My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 68: Countess Eleonor Adresteia.

In an unnecessarily large, luxurious bathroom, Victor, Violet, Ruby, Sasha, and Scathach were showering the way they came into the world.

”This is weird, ” Sasha spoke up.

”Scathach, pass me the shampoo, ” Victor asked.

Scathach, who was in the bathtub, looks to the side, and, seeing the shampoo, she takes it and throws it to Victor.

”Take it ”

Victor raises his hand and catches it, ”Thanks, ” then he goes back to washing Violet ’s hair.

”Hmmm~ ” Violet didn ’t want to think about anything right now. Her mind was blank and, she was just enjoying it.

”This is definitely weird! ” Sasha yelled.

Victor, who was washing Violet ’s hair, and Scathach, who was in the bathtub, looked at Sasha and spoke at the same time:

”What? ”

”… ” Sasha ’s face turned red with frustration.

”This whole situation is weird! ”

”What ’s is weird, girl? ”

”… ” Sasha ’s head seemed to be fanning out in anger.

”The fact that my husband and I are bathing naked next to my mother. That ’s what ’s weird. ” Ruby spoke in a much cooler tone than usual; even the water around her seemed to be creating little blocks of ice.

”Scathach, hand me the soap. ”

”Take it, ” She takes the soap and throws it towards Victor.

Victor takes the soap and then starts washing every corner of Violet ’s body.

”… ” Ruby just looked at all this with even colder eyes, she looked at Violet, trying to get some help, but she was speechless when she saw Violet ’s face that looked like someone who had entered a state of enlightenment.

”You ’re thinking too much. ” She heard her mother ’s voice. She looked at her mother and saw that she leaned against the bathtub and closed her eyes. ”Just relax~. ”

”… ” Sasha and Ruby were almost freaking out internally.

”Umu~, I ’m done. ”

Ruby and Sasha looked at Violet and saw her writhing on the floor with a happy expression; they could even see that her eyes were unfocused. To be honest, they were a little scared; Violet seemed to be out of her mind.

”This massage technique is amazing. ” Victor chuckled.

”Yeah… I know, right? ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”!!! ” Ruby and Sasha couldn ’t take it anymore and were about to explode in anger and demand an explanation.

”You guys are next, ” Victor said as he walked towards Ruby and Sasha.

”…Heh? ” The two did not know how to react.

”W-Wait, ” Ruby started to stutter when she saw Victor approaching with that visible thing swaying back and forth as if trying to hypnotize her.

”Y-Yeah, I ’m not ready yet, ” Sasha got up and tried to run away, she didn ’t want to end up looking like Violet, she was going to die of embarrassment!

”No excuses… And I need to give you my blood too. ” Victor ’s eyes flashed a dangerous red.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha tried to run away, but it was useless. Victor appeared beside them and then caught the two like they were sacks of potatoes.

”NOOOOOOOOOOO! ” The two screamed.

Scathach opens one of her eyes, ”What a monster I created… As expected of me, ” She nodded in satisfaction, then she closed her eyes and relaxed again.

”Then? Who are we waiting for? ” Victor spoke out loud with a neutral expression on his face. ”Shouldn ’t we be running or something? I heard we ’re late. ”

Victor was wearing the outfit he got from Scathach.

”I don ’t want to run. I just bathed~, ” Scathach said, she was wearing her usual form-fitting battlesuit.

”We are waiting for my foolish disciple. ”

”Oh? ” Victor was interested.

”Is she strong? ”

”Yeah, she is. ” Scathach flashed a smile.

”Interesting~ ” Victor approaches Yuki and starts stroking her head.

”…W-Wh ” Yuki ’s face turned red, but she quickly managed to control her expression, ”What are you doing, master? ”

”Kaguya went out somewhere saying she needed to sort out some contract issues. Scathach won ’t let me stroke her hair, and my wives are like that… So, in the end, you ’re left. ”

”… ” Yuki was speechless, ’That was supposed to be an explanation!? ’

Speaking of Scathach.

Victor still remembers when he tried to stroke Scathach ’s hair.

”What are you doing, stupid disciple? ” Scathach asked with neutral eyes as she looked at Victor, who tried to pat her head.

”I ’ve been trying to relax. It ’s been two months, you know? ” Victor spoke, then he tried to stroke her head again. When his hands would have touched Scathach ’s hair, the woman disappeared.

”Stupid disciple, are you treating me like a child? ” Scathach ’s red eyes glittered dangerously.

”… ” Victor made an expression, ”I wish Kaguya were here. ” He spoke in a sad voice.

”… ” Scathach was speechless when she saw Victor ’s reaction.

”Stop thinking about bullshit, ” She turned her face and started walking, ”Let ’s take a shower, and then we have to go back to training. ”

”…. ” Victor wasn ’t motivated. He knows that the training she was talking about is him being beaten daily. In the first month, it was fun, but then it just became boring. He wasn ’t feeling his progress, even though Scathach said several times that he was progressing. But would he stop fighting because of it? Of course not! He likes to fight no matter the season or the time of day… But he just wasn ’t motivated.

”…If you make a little cut on my body, I ’ll let you do what you want, ” Scathach said.

”!!! ” Victor ’s eyes changed to a bright blood red, and his whole body began to give off a dangerous sensation.

”Heh~ ”Scathach smiled seductively, ”You look motivated. ”

Victor takes his greatsword, ”Let ’s go. I have an important mission to do! ” He spoke in a surprisingly serious voice.

”The inquisition is released and, I have to hunt a two thousand year old vampire! All for the greater good! God bless me! ” He seemed more motivated than the very hunters who had faced Scathach in the past.

”… ” Scathach, a vampire over two thousand years old, didn ’t know how to react to Victor ’s strange words at that moment.

”Sigh! ” Victor sighed.

In the end, he couldn ’t scratch her body, and he was depressed for a few days.

”What happened to them…? ” Pepper asked in curiosity as she looked over at Ruby, Violet, and Sasha, who were sitting back to back with addled faces.

”They seem out of their minds, ” Lacus spoke.

”Ruby? ” Siena appears accompanied by Luna, she approaches Ruby, ”Are you alright, sister? ” She asked, a little worried.

She called Ruby several times in an attempt to get her sister to respond.

”… ” But Ruby didn ’t answer anything, she seemed to be staring into space.

”They just experienced something I taught Victor. ” Scathach flashed a mysterious smile.

”It ’s a technique I learned when I was bored. The technique is a simple massage that relaxes the whole body, and it was a technique used by an Assassin from the past. ”

”Assassin? ” Siena raised an eyebrow.

”Yes. He would kill the victim by massaging them, and when the victim was completely relaxed, he would hang them, a quick and simple job. ” Scathach nodded to herself, ”I learned this technique and improved it. Now, this technique can kill a being simply because the being has become too relaxed and has stopped thinking. ”

”… ” Just what kind of nonsense is this woman talking about? A massage technique that can kill because it makes you stop thinking?

Those were the thoughts of Lacus, Pepper, and Siena.

”Interested? Do you want to try it? ” Scathach laughed and pointed to Victor, sitting on the floor with Yuki, who had a completely red face, in his lap.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at the three sisters, then he smiled and gestured with his hand:

”Come and experience the pleasures of a massage that can make you meet the god himself! ” He looked like a loan shark offering a shady deal.

”… ”

”I humbly decline, ” Pepper took a step back and hid behind her mother.

”Pass… ” Lacus also refused.

”Hmm, ” Siena ’s eyes sparkled, she seemed to be interested, she thought; ’A technique created by the mother, maybe I can learn it too? ’

”That ’s it? What a shame. ” Victor looked sad.

”Oh, they arrived. ” Scathach looks away.

Everyone looked to where Scathach was looking and saw nothing, they used their vampire senses to their fullest, but still, they couldn ’t feel anything.

Only Siena and Lacus could feel anything, but even so, it was a considerable distance for them.

Victor focuses his gaze, and soon his world turns blood red:

”What is that? ” he asked curiously.

”Huh? Can you see, Victor? ”

”Yes, ” Since he couldn ’t explain what he was seeing, he decided to keep silent.

”M-Master, please…let go of me… ” She was very embarrassed, but it ’s not like she hated it either; it was a strange feeling…

”Hell no. ”

”… ” Yuki ’s expression changed to that of a sad squirrel.

After a few minutes of waiting, everyone could hear the sounds of horses and armor in the distance. It was like an army was marching towards them.

”Oh? You ’re fast~ ” Victor spoke as he looked at the woman who appeared beside Scathach.

”KaKaKaKa. Did you get to this place from your territory in less than a day? Looks like you and your army didn ’t fail in training. ” She laughed contentedly.

”Fue? ” Pepper couldn ’t react to the woman ’s sudden appearance, she was only startled when she saw a tall woman standing next to her.

She wasn ’t the only one; Maria, Luna, and Yuki couldn ’t react either:

”You ’ve gotten stronger, Eleonor… And that ’s not a good thing. ” Lacus spoke with a pitying expression.

”Yes. ” Siena nodded in agreement with Lacus ’ words.

Eleonor ignored the two women and said, ”Master, I ’m glad to see you again. ” As she went to kneel, Scathach grabbed her shoulders.

”Stop. You are a countess now. Never kneel to anyone, especially to I who am in the same status as you. ” She spoke in a cold voice that shivered all over Eleonor ’s spine.

”But you aren ’t just anyone, master… ”

”Did you not listen to me? ” Scathach ’s eyes changed to blood red.

”… ” Eleonor nods and adjusts her position.

”Good, ” Scathach nodded in satisfaction, then her eyes changed to sapphire green, which was something Eleonor noticed too.

”M-Master, Y-You eyes, ” She was stuttering a lot.

”Hmm? Yeah, what about them? ”

Before Eleonor could answer anything, everyone could see an army of black knights approaching.


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