My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 80: Everything is Connected.

”Father. ”

Seeing the child in the gothic dress, he displayed a gentle smile:

”Hello, Ophis. ” He stroked the little girl ’s head.

”Mm, ” Victor leans her head on his chest and closes his eyes:

”Hehehe… Father~ ” She shook her head from side to side, she looked like a spoiled child who found her father and wanted a hug!

”F-Father? ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha almost choked.

”KAKAKAKA ” Scathach was laughing like crazy.

”Hey, what are you doing!? Get off him! ” Violet ’s jealousy didn ’t discriminate between gender or age… In a way, Violet ’s jealousy was true gender equality.

”Stop, Violet. Don ’t touch her. ” Scathach suddenly stops laughing and warns Violet with a serious look.

But Violet ignored Scathach ’s warning and held onto Ophis ’s body.

Suddenly Violet stops moving, and her eyes go blank as if she were dead.

”Violet!? ” Ruby and Sasha spoke at the same time.

”Sigh… Stupid girl, I warned you. ”

Victor ’s eyes glittered dangerously when he saw Violet ’s state. He looked at Ophis, seeing the little girl ’s apologetic face… He sighed, he patted the little girl ’s head, and looked at Scathach:

”What is this? ”

”She ’ll be fine soon, don ’t worry… ” Scathach first soothed Victor ’s emotions, then she continued:

”That ’s what happens when Ophis is touched, she was born with a special condition that charms everyone who touches her… And she also sees the memories of the people who touch her. ”

”… ” Victor strokes the little girl ’s head, now he understands why she lived isolated, for a child, it is difficult to see the memories of vampires who live for many years:

”Are you okay…? ”

”Mm… ”

”Father Memory… Good. ” She leans her face against Victor ’s chest again.

Suddenly, Violet ’s face distorted into anger, and she breaks the spell.

”Oh? It was faster than normal. ” Scathach spoke with curiosity.

Violet looks at the girl with angry eyes:

”Don ’t look at her like that. She ’s not to blame; you ’re the one who didn ’t listen to me. ” Scathach spoke.

”… ” Violet closes her hands and opens them several times.

Soon, she lets out a long breath.


”Okay. Why is this little girl here again? ” She asked in a neutral tone.

”Are you okay, honey? ” Victor asked.

Ophis ’s body trembled slightly when she heard the way Victor called Violet.

”Yes… I am… Why is she here? ” She asked again.

”I don ’t know, she just came out of the blue, ” Victor replied. He understood that Violet ’s mood was not good.

”…Are you okay, Darling? ” She asked with apprehensive eyes. After all, she personally felt the powers of Ophis.

”Yeah, I don ’t feel anything, ” Victor spoke honestly, he didn ’t feel anything, and he also didn ’t feel like someone was reading his memories, though he wasn ’t sure what kind of feeling it would be if someone read his memories.

”… ” Everyone except Victor, who was looking at Ophis, looked to Scathach for answers.

”Don ’t look at me. I don ’t know either~. ”

”… ” Seeing the innocent smile on Scathach ’s face, everyone didn ’t believe her.

”T-This… ” Violet ’s eyes were glowing blood red when she saw the position Ophis was in, but even so, she didn ’t move.

”… ” People who had known Violet for a long time were shocked by this display of control; they thought she wouldn ’t be able to stand it.

Ruby and Sasha could tell from their connection that Violet was angry, but it was silent anger. It was anger mixed with possessive jealousy.

Suddenly the door opens, and soon everyone can see a woman with long black hair and violet eyes.

Violet turns her face she looks at the woman.

The woman looks into Violet ’s violet eyes, and, noticing Violet ’s obvious features, the woman could understand that she was someone from Clan Snow, and only one woman from Clan Snow had violet eyes.

”Who are you, bitch? ”

”Sigh… ” Everyone except Victor and Scathach sighed when they heard what Violet said.

”What a rude person…who are you? ” She already knew who Violet was, but for some reason, she didn ’t want to lose this dispute.

”I asked first. ”

”… ” The woman didn ’t want to answer.

”Princess, are you sure she ’s here? We must not enter this place in such a rude way…. ” The guard was terrified.

”Why are you afraid? ”

”Kakakaka, you ’re as clueless as ever, Elizabeth. ”

”S-Scathach. ” The woman stuttered. Now she understood why the guard was scared.

”How ’s that old man doing? ” Scathach spoke.

”…He ’s the king, you know? ”

”Do I have the face of someone who cares? ”

”… ” Elizabeth was speechless, she knew that the only person who could speak those words so casually was Scathach, and for the sole reason that she was strong!

Elizabeth ignores everyone and looks at the second ice throne, she walks a little to the left, and soon she sees Ophis lying on Victor ’s chest.

’Again? Did she find him because of the mark? ’ She glanced at Victor, who was sitting on an ice throne, and then she looked around again, and seeing several women of high social standing, Elizabeth ’s curiosity was flickering frantically.

She even tried to use the king ’s shadows to find information on Victor, but they didn ’t find anything, actually… They haven ’t returned yet, and she didn ’t think too much about why they haven ’t.

’They have been eliminated…or are being tortured. ’ She thought. She knew Scathach ’s personality well, and if someone broke into her house, that was the fate of fools who tried to break into her home.

”…Just who are you? ”

Victor looked at Elizabeth and flashed a small smile, ”My name is Victor… Didn ’t I say? ”

”… ” Elizabeth wanted to hit the ground in frustration now!

”Bitch, don ’t look at him. You ’re going to infect him with some kind of dangerous disease. ” Violet spoke.

”Huuh? ” Veins began to pop in Elizabeth ’s head, she was a noble person and could ignore some insults, but she was not a saint who would take insults in silence.

”Why don ’t you go away and take this-…child with you? ” Violet didn ’t want to insult a child since even she knew it was something horrible. Though, the little girl didn ’t do anything.

”Shoo, Shoo. ” She spoke as if she were talking to a dog.

”…I ’m still a princess, you know? ” She commented with a fake smile, ”I can make you disappear- ” She couldn ’t finish her words.

She suddenly felt very heavy, and an overwhelming feeling engulfed her entire body, her body broke out in a cold sweat, and slowly, she turned her face away.

When she looked into Victor ’s blood-red eyes that were visible even through the glasses he was wearing; her whole world seemed to go colorless:

”…Repeat what you said, ” Victor spoke with a cold tone that sent shivers down Elizabeth ’s spine. He could ignore arguments; after all, his wives did that constantly. He thinks it ’s a woman thing. But threats? Those he did not tolerate.

”I- I… ”

”Princess! ” The guards ran, but suddenly a much greater pressure than Victor fell on them.

Quickly, they stopped walking and looked at Scathach.

”Good, if you took one more step, I would have to hand your heads over to the king~. ” She flashed a crazy smile. Then, she snaps her fingers, and thorns of ice begin to hover over all the guards.

They gulped and didn ’t dare move. Although they had a duty to protect the princess, they didn ’t want to lose their lives uselessly. They knew that if Scathach killed them, nothing would happen to her.

”Disappointing. ” She hoped they would fight. Then, at least she would have an excuse to kill them all.

Soon she lost interest in the guards and looked at Victor, she was interested in what he was going to do.

”I ’m waiting… ” He slowly tapped the ice throne with his finger, like he was counting.

The sound of his finger touching the ice made the situation even more terrifying for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tried to ignore the fear in her heart and slowly began to gather her powers. Then, her eyes changed to blood red, and an overwhelming pressure began to leave her body.

”Oh? ”

Confidence restored, Elizabeth displays a cold smile, ”I ’m still a princess… And I can make her disappear at any time, no matter if she ’s a daughter of Clan Snow or not. ” She repeated what she said and added the ending as if it were an absolute truth.

Victor ’s eyes glowed brighter, and his pressure began to build.

”… ” Everyone was expecting a fight to start at any moment, but something happened that left everyone with no reaction.

Victor ’s pressure disappeared as if it had never existed.

”HAHAHAHAHAHA ” He started laughing like crazy, and slowly he began to clap his hands.

”Good! Good! That ’s the spirit! If not, I would be disappointed! ”

”Huh? ” Elizabeth did not expect this.

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha didn ’t know how to react, and that applied to all the women in this room, so they just watched everything in silence.

Scathach just displayed a big smile on her face, she looked pleased with something.

”Believe me, Princess… ” Victor ’s image began to blur. ”Before you can touch a strand of my wife ’s hair…- ”

”!!? ”

”You would die. ” Victor appeared behind Elizabeth and spoke in a low voice in her ear.

Elizabeth ’s whole body froze in fear when she heard what Victor said, she couldn ’t even react to his speed! And she could also see that crazy woman was smiling as if supporting what Victor said!

She couldn ’t move, she didn ’t even dare turn back now, she feared that if she turned around now, she might die!


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