My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 426: Warfall Problems.

r most loyal subordinate along with Walter, her butler.


She wasn ’t worried about that.

Her family, her territory, was very different from the rest of Nightingale, they were loyal to her, they were loyal to their Clan.

And even if Rose wanted to betray Eleanor, she couldn ’t…

The ’monster ’ inside Rose wouldn ’t allow it.

”No matter how many monsters our hunters killed, they would come back the next day with a higher number. ”

”…If that ’s true, how are we missing Behemoth ’s jaw? ”

”That ’s because only monsters like Ogres, and small ones are coming. ”

”The Behemoths are not approaching our territory. ”

”And we ’ve detected an unusual increase in aggression from these smaller monsters. ”

”… This is weird. ” Eleanor can ’t help but say this, she was the one who knew the monsters the most, and they ’re acting quite strange for her.

In the Behemoth ’s body are the ideal weapons-making ingredients to make high-level weapons that won ’t break as easily as your greatsword, and your heart is the essential ingredient for making a certain special type of potion.

”What is the possibility that a Leader is planning an attack? ”

”It ’s too low… ”

”The monsters aren ’t acting as usual, it ’s more like they ’re being attracted to something. ” Rose looked at the mansion as if suggesting something.

”Alucard? ”

”I mean, it just happens when he ’s in our territory, when he was in the human world, those incidents didn ’t happen… ” Rose didn ’t want to point fingers without proof.

But that ’s too much of a coincidence.

”…. ” Eleanor began to think, and after a few seconds, she says:

”I brought Alucard to this place to help me exterminate the monsters, I intend to clear everything up to the forest of death and increase the area of ​​control of our territory a little more. ”

”Although several things have happened that demanded his attention… It ’s time for him to fulfill his promise. ”

”…. ” Rose nodded, with the earl ’s skills, she thought it was not impossible to do what Eleanor said.

’Not to mention that, in the future, he will be our neighbor, after all, he is an ’explorer ’… He also needs to find a land to make his territory. ’

Looking for their leader whose power was very useful to create a stronghold.

Several thoughts ran through her head:

’A more solid alliance is needed, even though he is disciple brothers who trained with the same teacher, this status is too fine… Maybe, a promise to teach him our martial arts ? Or a supply of weapons to kill monsters? … I think the weapon supply is ideal, Alucard already has that weird Odachi, but his subordinates don ’t have that kind of weapon capable of killing these monsters permanently. ’

Monster weapons often break, after all, the monster ’s skin was very thick, and its bones, muscles too, if the weapons are not restored often by the blacksmith, the probability of the weapon breaking in the middle of battle is high.

And losing a weapon in the midst of immortal monsters isn ’t a very pretty scenario, no matter which point of view you look at it.

Only the weapons of Eleanor, the Valkyries and a select few members of WarFall have a higher resistance, and that ’s because they ’re made from the material of a high-level Behemoth, which is a rarely seen monster.

And that also has body components of a ’leader ’, because of that, these weapons are in short supply.

”Keep an eye on the monsters around, I want any activity from them reported to me. ”

”Yes, Countess Eleanor. ” Rose made a gesture of respect.


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