t she ’s conscientious enough not to seek a fight with the king ’s family.

”Yeah. I won ’t do anything. ” Violet turned her face away.

”… ” The two did not trust her words.

Victor exhibited a small smile, he closed his arms and strokes Ophis ’ hair:

”Let her do what she wants. ”

”Mm ”

Seeing Ophis ’s satisfied expression.

”Sigh ”

Elizabeth sighed and turned away from Ophis, she walked to a chair next to Eleonor and sat down.

”Princess. ”

”Countess Eleonor. ”

The two exchanged little greetings.

Soon the whole group looked towards the arena, which began to create a dome around the two individuals, and suddenly a golden scroll appeared floating in the middle of the dome.

”Count Niklaus Horseman, thank you so much for bringing the Countship for me today~. ”

”You are very confident. ” The man spoke in an emotionless tone.

”Of course I ’m confident; I ’m not my sister who would lose something so important to someone insignificant like you. ”

”I see… ” He looked at the audience with a bored look.

”… ” Victoria was a little annoyed internally, she wanted to tease him a little to try to learn a little more about the man ’s personality, but he didn ’t react as she expected.

He looked back at her, ”How are we going to decide this? A fight? A dance? A board game? If you choose a board game, I suggest chess… Oh but-. ”

He exhibited a small cold smile, ”Chess can be a difficult thing for you, considering you don ’t seem to have much intellectual capacity. ”

”… ” Victoria opened her eyes a little, she didn ’t expect this coming from someone like him, but she wasn ’t someone who would let this little insult disturb her emotions.

”I want a fight, something simple. With that, you will have no excuses if you lose… And we need to entertain this entire audience, right? A game of chess would be tedious. ” She smiled gently.

”A fight is fine with me. ” Niklaus agreed.

”How many rounds? How many competitors? And what are the rules? ” Niklaus cracked his neck a little.

”One round is enough. The rules are simple, we fight until the other side has lost their heart or gives up on their own. ”

As vampires, they are immortal, but it is not true immortality. If the vampire has their head completely destroyed, they will die, and if the vampire suffers an attack with their mortal weaknesses, they will die too.

Because of that, she proposed a rule: if the vampire loses their heart, they will lose the game. After all, this type of injury can be easily healed with vampire regeneration.

”I heard from a little bird that your twin sons are geniuses, put one of them to fight… Then, I will select a trusted warrior to fight him. ” She continued with a gentle smile on her face. It was quite clear that she had confidence in the warrior she had chosen.

”…What a coincidence… I also learned from a little bird that was a color very similar to yours that you had a child, and to my surprise, that child was an oriental vampire; I wonder if the Clan Fulger knows that. ” Niklaus flashed a cold little smile.

”… ” Victoria ’s eyes changed to blood red for a moment, and she took on a cold expression:

”Where are you going, Count Niklaus? ” Victoria didn ’t like it. She ’s pretty sure she hid her son ’s information from the fangs of these old vampires. They weren ’t supposed to know about her son.

”Use your son to fight. If you choose your child, I will accept these terms. ”

’That fox… ’ Victoria knew that if she didn ’t accept it, the next news the entire vampire world would know was that she had a child by a foreign vampire, and she knows that the first person who would knock on her door upon learning of this information would be her sister.

Normally this would not be a problem, but as her son was born with the lightning power she did not inherit, her sister will demand that her son be turned over to Clan Fulger.

’He cornered me. ’ She knew that if her son fought, the chance of him using his lightning powers was high.

”…You can give up, you know? ”

”… ” Victoria clenches her fist tightly, she can ’t give up. She ’s come too far to give up now!

”I accept… He will fight. ”

”I accept the terms. ” Niklaus looked at the parchment, and, seeing that everything was correct, he turned away.

”… ” Victoria watched the man ’s back for a long time, but soon she turned too and walked out of the arena; ’It ’s okay, my son inherited his father ’s talent, he can win without using lightning. ’

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