My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 84: Tatsuya Vs Einer.

10 minutes had passed, and the game was about to start.

The hologram of the arena suddenly changed, and soon everyone could see the participants ’ faces, their age, and their names.

Einer Horseman, heir to the Horseman Clan.

Age: 105


Tatsuya, hired mercenary.

Age: 90

When the audience saw that they were two children, their reaction was mixed.

”Tsk, two kids. ” Some didn ’t like it.

”…It ’s better than nothing. ” Some just didn ’t care anymore.

”…They ’re cute… ” Some thought they were both attractive.

”Boring. ” Some lost interest.

”I wanted to see the two leaders fight…. ” Some were honest with their thoughts.

Despite having different reactions, there was something they all had in common; they were bored! But there wasn ’t much better to do, so they were going to watch anyway.

”So it ’s him… Tatsuya. ” Victor ’s smile grew when he finally got to know the name of the person who had a strong presence. He had seen a strong presence some time ago near the VIP room where he was, and he finally got to know who this individual was.

”And Einer Horseman. ” Victor ’s eyes lit up a little when he saw the name ’Horseman ’.

’So he ’s the heir, huh? ’ He thought with an indecipherable little smile.

[Do you want me to investigate it, Master?]

Victor suddenly heard Kaguya ’s voice in his head. He stroked Ophis ’ head and thought for a moment, ”… No need. ”

The reason he refused was simple, he didn ’t want to put Kaguya at risk. When Victor looked at the leader of Clan Horseman, he could tell what kind of person he was, and with Scathach ’s words a few minutes ago, he knew that man was someone careful.

Despite having a convenient power that can help her escape from any situation, Victor doesn ’t want to risk putting his favorite maid in danger.

[Okay, Master. But if you need anything, talk to me. I ’m feeling useless just being in your shadow.]

”Haha~, I ’ll talk to you if I need anything, ” he replied in a low voice.

”… ” Ophis looks up and stares at Victor.

”Shadow… ”

Victor displays a gentle smile and puts his finger to his mouth in a gesture of silence.

”Mm. ” Soon she lays her head on his chest.

”Heh~… She hid his last name, huh? ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”He looks familiar somehow…. ” Sasha spoke as she stared at the image.

”… ” Violet didn ’t care about the contestants, she was just staring at Ophis with a death glare. Despite ignoring it for a few minutes, she still felt jealous and envious of the little girl, and Violet was thinking of doing something.

”…Stop, ” Ruby spoke.

”…But I haven ’t done anything yet… ” Violet looked at Ruby in disbelief.

”Yes. You haven ’t done anything YET. ” Ruby looked at Violet with a look that completely understood Violet ’s actions.

”… ” Violet was wondering when she became so predictable…


Ruby sighed, ”Don ’t do anything now, okay? I ’m also jealous, and I also want to do something about it, but, despite my feelings about this situation, this little girl is still the king ’s daughter. So though my mother wouldn ’t mind it, and our husband wouldn ’t either, we must not get into conflict with the king. ”

”Tsk… ” Violet turned her face away.

”Ladies and gentlemen! ” Hearing the announcer ’s voice, the girls looked towards the arena, where they saw two men walking towards the arena.

A man with long golden hair was walking calmly towards the middle of the arena.

He was wearing a black Yukata with black details, and he also had a small Katana around his waist.

The feeling he gave was that of a sharp but gentle warrior.

A very opposite feeling from the other competitor.

He was wearing a black sweatshirt and black jeans. The man had a big, distorted smile on his face, and his crazed eyes gave away what kind of personality he seemed to have.

Upon reaching the middle of the arena, the two fighters faced each other.

Despite being opposites in personality, the audience didn ’t have a favorite fighter, they didn ’t care for the gentle-looking fighter, and they also didn ’t care for the crazy appearance of the other fighter. Instead, they just wanted to see something interesting!

The announcer knew that and, because of that, he didn ’t speak more than necessary; he approached the participants and spoke out loud so that everyone could hear.

”Everyone present here knows the rule, but I will repeat it. Permanent death is not allowed; if any of the fighters break this rule, severe consequences will happen to the Clan the fighter is representing… ”

The masked referee looked at the two, ”Did I make myself clear? ”

They both felt a shiver down their spine as they looked through the small space of the masked man ’s mask.

” ”Yes. ” ” The two replied.

”Good… Let the game begin! ” The referee disappeared.

The moment they heard the referee ’s words.

The two participants seemed to disappear from view, and soon they appeared in the middle of the arena. Tatsuya was holding his katana, and Einer was holding a completely black rapier.

The two swords collided in the middle of the arena.

”…? ” Tatsuya looked at the rapier with appraising eyes. He wondered when this weapon appeared in the man ’s hand, he knew his opponent didn ’t enter the arena with this weapon in hand, but he didn ’t have much time to think when he felt something trying to pierce his back.

Realizing the danger, Tatsuya decided to flee from this situation.

”Calm down, don ’t run away~. ”

”!!! ” Tatsuya looked down and saw that his feet were trapped in the ground by some kind of black slime; Tatsuya ’s body started to crackle with lightning for a few seconds but soon stopped. Instinctively, Tatsuya would use his lightning bolts, but remembering his mother ’s words, he managed to control himself.

With no choices, he decided to do whatever was necessary not to lose the game from the start. So he uses a Parry technique and deflects Einer ’s blade.

In doing so, he managed to knock the blade away from Einer.

Realizing his chance, he makes a decision and … cuts off his legs!

With his body falling towards the ground, Tatsuya supports himself with his hand and moves away. He looked at the place where he was and saw a kind of blackthorn piercing the air.

’What is that? ’ With a calm face, he tried to understand the enemy ’s power.

”Hahaha~. I wonder if the public knows what ’s going on. ” Scathach laughed in amusement.

Suddenly everyone could feel a sensation that made the spines of their bodies shiver, and everyone in the VIP room looked at Victor:

”Heh~. As expected, you didn ’t disappoint me again~ ” Scathach ’s smile grew.

Victor ’s hair seemed to be floating like it was defying gravity, his eyes were glowing a dangerous red, and he had a huge smile that showed all the sharp teeth in his mouth.

”Father? ” Ophis called him.

But Victor seemed to be in a trance, and he didn ’t hear her.

Ophis looked at Victor, her big eyes shining cutely, she didn ’t understand why Victor didn ’t talk to her.

”That feeling is scary… ” Pepper muttered a little, ”Did he get like this just seeing those two fight? ”

”… ” Everyone in the room except Violet, Ruby, Sasha, Scathach, and Ophis, who were more concerned about looking at Victor, agreed with Pepper.

Seeing the face she considered an excited face of her disciple, Scathach started to think of a few things, she looked back to the arena.

”Aren ’t you going to attack me? Just because I ’m in this condition, are you underestimating me? ” Tatsuya asked in a cold voice.

”Hehehe~, I don ’t need to move to attack you. ”

Suddenly a blackthorn pierces Tatsuya ’s heart!

”Tatsuya… My son, why didn ’t you finish the fight…? ” Victoria didn ’t seem worried about her son. In fact, she looked impatient.

”Tsk… This is boring. ” Someone in the audience complained. As a 450-year-old vampire, this kind of fight wasn ’t surprising to him.

That same feeling was shared by the other vampires who were similar in age to that man and were watching the fight. For them, it was just a child ’s fight. Do you have fun when you see two kids fighting? Of course not!

”What are you waiting for, boy!? Finish the opponent! And end this farce soon! ” A man from the audience shouted towards Einer.

”HmmHmmm~ ” Einer seemed to be singing a song and totally ignored the man in the audience, then his red eyes started to glow.

”I feel weird~ ” Einer started to think of a few things, and soon he made a move that left everyone speechless. He takes the Rapier he created and pierces his own heart!

”… ” An uncomfortable silence descended on the arena. Nobody understood what happened!

Silence remains for 30 seconds, then everyone hears the sound of breaking glass.

”The sky is cracking…? ” Someone spoke in disbelief.

The sky suddenly broke, and soon everyone woke up in a stupor.

Vampires under 500 years of age looked at the arena in shock:

”Huh!? Are you both okay? ”

”What happened!? ”

The audience was freaking out.

An older vampire in the audience said, ”Children these days are too weak to fall for this simple trick… ” He shook his head in disappointment.

”Unexpected… I thought this would be easy. ” Tatsuya spoke in a cold voice. He was still standing in the same spot the game had started and was about to finish the fight when he realized that Einer had fallen into his power, but his instincts warned him not to get closer now.

Einer ’s smile grew disproportionately, ”I see~ I see~. We didn ’t know about this power. ”


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