My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 82: The match is starting...

information; that ’s all that matters. ”

”But-. ” Jessica wanted to say something, but her father continued,

”If she becomes useless and doesn ’t do her job, she should just be eliminated. ” He looked back at the arena.

”Asking for a vampire ’s trust is sheer nonsense. ”

”… ” Jessica was silent, she didn ’t know what to say to her father because, in the end, she knew he was correct. Vampires will always act in their own best interest.


A man wearing a red and black suit walked into the middle of the arena. He was a tall man and was wearing a smiling mask on his face.

The man raised his hands in the air and said:

”Ladies and gentlemen, the two clans have decided the rule of the game today! ” His voice strangely traveled to all corners of the arena.

”Look at this! ” He pointed into the air, and soon everyone could see a giant hologram showing.

Chosen games: a 1 v 1 duel.

Rounds: 1

Rules: If the participant has their heart destroyed, they lose. If the participant surrenders, they lose.

Time limit: No limit.


Clan Horseman bets: Vampire Count title


Clan Rider bets: The Rider Clogomerate



”OHHHH! ” The crowd started clapping and cheering.

”It ’s a fight! A fight! ” A man shouted excitedly.

”Would we be able to see two Count-level vampires fighting!? ” A woman spoke with a big smile on her face, she looked excited.

”This is a great opportunity! ” A man across the arena spoke.

”Finally, something interesting is happening. ” A bored-looking man spoke.

”…I wouldn ’t be so optimistic…. ” A pessimistic-looking woman commented.

The vampires who were present in the arena started to debate who would fight whom; they looked very impatient.

But it wasn ’t just them. Victor ’s group was also impatient.

”Tsk. ” Mainly Victor.

”Father? ” Ophis looks up and sees Victor ’s annoyed face.

Victor looked at Ophis and smiled gently, then he began to stroke her head, ”It ’s nothing, Ophis. ”

”Mm~ ” She exhibited a small smile and closed her eyes as if enjoying his caresses.

”Haha~. Be patient, Victor. These things take time to get done. ” Scathach commented.

”… ” Victor didn ’t say anything and just remained silent.

”My aunt seemed to get annoyed for a moment. ” Sasha, who was beside Victor, spoke.

”Oh, did you notice? ”

”Yes, ” Sasha nodded.

”It was only for a few seconds, but her emotions seemed to intensify, ” Ruby commented.

”That man must have done something. ” Elizabeth, who was a little far away, spoke.

”…You seem to know him, Princess. ” Victor looked at Elizabeth.

”Nothing escapes the king ’s eyes. ” Elizabeth smiled.

”HAHAHA! ” Scathach laughed as if she ’d heard the funniest joke in the world.

”… ” Elizabeth ’s face became neutral.

”Nothing escapes the king ’s eyes. Except for Countess Scathach. ” She rephrased her sentence.

”Heh~, glad you understand, Princess. ”

”… ” Elizabeth turned her face away and ignored Scathach. When she turned her face away, she could see her guards, who were still standing with thorns of ice hovering around them.

”… Can you let my guards go? ”

”Oh… I forgot about them. ” Scathach snaps her fingers, and soon the ice is gone.

”Thanks, Princess. ” The guards spoke, and soon they broke away from the group and stood guard near the door.


Elizabeth sighed. For some reason, she just wanted to get out of this place, she couldn ’t handle Scathach!

”You seem to be having a rough time, Princess, ” Eleanor spoke.

”… ” Elizabeth looked at Eleonor with a neutral gaze and nodded.

”Don ’t worry, we all understand your feeling. ”

”… ” Everyone in the room except Victor, Sasha, Ruby, Violet, and Scathach, who were talking to each other, nodded.

”My mom is a very difficult person to deal with… Especially now that she ’s… Hmm… having fun? ” Siena spoke.

”… ” Elizabeth looked at Siena with a neutral expression.

Siena ’s eyes darkened a little, ”But don ’t worry, you ’ll get used to it soon, and look! She found someone like her; we have two Scathach now! ”

”…Bloody Hell, I want to get out of here…. ” She really wanted to get out of that room right now.

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