Victor disappears behind Elizabeth and appears sitting on the ice throne he created.

”Fast~ ”

”HaHaHaHa, did you like it, Ophis? ”

”Mm, ” She nodded.

”Is different. ” She pointed to herself.

”Hmm? Yeah, what I did is something different than what you do. ”

”Different… ” Ophis seemed to be thinking deeply about something, but actually, she was just enjoying Victor ’s caresses.

”She seems attached to you, Victor. ” Scathach spoke.

”Yeah, but I don ’t care; she ’s cute. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile.

Realizing that Victor wasn ’t doing anything else, Elizabeth began to slowly calm down.

Not just her, everyone started to calm down.

”Fuaaa… ” Pepper lets out all the trapped air she ’s been holding, ”That was intense…I thought they would fight any second. ” She spoke in a low voice.

”Really… I really can ’t understand Victor anymore. He ’s becoming too unpredictable; this is bad for my heart. ” Lacus spoke in a joking tone to alleviate the situation.

”It ’s our mother ’s fault… It ’s all her fault… ” Siena said.

”… ” The three sisters agreed.

”I ’m glad nothing happened… ” Yuki ’s heart was beating very fast, she didn ’t want to fight the king ’s family; that was just suicide! But… As a vampire, she liked Victor ’s attitude… But that ’s something she ’ll never say out loud!

”What are you doing, Maria? ” Luna asked curiously.

”Nothing, ” Maria replied, she made a gesture with her hand, and soon, all the wires she had spread around the room began to be collected. She acted on instinct, but internally, she didn ’t know why she did it. ’Why was my first reaction was to try to protect that man? Is it because of the master ’s order? But the master didn ’t order me to protect Victor… ’

”Darling~ ” Violet had a silly smile on her face, she wanted to hug Victor, but that child! That child was stealing her place!

”Violet, we need to talk, ” Ruby spoke seriously.

”Heh? ” Violet didn ’t understand.

”Come here. We need to talk about something. ” Sasha grabbed Violet ’s right arm.

”Huuh? ”

Ruby approaches Violet and grabs her left arm, then the two women drag Violet to the corner of the room.

”W-Wait… My D-Darling- ”

”Shut up, we need to talk, ” Ruby spoke in a deadly serious tone.

”… ” Violet was speechless, she had never seen that expression on Ruby.

Soon the two wives started to lecture Violet. Calling the king ’s daughter a ’bitch ’ was something above the level of disrespect… She needs to be more self-aware of her status!

What if, because of her words, a political war broke out!? Lots of vampires were going to die because of her decision! That was Sasha and Ruby ’s concern.

As Ruby, Sasha, and Violet talked, Victor spoke:

”Princess, have you ever heard a Chinese proverb that said: because of a nail, the shoe was lost; because of the horse, the message was lost; because of the message, the war was lost. ”

”…I ’ve never heard of it. ” Elizabeth continued to speak as her eyes slowly turned to violet.

”The lesson this proverb teaches is quite simple to understand…. ” As he stroked Ophis ’ head, Victor looked up at Elizabeth with a small innocent smile on his face:

”Because of a mistake made by someone, an entire war was lost… Everything is connected. So remember, it only takes one small mistake for an entire empire to fall to ruin. ”

”… ” Elizabeth felt her whole body go cold when she heard Victor ’s words:

”Is this a threat? ”

”Threat? Pfff… That ’s just advice coming from someone who learned from the best teacher in the world. ”

”… ” Scathach exhibited a small smile when she heard Victor ’s words, she didn ’t have time to teach Victor much. Still, one thing she made sure to teach was the mentality of a warrior who goes to war. After six months of intense torture and with a disciple willing to learn, can work miracles…

”… ” Elizabeth was silent, ”I see… I will remember this. ”

Then she turns her face away and looks at Scathach, Ruby, and Sasha:

”What is your relationship with them? ”

”They are my wives. ” He replied.

”…W-Wh? ” She thought for a moment that she was deaf.

He pointed to Scathach, ”She ’s my mother-in-law and my teacher. ”

”Hi~, I ’m his mother-in-law~ ” She spoke with a gentle smile as she waved her hand.

”… ” Elizabeth didn ’t know how to react when she saw Scathach playing.

He pointed to the three sisters, ”Those are my friends over there. Oh, you can exclude Siena; she ’s not my friend at all. ”

”Pfft. ” Pepper almost started to laugh but stopped when she saw Siena ’s gaze.

Lacus shook her head when she saw her sister ’s attitude.

”That one is my maid. ” He pointed at Yuki.

”… ” Yuki made a simple gesture of respect.

He looked at Maria and flashed a small smile as if he understood something, ”She ’s Sasha ’s maid. ”

”… ” Maria repeated Yuki ’s gesture.

Victor looks at the guards, who still have ice spikes at their throats, and ignores the men.

”T-Three…? ” Elizabeth tries to process everything she has heard, ’he is married to two heiresses of houses with the title of count, and a former heir to the title of count… And he is the disciple of Scathach!? ’

Elizabeth was speechless. If he were just Scathach ’s disciple, she wouldn ’t mind. After all, the millennia-old woman has many disciples. But he ’s married to this crazy woman ’s heiress too!?

”Kakakaka, she broke completely. ” Scathach chuckled when he saw Elizabeth ’s expression.

”Are you sure about telling the princess about your relationship with these women? ”

”Do I look like I care? It ’s not like it ’s a secret. ”

”Kakakaka, you ’re right. ”

Remembering something he wanted to talk to her, Victor said, ”Scathach, don ’t overdo it. ”

”Hmm? What do you mean? ”

”Don ’t eliminate the rats, just torture them. ”

”Oh? Do you know? ”

Victor just pointed to his eyes.

”…This is a very convenient skill. ”

”Indeed. ”

”Why don ’t you want me to eliminate the rats? ”

”It ’s a waste. ”

”Waste? ”

”Yeah… If they ’re dead, we can ’t fight them. Why didn ’t you kidnap them and use them as a training puppet for your daughters? After all, they are strong. ”

”… ” Scathach looked at Victor as if she were looking at a genius:

”Fuck, why didn ’t I ever think about it? ” She puts her hand to her forehead in disbelief.

”You ’re very overprotective, I love that about you, but you need to let your daughters train a little, ” Victor commented casually. He also wanted to fight those men she eliminated.

”… ” Scathach looked at Victor with a neutral expression, ’Did he really not understand what he just said? ’

”ZzzzzzZZzzz ”

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at his chest, ”Did she sleep? ”

”…I think you will become a good father in the future, ” Scathach commented, and for a few seconds, her green eyes sparkled a little, she was clearly planning something.

”… ” Elizabeth stops thinking bullshit and looks at Ophis, and, seeing Ophis sleeping peacefully on a stranger ’s chest, the only thing she can think of seeing Ophis ’ current state is; ’I hope the father doesn ’t see this, he ’s going to freak out. ’

”Ladies and gentlemen! ” Suddenly everyone heard the voice of the advertiser.

”The game between Clan Rider and Clan Horseman is about to begin! ”

”Finally… ” Victor said he hoped to see something interesting.

Hearing the advertiser ’s voice, the women stopped what they were doing and looked out into the arena.

Everyone, including the audience, was soon able to see four individuals walking towards the middle of the arena.

”That ’s my aunt. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked at the woman who was walking towards the middle of the arena. He could feel that this was the same woman who was in the VIP room a little way away from him.

The woman had long blonde hair and blue eyes, she was wearing a long elegant black dress, she had a gentle smile on her face as she walked towards the center.

Victor examines the woman up and down and then looks at Sasha. Then, seeing the obvious differences in the chest, legs, and ass areas, he asked with genuine curiosity:

”Is she really your aunt? ” He couldn ’t help asking that question. The woman was just very different from Sasha, and the only things alike were her hair and blue eyes.

”Yeah, she ’s a lot like my mom as usual… ” Sasha replied as she looked at her aunt.

”… ” Victor was speechless:

”…Genes are an unfair thing sometimes. ” He spoke in a low voice…

”What are you looking at, Darling? ” Ruby asked with narrowed eyes.

”I was just admiring how beautiful my wives are. ” He smiled.

”…. ” Ruby was a little embarrassed, but she was getting used to her husband ’s charm, she won ’t fall so easy!

Victor flashed a small smile and snapped his fingers, and then soon, three more ice thrones were created beside him.

”Feel free. ” He pointed to the thrones.

Sasha, who was closest to Victor, sat next to him, Violet sat next to Sasha, and Ruby sat next to Violet.

”Kakakaka, they complain so much, and in the end, they did the same thing. ” Scathach laughed.

Victor exhibited a small smile and stroked Ophis ’ hair, who was sleeping on his chest, then he looked at the arena again. He saw that a rather tall man was heading towards the center of the arena.

The game was starting…


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