blood pressure seemed to increase.

”Nooo! I do not want to! ” Pepper turned away.

”Stop bullying my sister, don ’t be jealous. She ’s not interested in that sort of thing. You know that. ” Ruby spoke.

”… ” Violet didn ’t want to give up.

”Hahaha. Don ’t be angry, Violet. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

Hearing Victor ’s voice, Violet ’s eyes changed to violet, and she looked up at him with a pout on her face:

”B-But Darling- ” Violet was going to say something, but she stopped talking when she heard Victor ’s voice again.

”How about this? I ’ll take you on a date later, just the two of us~. ”

”!!! ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha ’s eyes changed to blood red.

Not wanting to miss the chance, Violet said, ”You promise!? ”

”Yeah, pinky promise. ” He joked, but his wives knew he was serious.

”G-Good. ” Violet ’s body started to shake, and a huge smile threatened to escape her face, but she quickly turned her face away and looked out over the landscape.

Seeing that Victor was silent and didn ’t mention the two, Ruby and Sasha looked at Victor with intense eyes.

Feeling Ruby and Sasha ’s gaze boring into his head, he looks at them:

”Don ’t worry. I haven ’t forgotten about you. ” He strokes Sasha ’s head:

”I ’ll take Violet first, but I want to have a one-on-one date with each of you. ” He flashed a loving little smile.

”O-OH… ” Even though they wanted a date, they didn ’t know how to react when he openly spoke those words…

They were happy! But they were also embarrassed!

Women are complicated beings…

”You can come in! ” The gate behind the guard began to open:

”The Countess Eleonor ’s army must remain stationed outside the capital! ”

”Walter, deploy the army in my personal mansion outside the capital; that place has enough space. ”

”Yes, Countess Eleonor, ” Walter speaks, and soon he starts giving orders to the knights.

”Don ’t make a mess in the capital, or— ” The royal guard would threaten the group.

”Heh, or what? ” Scathach shows her face through the window and looks at the guard, then she opens the carriage door and gets out.

Looking at the woman who got out of the carriage and seeing her striking features, he immediately recognized the woman:

”C-C-C-Countess Scathach Scarlett! ” They were getting cold under their armor now.

How could they not know this woman? After all, she was the one who trained some of them in the past.

”Tell me, what are you going to do if I decide to blow up the gate? ” She had a slight smile on her face.

She looked like she was kidding, but the guards knew not to play with this crazy woman!

”W-Well… ” The guard didn ’t know what to say.

Siena and Lacus, who were seeing this from a distance, said:

”Mother seems to be a little irritated, ” Lacus.

”Indeed, what happened to make her angry? ” Siena.

”Hahahaha, even the king ’s guards are afraid of you… Just what did you do, Scathach? ”

”… ” The guards looked at Victor in shock. He just used Scathach ’s name so informally!? Is he crazy!? He will die!

”I did a lot of things…I don ’t remember anymore~ ” she flashed a small smile.

…She didn ’t do anything!? The guards were freaking out internally.

”As expected of you. ” He flashed a small smile.

’Just who is this man!? ’ The guards knew that in the vampire world, there was only one being who could speak to Scathach like that, and that was their king!

They didn ’t know this man!

In the past, if someone disrespected Scathach, that was reason enough for that vampire to die!

”Well, isn ’t the gate open? Let ’s get going? ” Victor got off the horse along with Sasha, and he stroked Chloe ’s mane. The horse neighed happily and a little sadly.

”… ” Eleonor looked at it with a jealous look.

Chloe looked at Pepper with a hateful look; after all, this dairy cow was on top of her now!

”…Her mood has improved… ” Lacus commented as she looked at her mother, who was entering the capital.

”… Mother. ” Siena puts her hand to her face and sighs.

After this minor incident happened to the guards at the entrance to the capital, the group soon entered the capital.

But without Victor knowing, a rumor ended up circulating among the guards, and soon that rumor began to slowly spread through the city.

The rumor was simple, ”Someone called that red-haired demon informally and survived! ”

The initial content of the rumor was this. But as time went by, and the rumor circulated by word of mouth, it turned out that in the end, the rumor was totally distorted, to something like:

”Someone managed to tame that red-haired demon! ”

There were versions of the rumor that said something like, ”The red-haired devil got a new toy! ”

And in the end… No one knew anymore which was the true version of this rumor… But one thing is certain, because of this misunderstanding that Victor unknowingly provoked, he increased his reputation a little with the king ’s guards.


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