ’t like it at all.

”Oyyy, who are you calling Pig, you asshole! ”

”Hmm? You two? ” Victor was brutally honest.

”You guys put me through so much work just to shine as women again, tsk, tsk. ”

”…. ” They were slightly embarrassed when they saw this man acting so brazenly.

Seriously, how can he be so adorable, kind, and annoying at the same time!?

”Speaking of which, are you still going to ask for my help? ”

”…. ” Jeanne and Morgana looked at each other.

”Nah, we will resolve this issue in due course. ” The two spoke at the same time as their eyes gleamed with determination and hostility.

”…. ” Victor flashed a tiny, imperceptible smile.

Then he turned around and said:

”Seriously? Too bad, and here I was, ready to help you, tsk, tsk. Ungrateful women. ”

”… ” Veins started bulging in Jeanne and Morgana ’s heads.

”You know what!? You ’ve been pissing me off for a while! ” Morgana appeared in front of Victor with a display of speed that took Victor by surprise for a moment.

’Hmm, her atmosphere has changed, regaining her old self has had so many changes, huh. ’ Victor smiled inwardly.

”I want my reward ’~ ’. Her eyes glowed blood red, and a seductive smile appeared on her face, her wings spread, and her tail wagged in a mesmerizing way.

The succubus woke up, and she was thirsty!

She was horny!

Victor looked at the woman with long black hair, blood-red eyes, and a body that looked like it was made to stoke men ’s desires.

As expected of a sex Demon.

Victor chuckled softly and lightly poked Morgana ’s belly, a very sensitive area.

”Pfft. ” Her seductive aura broke, and she nearly burst out laughing.

”Stop! ” She attacked the air with her claws, but Victor just casually walked past her, and while standing behind the Succubus, he said:

”Your bloodlust has been restored to normal, and you are free from Vlad ’s influence. Do you want to be stuck with someone again? ”

”…Eh? ” Jeanne and Morgana were surprised by what Victor said.

And they understood the words that Victor spoke between the lines.

’You ’ve just been freed from this bloodlust. Do you want to be trapped again, this time with me? ’ That ’s basically what he was telling them.

Victor lightly touched the Succubus ’ tail, and he pressed a specific spot and stroked that same specific spot, and that small gesture sent electrical currents down Morgana ’s spine that spread throughout her body.

’This piece of shit! ’ She quickly jumped back and went on guard with Victor, her face red with anger and embarrassment!

Her private parts were a mess now!

Victor flashed a hateful smile, ”Don ’t underestimate me, Succubus. Thanks to our little ’event ’. Now, I know all your weak points~. ”

”Asshole! ”

”Hahaha~. ” Victor turned around and raised his hand as his Odachi flew to his hand.

Seeing the back of the man walking alone, Jeanne thought: ’I wouldn ’t mind being stuck with you forever… ’ She looked at her friend.

And she realized that behind that angry, embarrassed face, she was thinking the same thing.

That feeling was stronger in Jeanne because he gave her something far more precious, her memories before she became Jeanne D ’Arc.

’But… That ’s not something to think about right now. ’

Lots of things needed to be done, and she had revenge to get…

”What are you doing!? Let ’s go. ”

”!!! ” The women awoke from their inner thoughts and quickly started following Victor.

Clan Fulger.

In Clan Fulger ’s office, two women were looking at each other with serious eyes.

The two women were very similar to each other, with only minor differences, and that was normal, considering that they were mother and daughter.

”You did…? ” Natashia asked.

”Yes. ”

”… ” Natashia lowered her head as her long blonde hair covered her eyes, and her body began to shake violently.

”…. ” Knowing what was going to happen, Sasha had already placed both hands over her ear.

Natashia looked up, her eyes were glowing with a red glow, and she had a rather distorted smile on her face.


”Ugh. ” Even though she was expecting this reaction, the noise was louder than she had expected.

”Hell yeah! My daughter finally got fucked!!! ”

”Mother!? Can you keep it down, please!? ” Sasha practically yelled with a red face.

She didn ’t need to go screaming to God and the world about what she did, for God ’s sake!

But Natashia didn ’t seem to be listening, as she was too lost in her world.

”My daughter was filled, her whole uterus received his seed, Ugh… How envious! ”

”Mother!? ”

”Should I expect a grandchild…? Nah, a grandchild is too early, and the Vampire birth rate is low. ”

”Actually, I don ’t want a grandchild yet! He needs to fuck me before that, I need his tool filling everything inside of me, I need that warm milk in my uterus! ”

”Mother, your thoughts are leaking! Control your voice, for the love of all that is holy! ” Sasha hit Natashia ’s desk with a red face.

”…? ” And that attracted Natashia ’s attention. Then seeing her daughter ’s completely red face, she understood what happened and said:

”Oh… I ’m sorry I got lost for a moment. ”

”Ugh, just keep these… ” Sasha ’s face got even redder, her mother was too perverted, for God ’s sake! She understood that she was also like her mother, but that ’s in the bedroom! And not openly!

’Why am I thinking that! I ’m not like her! ’ Thinking about what she did in the bedroom with her Darling, her face became even redder, and her private parts itched.

”Anyway, just don ’t say it out loud! ” She hit the table again.

”Sure. ” Natashia spoke with an understanding smile. She could more or less imagine what her daughter was thinking right now.

Even though she was putting on a professional face for her daughter, her insides couldn ’t help but twitch, and she could feel her little sister opening and closing indecently as liquids leaked out.

His glowing red eyes were just a testament to her desire, and, now that her daughter was fucked, now that her daughter had her first time…

There was nothing to stop her from throwing herself into her Darling ’s warm arms anymore! She couldn ’t wait to be filled by that tool of his and have her whole uterus full! She had been waiting for this for a long time!

’Control yourself… Control yourself… Fuck, I can ’t! ’ She was just too horny, and she had no more reason to hold back.

Consequently, her desire exploded! And her already high desire was amplified even further by her racial attributes.

Sasha calmed down and took a deep breath, then asked:

”What happened to the territory? Why does it look so destroyed…? ”

”Oh, it ’s no big deal, it was just a plan my sister made, and it worked pretty well. ”

”And this plan involved…? ”

”Oh? Are you interested? ” Natashia asked, a glint of curiosity flashing through her eyes when she saw her daughter so interested.

”Well, it may not seem like it, but I am the heiress. ” Sasha said, seeing her friend Violet working so hard, she was motivated to learn about her territory too.

”I feel like I should learn more deeply how to manage the territory, and knowing these things never hurt in an emergency. ”

”Heh~… ” Natashia flashed an amused smile.

’She ’s maturing… Is that your friends ’ influence? ’ Natashia was very pleased now. Slowly, her daughter was progressing, and this was something that, as a mother, made her very happy.

’I think soon, I ’ll have to tell her about the techniques my mother taught me personally… But for me to teach her that, she must master the first Vampire Count form… ’ Deciding she would think about it later, she said:

”I can explain what my sister and I did, but you should call her first so we can talk. She did all the politics, I was busy using my strength. ”

”Oh… Sure, I ’ll call her. ” Sasha turned and started to walk out of the room.

”Hmm, Daughter? ”

”Yes? ”

”Can you bring two… No, five towels? ” she asked with the same professional smile, her poker face was unsurpassed.

”Why do you need towels? ”

”Well… ” She pointed her finger down.

Sasha looked down, and her face turned to pure shock.

”Holy fuck… ”

”I got a little wet. ”

”…. ” This is definitely not a ’little ’. The whole rug was wet, for God ’s sake! Just how horny is she!? In fact, just how frustrated is she!?

Sasha had a lot to say about this situation, but she felt that commenting on it would be more embarrassing for her than it was for her mother.

’… will Darling die? ’ She couldn ’t help but think about it for a few seconds. After all, an older woman… Wrong, a thirsty older Vampire is a terrible thing. She ’ll suck everything out of him… But knowing her husband, he ’ll get over it anyway. Somehow, he didn ’t even look tired when he performed his lewd acts on her.

’Ugh, and to think I wouldn ’t be bothered to have my mother so horny for my husband… Is that because I know her? ’ She felt irritated when she thought of another woman, but when it was her mother, she wasn ’t so against it.

”I ’ll bring a bucket, a mop, and towels… Plenty of towels. ” Sasha quickly turned away and walked out the door.

”Thank you~. ” She still had the same professional smile.


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