My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 419: Dont made a YandereAngry

Chapter 418: A Bad Foreboding

Unknown location.

In a room that looked like a medieval office, a man was organizing papers.

”Master. ”

”Hmm? ” The man looked up and saw his subordinate who had just entered.

”One of our factories was destroyed. ”

”Oh? ” He raised an eyebrow in interest, and then a thought crossed the man ’s mind:

’How is that possible? The magic we used is of the highest level, this magic can even deceive the Divine Senses of a God… Even Witches, if they are not of the level of the Queen or the Queen ’s daughters, will not be able to interfere with the magic.

”What happened? ”

”… ” The man grabbed a paper, and pointed it in the direction of his master, soon a large square looking like a screen appeared in the air, and showed images of the base as if it were a security camera.

The man looked at these images, and he saw that suddenly a big explosion erupted from within the facility.

”We don ’t know what happened, only that a big explosion suddenly occured. ”

”Hmm… ” The man narrowed his eyes a little.

”Flip back the image until I say stop. ”

”Yes. ”

The image started to come back and soon the man spoke:

”Stop. ”

Doing what his master said, the subordinate paused the image.

”Amplify that point. ” He pointed to the cave wall.

”Yes. ” The subordinate did as the man said, and soon the two saw a thin layer of ice.

”Let the video roll again. ”

The two watched this thin layer of ice growing at an insane rate, and in less than a few seconds, it had covered the entire factory.

”…This control over the ice… ” the subordinate couldn ’t help but be surprised.

”It ’s not magic. ”

”And it ’s not Divine Authority either. ”

”And there is just one person… Wrong, a clan that has the power to manipulate ice so efficiently. ” The man was exposing his thoughts aloud.

”Master, we also have a report that a team of Demons spotted Count Alucard in New York. ”

”…. ”

”Which base was destroyed? ”

”The one on the border of Canada and the United States. ”

”… I see… ” The man touched his chin and started to think, then he made a decision:

”Raise Count Alucard ’s dangerousness level, I want him at the top of the list, and avoid hunting in New York for now. ”

”Yes, Master. ”

When the subordinate left the room, the man thought:

’And to think that it wasn ’t a God, or a Witch who found that place, but a Vampire… And not just any Vampire, but a Vampire Count. ’

’Count Alucard, anywhere you step seems to attract trouble, you really are an annoying existence. ’

The man looked at the landline on the table, and clicked on a number, then he put the phone to his ear.

A red magic circle appeared the moment he put the phone to his ear, and soon a call started.

”Master, we have a problem. ”

Victor returned home with Aphrodite, and as he left the woman with his mother and father, he went downstairs.

Arriving underground the first thing he saw was Nero sitting on the couch and watching something, it seemed to be a zombie series.

”…. ” Looking towards the entrance, Nero ’s eyes gleamed for a few seconds.

Victor could have sworn he saw that she was going to jump on him, and hug him, but she held back and looked at the television.

”You ’re back, Father. ”

”Yeah. ” Victor approached the couch where Nero was, and patted her head lightly.

”I ’ll just say something to Ruby, once I ’m done, I ’ll take you with me. ”

”…. ” Nero ’s red eyes glowed intensely for a few seconds, she was clearly interested, but wanting not to show weakness, she spoke:

”Mm… I ’ll be waiting. ”

”…. ” Victor laughed lightly, and ruffled Nero ’s hair:

”Stop holding back on me, girl. I know you like the back of my hand. ”

”Ugh… Shut up, and I ’m not a girl! ” She complained with a red face.

”Of course you are, you are my daughter, right? ”

”Ugh… ” Nero didn ’t know what to say.

She just sat on the couch, and looked annoyed, but the small smile on her face couldn ’t be hidden.

Victor laughed again, and soon passed Nero, and just as he passed Nero, a shadow appeared beside him, and Kaguya appeared:

”Master. ”

”Kaguya, call the Maids, I want thrm to meet Ruby in her lab. ”

”Yes, Master. ”

Stopping in the doorway of the lab, Victor saw that his wife was in a white coat, hair tied in a ponytail, and she was looking at the tubes that contained the bodies of the two Hunters he ’d gifted her.

She looked quite stunning to him, and the sight of her couldn ’t help but warm his heart a little.

”Any progress? ” He asked in a way to draw Ruby ’s attention to his presence.

Everyone knew that when Ruby was focused on her research, she lost track of time.

”… ” Ruby was startled a little by the sudden voice, and when she looked towards the entrance, she saw a tall man in black armor, her expression became more gentle, and she said:

”Darling… ”

”Are you still upset? ” He walked towards her.

”Not really… I know they meant no harm. ”

”Hmm, knowing my parents, they will definitely apologize to you, don ’t be too upset, although you have every right to be. ”

”I know… ” She smiled slightly, and looked up a little as Victor approached her, of all of Victor ’s wives, Ruby was the shortest.

This compared to Victor of course, but by women ’s standards, she was considered average with a height of 175 CM.

Victor laughed lightly, he grabbed Ruby ’s waist, and kissed her.

Ruby didn ’t deny his advance, she held his face and returned his affection intensely.

This love exchange lasted a few seconds, and then the two stopped:

”That smell… Aphrodite… ” She complained in mild disgust in a cold voice.

”Don ’t tell me you- ”

”Of course not. ”

”I went out with her, and I talked to her, I decided to give the Goddess a vote of confidence. ”

”Oh… ” Ruby nodded, she easily believed Victor, she knew the man very well, she knew he didn ’t lie when it came to this.

And from the way he spoke, she could see he had no interest in the Goddess either.

Ruby considered herself to be very observant, an example of this was that when Victor spoke with Eleanor, she could see a slight interest from her husband in her.

’Considering Eleanor ’s battle-mad personality, this makes sense. ’

And that interest didn ’t seem to exist for the Goddess of Beauty, which was a good thing…

’I may not be able to kill a Goddess, but I can make her suffer-… ’ Ruby shook her head several times and put that thought out of her head:

’It ’s better to use her, her power is basically a cheat code. ’ Ruby always tried to find advantages in the situation. She had to have these thoughts because if it depends on Sasha and Violet any ’powerful ’ woman who approached Victor was doomed to die.

’As with all those Vampires, and humans… Sigh. ’

”!!!? ” Ruby ’s thoughts were interrupted when she found herself being carried like a princess by her husband:

”You think too much, Ruby. And that can cause mental exhaustion, even for you. ”

”… I know. ”

”Relax a little. ”

”Mm. ” She leaned her head on Victor ’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

Victor nodded in satisfaction and sat down on a nearby couch that Ruby had in her lab.

And soon Victor ’s maids arrived.

”Hmm? ” Ruby opened her eyes and looked at the Maids.

”Master. ”

”Come, I need to say something to you. ”

”Okay/yes, Master. ” Victor heard several different responses, some more professional, some more relaxed.

After explaining about the events he experienced, their reactions were different.

”To think that was so bad… ” Ruby commented.

”Demons kidnapping humans and turning their corpses into new Demons… ” Eve seemed to be thinking something.

Maria, Roxanne, and Roberta ’s reactions were more neutral.

They didn ’t care.

”Something is going on, and we don ’t know about it. ” Kaguya was the one who spoke.

”Yes, and it ’s no small thing. ” Ruby agreed.

”As long as I can remember, never in history have there been cases of Demons this active, never before the ’genesis ’ era of course. ”

”What ’s this about Genesis? ” Victor asked.

”…It ’s a period in history when Angels and Demons were most active, this was right after Lucifer betrayed his Father. ”

”Oh… ”

”Whatever it is, this is evil. ” Eve suddenly spoke up.

”… ” Everyone ’s attention returned to her.

”If the Demons continue to act like this, the damage will be very bad. They are destroying families in broad daylight, the voices of these families cannot be silenced forever, there are simply too many humans on the planet for the people of the Supernatural World to manage. ”

”The balance of the Supernatural World, and the ’real ’ world can break because of it. ”

”But the question is… Even if these families were made public, will other humans believe it? ” Ruby spoke.

”… The probability is low, after all, the oldest Supernatural Beings have ’pawns ’ in every sector of society, and key points of society. ”

”And all these individuals know that the Supernatural World is not to be revealed to the general public. Because of this, they often delete, or cover up the appearance of Supernatural Beings, and inform their respective ’masters ’. ”

”…Even my old organization doesn ’t want humans to know about Demons, or even Vampires. It ’s a common interest for everyone. ” Maria spoke.

”But… What if the Demons don ’t care about that, and appear for all to see? ” Roxanne asked innocently, curious.

”…. ” A silence fell around them.

Roxanne ’s question reached a point that everyone seemed to ignore, do Demons really care about the ’balance ’ of the Supernatural and Real World?

Given their recent attitudes, the answer will obviously be… No.

They do not care.

”This whole situation is giving me a bad feeling something big and bloody is going to happen. ”

”…. ” Looking at Victor ’s expression, the women saw him with a big bloodthirsty smile on his face.

”After all, this timing is just too convenient. ”

”…Huh? ”

”The Gathering of the Supernatural Beings. ” Victor only spoke one sentence, but it was enough to send warnings through Eve and Ruby ’s bodies.

’If my husband feels this… I should be on the alert. ’ Ruby knew that her husband ’s battle instincts were very high, in some ways very similar to her mother.

The two could feel the ’war ’ brewing on the horizon.

Because of that, she didn ’t ignore his words, even though those words had no basis or anything to prove it, but it ’s not like his words were meaningless.

’As Darling said, it ’s very convenient that they were active some time before this meeting took place. ’

”We need more information. ” Ruby decided. She didn ’t like working in the dark.

”I will speak to Morgana, as a former general, she must have an idea of ​​what is going on. ” Victor spoke as he got up and placed Ruby on the couch.

”Let me know if you find anything. ”

”I will go. ” Victor kissed Ruby lightly, then left the lab.

”….? ” The maids looked confused at Victor, they were waiting for orders from him, but he left without saying anything.

”Our first objective is to increase the security level of those close to Victor, and if you guys go outside, I want you to go out as a group. ” Ruby started talking as she got up and walked to her computer.

She knew very well why Victor didn ’t say anything to the Maids, it was because he trusted her with his commands.

Since he wouldn ’t be around for a while, giving an order without knowing the general context of the situation could end badly.

Before continuing, Ruby asked:

”Roxanne, do you want to go back to Nightingale? ”

”…I don ’t want to. The human world is fun, and I ’m learning a lot here. ”

”…Okay, what about your guardian? ”

”I can summon him anytime if I ’m in danger, let the old man rest. ”

”In this case, I want you to act as the protector of this house, your powers are too useful to not be used defensively. ”

”Okay~. ” Roxanne laughed as her sharp teeth showed a little.

”Kaguya, Eve, Maria, and Roberta, I want you to divide into two groups, and take the Vampires that are protecting this house, and spread them all over the block, any being that enters and leaves this block, I want to know about it. ”

”Yes, Lady Ruby. ” The maids spoke.

”Kaguya, take this. ” Ruby passed a black card to Kaguya.

”Frost Bank? ”

”It ’s one of my husband ’s personal cards. Since he doesn ’t use a lot of money, and his savings are always growing for some reason, he gave me permission to manage his money. ”

”…But won ’t Master run out of money? ”

”He has another card with him for him to use with whatever he wants… And. ” Ruby took out her cell phone, and showed the bank balance to Kaguya.

”…. ” The other maids appeared beside Kaguya and looked at the balance in the bank.

”So many zeros… ” Eve couldn ’t help but comment.

”Even if you wanted to, you wouldn ’t be able to spend all that money overnight. ” Ruby said, even though her sense of money was broken because her family was also rich, that amount was just absurd.

’Just what did he do to passively make money? ’

”Use this card for Vampire needs, and if need be, buy houses across the block to act as ’defensive ’ houses. ”

”Yes, Lady Ruby. ” When the Maids started leaving Ruby ’s lab to do their work.

The woman picked up the phone and called someone, when the call connected, she said:

”Esther, I want the Witches to help me with something. ”

”Sure, tell me the problem. ”

Ruby started to explain what Victor told her, avoiding talking about personal things like Victor ’s ability.

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