My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 422: l cant take it anymore~!

n is quite bold. ” Sasha spoke up after hearing the plan her mother and aunt came up with.

”All credit goes to my genius sister. ” Natashia bragged about her sister.

”Wrong, Sis. If you didn ’t have the strength to control the demon beasts, this would never have worked out. ”

”Yes, but the credit still goes to you who created the plan. ” Natashia nodded satisfied.

”…. ” Victoria smiled slightly when she saw her sister insisting on it. She didn ’t really care who got the credit or not, but seeing her sister praising her efforts made her feel good…

”Anyways, girls. ”

”I ’m leaving command of the Clan to my daughter. ” Natashia got up from the leader ’s chair, she looked at the chair, and saw that it was a little wet.

’Shit… My mother would kill me if she saw this… I ’m glad she ’s dead. ’

”!!! ” Natashia felt a strange shiver down her spine, she looked around but didn ’t see or feel anything.

’Weird… ’

”…Huh? ” Sasha looked at her mother in amazement.

”Fulger Clan is stabilizing, we have finally regained everything that was rightfully ours. Eventually those merchants who grew up during our crisis will have to sign a new contract with us, thus… Our Clan is stable. ”

”I need to prepare myself for this. ” Natashia opened a drawer and took out a letter that had the symbol of the King of Vampires.

She took the letter and threw it to Sasha.

Sasha picked up the letter and read:

”Oh, the meeting of Supernatural Beings. ”

”Yes. Clan Fulger, Snow, and Scarlett will participate as ’bodyguards ’ to the King. ”

”… Strange, wasn ’t it just an escort? Usually, the King takes only the current leaders of Clan Alioth, or their strongest General. ” Victoria, as someone very well understood of Nightingale ’s history, questioned.

”Indeed, I thought that was weird too, but it ’s the King, right? He is always planning something. ”

”Yes… ” Victoria spoke as she touched her chin.

”I ’m also not going to stand still and be caught off guard. I ’m going to visit Scathach and ask her if she knows anything. With my travel speed, I can get there much faster. ”

”I must prepare myself for whatever is to come. ” She spoke with a serious face worthy of a Count Vampire Clan leader.

Sasha narrowed her eyes, and said, ”… Mother, be honest, you ’re going to visit my husband, right? ”

”….. ”

Natashia didn ’t say anything, she just turned her face away and started whistling.

”I knew it! ”

”Sigh… ” Victoria visibly sighed:

”And I thought you were finally being serious. ”

”Hey! Don ’t judge me before you know anything, I ’m really going to talk to Scathach… I just never said I ’d go straight home after finishing my affairs. ” She flashed a sneaky smile.

”Technically, I ’m not lying, right? ”

”Yeah, yeah, you ’re just omitting. ” Victoria rolled her eyes, she already knew this game of her sister ’s, after all, she was the one who taught her that.


Natashia coughed in an attempt to change the subject, and spoke as she walked towards the exit.:

”Anyway, I have a job to do. My daughter, please lead the Clan when I am away-. ” As she went to grab the door handle, Sasha grabbed her shoulder.

”… What are you doing? ” Natashia asked.

”Mother, you won ’t even wait a day since your daughter slept with her husband, and you ’re already going to run after him? ”

”…Yes. ” She was very brazen.

”Mother!! ”

”Ugh, I ’m sorry, okay? ” Natashia turned to her daughter: ”But I really can ’t hold back anymore, I feel like I ’m going to go crazy with frustration at any moment. Just thinking about that big, thick, thing filling my insides as it paints all over my insides with its seed, and covers me with its virile scent… ”

Natashia ’s eyes began to glow blood red, her breathing became more erratic and heavy, and an oppressive feeling began to leak from her body.

”…. ” Sasha and Victoria looked at Natashia with wide eyes in shock.

All these symptoms were ’blood hunger ’, although in Natashia ’s case, she must be hungry for many things, not just blood.

”My insides clench in frustration! ”

”I need my Darling since yesterday! Now that he ’s made you a woman, there ’s nothing stopping me, right!? ”

”… ” The two women ’s faces turned a little red when they heard what she said at the end.

”M-Mother, please don ’t yell. ” Sasha complained in a low tone, she was too embarrassed.

Why was this Clan made of people so… horny?

”If you need anything, just ask your aunt, and if you don ’t think you ’re capable of leading the Clan while I ’m gone, just let her handle it. ”

”…Eh? ” Victoria looked at her sister in shock.

”Are you sure about that? ”

”Yeah, in my opinion, you ’d make a great Countess, but due to a small problem, I ’m not going to give you that title. ”

”Strength… ” Victoria ’s face darkened, she understood very well what her sister was talking about.

Being a Countess was much more than a title, it was proof of her strength, and if there was a weak Count, greedy vampires wouldn ’t hesitate to try to challenge them for that title.

Why did Victor Alucard, the fifth Count of Vampires, never receive a challenge from the Vampires?

It was because he ’s strong and most, if not all, of his public appearances demonstrated how strong he was and how much potential he had.

Aside from that, his infamy in the Supernatural World community was well known, and that infamy only increased, shooting through the roof when he massacred 50% of Supernatural Beings in Japan.

He didn ’t care about his relationship with any race, and just did what he wanted. In the minds of many Noble Vampires, he was a madman.

”Yes, a weak Countess is just like a full glass of delicious blood being put before those greedy Vampires. ” Natashia said.

”Anyway, I ’m going, take care of our Clan, sister, my daughter. ”

”Yes, Mother/Sis. ”

”Mm. ” Natashia nodded satisfied, and soon her body began to be covered by lightning.

And the next moment, she was above the clouds.

”… ” She looked towards Scathach ’s territory, but… Her instinct made her turn towards Eleanor ’s territory.

When she was about to fly in that direction, she quickly shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind.

”Business first… Pleasures later. ” Her heart was bleeding from frustration, but she held on, she just had to visit Scathach, and then…

”Hehehehe~. ” A predatory smile appeared on her face.

”Let ’s finish this soon. ”

Rumble, Rumble.



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