My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 87: Victor Vs Tatsuya and Einer.

’An opponent, a strong opponent, was in front of me! I want to fight! Fuck these policies, fuck everything! I want to fight! ’

’And I know someone who can give me that opportunity, someone who doesn ’t care about the consequences of breaking the ’game ’ of two large families. ’ Finally, Victor couldn ’t hold back his desire any longer.

”Scathach Scarlett! ” Victor ’s voice resonated throughout the VIP room.

The princess ’ guards and the princess herself were surprised as Victor called Scathach; they were hoping that woman would get angry.

”I know, I know. I knew this would happen, so I prepared everything. Wait for me here. ” She smiled as she rose from her ice throne.

She didn ’t do anything!? What the fuck!? They were freaking out.


As she walked towards the exit of the VIP room, she sighed.

”What don ’t I do for my stupid disciples? ” She looked pretty tired.

That ’s what it looked like if you ignored the big smile on her face; she seemed to be enjoying the whole situation.

”!!! ” The guards, realizing that that monster was walking towards them, quickly backed away from the door.

”Luna! ” Scathach spoke up.

”Yes!? ”

”Come with me. ”

”Yes… ”

”… what just happened? Do they have some kind of telepathy? ” Elizabeth asked honestly as Scathach left the VIP room.

”Probably, ” Lacus replied.

”Knowing my mother, she must be planning something. ” Siena continued, visibly upset.

Violet, Ruby, and Sasha were pouting annoyed, they didn ’t like it. It seems Scathach understood Victor more than they did!

The one most affected by it was Violet! She was about to freak out! ’I wasn ’t supposed to let Scathach train, my darling! I should have asked for war! ’ Her thoughts were running wild.

Sensing the turbulent emotions of his wives, Victor ’s desire to battle calmed a little, and he said:

”Calm down, girls. I am fine. And don ’t think about nonsense. ”

”Huh? ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha looked at Victor.

”My wish is simple… ” Victor ’s eyes sparkled intensely.

”I want to fight… For six months, I was beaten by my master, and she said I got better. I want to know… I need to know how much better I got! Fighting my master isn ’t enough; she ’s just too strong… ”

”Oh. ” The three spoke at the same time.

”Two possible strong opponents are in front of me… How can I not get excited? How can I contain my desire? It ’s impossible. I ’ve always been honest with myself, and now that I ’m a vampire, that urge has gotten stronger. ”

’Now that I ’m a vampire, huh? ’ Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, she understood what that phrase implied.

”I see… ” Ruby nodded, she finally understood Victor ’s thoughts; ’Wait… Isn ’t that the same thought process as my mother? ’

Violet puts her finger on her face, ”Darling just wants to have fun… ”

”…Do you want to fight them now? What about the game? ” Sasha asked curiously. It ’s not possible that he wants to fight the two of them now, right?

’Probably, he was talking about fighting them later…. ’ Though Sasha thought that was very unlikely.

”I don ’t know, and I don ’t care. ” Victor was honest, he would only care about something if it was related to his wives, and he knows this game has nothing to do with Sasha. That woman may be Sasha ’s aunt, but she ’s something of a distant aunt or an aunt that Sasha doesn ’t have much contact with.

Soon he looked back at the arena and saw a referee in the middle of the arena, it looked like something had happened, and he hadn ’t noticed.

”I will entrust this matter to Scathach, my master must be planning something, and I know it won ’t negatively affect me… ” Victor spoke honestly, he knows that Scathach would only throw him to the lions in an attempt to make him stronger, and he didn ’t mind that attitude. In fact, he actually liked it.

”… ” Everyone was silent and surprised at how much confidence Victor had in his master.

”Ladies and gentlemen. I apologize, but this game will be stalled for a few minutes. ” The referee suddenly spoke.

”Huuuh? ” The audience felt like a child who had just had their favorite candy stolen!

”Hey! ” Someone from the audience there complained, but the referee just looked at that individual and said,

”Be patient. ” His cold voice sent shivers down the vampire ’s spine.

”O-Okay. ” He sat back.

”Huh? Why was the game stopped? ” Victoria didn ’t know what was going on.

Knock Knock!

”Lady Victoria Rider, please come to the administration room. ”

Victoria heard the voice of the arena worker.

”…? ” Victoria looked at the door, ”What ’s going on? ”

”A new Clan has joined the wager. ” The official spoke.

”Huuh? But isn ’t that against the rules?! ”

”We know that, but we can ’t ignore the person who placed the order… It ’s just impossible. ”

”… ” Feeling a little fear in the employee ’s voice, Victoria was curious:

”Can I at least know who the Clan is that got involved? ”

”Clan Scarlett… ”

”…Heh? ”

”…Countess Scathach Scarlett… ” Victoria swallowed her saliva. What did that monster want with her? She was just a helpless woman!

”Yes… ”

”Fuck! ”

A somewhat similar scene was taking place on the side of Clan Horseman.

Knock Knock!

”Come in. ” Niklaus ’ cold voice was heard by the clerk.

The employee enters and immediately starts talking:

”Count Niklaus Horseman, a new Clan, has decided to play the game. Please head to the administration room. ”

”… ” Niklaus nodded coldly. He knew this was against the rules, so his curiosity was piqued:

”May I know who the new bettor is? ” He asked as he walked towards the exit of the VIP room.

”Countess Scathach Scarlett. ”

”… ” He suddenly stopped walking, a small hint of surprise appeared on his face, but it soon disappeared as if it didn ’t exist, ”Okay… ”

”Wait here. ”

”Yes, Father, ” Jessica spoke up.

”… ” Zwei nodded.

Victoria and Niklaus meet at the door to the administration room.

”… ” The two looked at each other in silence for some time.

” Oldest first, ” Niklaus spoke with a knightly gesture.

”Oh? ” A vein popped in Victoria ’s head, she flashed a neutral smile and said, ”Why don ’t you go first? After all, you are someone of high status. ”

”That ’s true… ” He nodded, then opened the door.

When Niklaus opened the door, they saw a woman with long red hair standing next to an old man. They seemed to be chatting amiably.

”Oh? ” Scathach ’s smile grew, ”You arrived, good. Come in, come in. ”

”… ” The two were wondering if they could refuse this offer, but remembering what was at stake, they entered.

They sat on opposite sides, and as they sat down, they heard Scathach ’s voice:

”I don ’t want to waste a lot of time with useless conversations. So my proposal is simple: I want my disciple to fight your two heirs. ”

”… ”

”My bet is simple: Whoever defeats my disciple, I will support 100% of whatever goal you have. ”

”!!! ” Victoria and Niklaus ’ eyes seemed to glow.

With the same smile on her face, Scathach continued:

”Do you want to take the king ’s throne? I will support it. Do you want me to teach your children? I will do it. Do you want to destroy the human world? That is a simple job. Do you want a war against the wolves? I would love to participate. ”

”The period of my support is 1 year. ” She flashed a cold smile, ”How about? It ’s a good deal, right? ”

”… ” Yes, it was a great deal. In exchange for winning the fight against a vampire who is this woman ’s disciple, they would have the full support of the strongest female vampire.

Just by having Scathach ’s name in whatever plans they had, that plan would carry more weight than usual. It just goes to show how much weight that woman ’s name has for all vampires.

But they know that there is no free lunch in this world… If this woman trusts her disciple so much, then he must be very strong… But it was hard to know; after all, it ’s known to everyone that Scathach has enough disciples scattered around the world.

And many of them weren ’t so strong that they could fight two geniuses alone.

”What do you want if your disciple wins? ” Niklaus was faster than Victoria to speak. For him, that was a good deal, and he trusted his son, considering his son had ’that ’ which no vampire had.

”…Hmm, you don ’t have much that is useful for my disciple and me… Oh, how about this? My disciple is allowed to come to your house at any time to ’use ’ your heirs for training, and he can learn anything that is not a ’secret ’ for your Clan? ”

”… ” This was a rather strange condition even for the two vampires.

”Hmm… Explain to me in more detail about your bet. ” As a businesswoman, Victoria wanted to be sure what she was getting into. After all, a bet with Scathach shouldn ’t be simple, right?

”Huh? Haven ’t I already explained? Are you stupid? ” She made a confused face.

”… ” A vein snapped in Victoria ’s head, she thought she must be being cursed to find two people she couldn ’t offend on the same day.

Soon, they started arguing about this matter. Victoria wanted the title of count. Niklaus wanted to protect his title, and he also wanted the resources he could only gain from Victoria.

But with Scathach ’s intervention, things had to change, and they didn ’t have many choices in this matter; after all, the bet was just too good.

The support of the strongest female vampire in the world…

30 minutes later, an announcement was heard.

”A new player has joined the game! ”

”Heh? ” This was the reaction from everyone in the arena. They know it ’s against the rules!

Soon Victor ’s image appeared on the screen.

Victor Walker/Snow, Fulger, Scarlett. Disciple of Scathach Scarlett.

Age: 21

”What? ” All vampires were shocked.

”What the fuck is ’Walker/Snow, Fulger, Scarlett? ’ What is his relationship to these three Clans!? ”

”Wait! He has the same last name as that woman! ”

”Disciple of Scathach…? Another one? ”

”He is young! A baby! ”

”He has the same name as that woman, so they ’re families!? Is that why he is her disciple? Huuh? ”

The audience was going crazy with lots of questions, but one thing was for sure, they were curious now.

”D-D-Darling!? ” Violet stutter.

”H-H-Husband!? ” Sasha couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

”…She did this… ” Ruby looked very tired.

”Pffft… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ” Victor was laughing a lot now.

”… Father… Having fun, ” Ophis spoke.

Scathach enters the VIP room:

Hearing Victor chuckle, she showed a small satisfied smile.

”Victor. ”

Victor stops laughing and looks at Scathach.

”Go have fun, my stupid disciple. But… Remember, don ’t lose… If you lose or demonstrate a pathetic fight to me, prepare for your punishment. ” Her eyes glowed blood red as she flashed a sultry smile:

”This time, you will spend 10 years training with me in isolation~. ” Scathach would not allow a weak disciple.


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