My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 88: A little monster was created.

”This time, you will spend 10 years training with me in isolation~. ” Scathach would not allow a disciple of hers to be weak.

”!!! ” The three wives reacted strongly to Scathach ’s words.

”W-Wait, Mother! ” Ruby said.

”You can not do that! ” Violet growled angrily.

”Yes, he just got out of training! ” Sasha agreed with Violet.

”…I think that would be a reward for him…. ” Pepper whispered.

”… ” Lacus and Eleonor looked at Pepper.

”What? ” Pepper asked with an innocent face.

”Nothing, ” Lacus replied.

”… ” Scathach ignored everyone and continued to look at Victor.

Victor exhibited a small smile as he rose from the ice throne while holding Ophis like a princess and placing her where he was sitting. As he made these movements, Victor ’s shadow grew, and soon Kaguya stepped out of his shadow.

Realizing she couldn ’t stay in Victor ’s shadow during the game, Kaguya stepped out of his shadow and walked towards Luna, Maria, and Yuki.

”Hmm…? ” Ophis turned her face away in confusion.

Victor removes his glasses and places them beside the ice throne.

He looks into Scathach ’s eyes and displays a gentle smile, ”Thank you, Scathach. ”

”… ” Scathach felt a strange sensation in her heart when she heard those words. It felt warm and sweet, but it wasn ’t bad…

”Girl, I ’ll be back soon. I ’m going to play for a bit~ ” He spoke in a playful voice as he had a small sadistic smile on his face; he looked like a kid who was going to leave home to play with his school friends.

Although, the smile he had on his face at that moment was not the smile of someone who would play with friends…

Then he turned and looked at the glass, and lightly touching the glass, the magic symbols of his white gloves began to glow blood red.

And then a scene that left some people shocked happened; Victor ’s hand began to pass through the glass.

”W-What? ” Sasha, who was closest, was shocked.

Slowly, Victor ’s entire body passed through the glass, and soon he was standing there floating outside the arena.

”How is this possible? ” Violet was shocked, she knew what it was, but how did he ever learn it?

”Did he learn that too…? ” Ruby was surprised.

”Didn ’t I tell you? ” Scathach walked towards her throne.

Hearing Scathach ’s voice, everyone looked at her, ”I trained his basics. That means he ’s mastered what I consider the basics of a ’noble vampire ’. ” She spoke with a slight smile on her face as she sat on her throne.

She crossed her legs elegantly and continued, ”If he couldn ’t do it, I would be disappointed~. ”

”… ” Everyone was speechless. They were wondering something, how high is Scathach ’s standard? They know that this technique is basically a fusion of bat transformation abilities with the vampires ’ fogwalk ability.

An advanced technique! And she considers it basic!?

Scathach ’s disciples were wondering if this was why she always had a bored face when she taught them. Was it because they didn ’t meet her standard!?

”Don ’t be so surprised. My foolish disciple hides more secrets~. ” She laughed a little, ”After all, I personally taught him that in a fight, you should have two or three hidden cards to surprise your opponent. Just sit back and enjoy the show. ”

Luna, who was carrying several documents while accompanying Scathach, only sighed when she saw that she was forgotten, soon she walked towards Siena and handed all these documents to her:

”Take it, Lady Siena. ”

”Huh? ” Siena was taken aback by the amount of documents she received. ”What is that? ”

”Work. ”

”Eh? But it ’s my day off… ”

”… ” Luna didn ’t say anything, she just walked away from Siena and stood beside the maids.

Einer and Tatsuya, who were informed that the game was changed by their respective clan leaders, looked at Victor, who was floating in midair as he descended towards the arena.

”That smile, I don ’t like it. ” Einer no longer liked Victor.

”… ” Tatsuya ’s opinion was neutral, but internally, he didn ’t like that smile from Victor either.

”Oh? That boy, has he mastered it…? ” An older vampire in the audience spoke in curiosity when he saw Victor floating, ”As expected of that woman ’s disciple, I think? ”

Victor descended smoothly in the middle of the two participants, and the moment his feet touched the arena floor, the entire surface was turned to ice!

”!!! ” Einer and Tatsuya quickly jumped.

”This power… ” A man in the audience was shocked.

”It ’s from that woman ’s Clan! ”

”Is that why he has the last name Scarlett!? Is he her son or something!? ”

”Idiot, didn ’t you see the other last names too!? ”

”So who is he!? ”

”I do not know! ”

”Shhh, shut up! Things are starting to get interesting! ”

Victor ’s smile grew, a smile that showed all his sharp teeth was shown to the audience, he inhaled a little of the air around him, and when he let the air out of his lungs:

”Einer Horseman ” His voice echoed throughout the arena; it was a heavy voice, a strong voice.

”Tatsuya. ”

”Let ’s have fun~. ”

”Start! ” The referee spoke as if following Victor.

Wasting no time, Einer ran towards Victor. He felt an instinctive desire to want to wipe that smile off Victor ’s face; he didn ’t like it!

Creating a Rapier with his powers, he tried to pierce Victor ’s face. He wanted to pierce his head! And wipe that smile off his face!

”Die! ” The thrilling scene he ’d been hoping for didn ’t happen.

Covering his fingers with pure ice, Victor stopped Einer ’s attack with just one finger:


Everyone heard the sound of two blades colliding.

”Wha- ” Before he could react to the scene that happened before him, he felt his face being hit by something invisible.

At the same time, Victor made a move. He positioned himself with a simple martial arts pose and punched the air!


A blast of air flew towards Einer, he was unable to dodge.

The gust of wind hit him with violent force!


An explosion happened when Einer hit the wall.

”Cough! ” Einer coughed up blood on the floor, but the attack wasn ’t over yet.

The effects of Victor ’s attack began to show up in Einer ’s body, his body slowly starting to freeze.

”What…? ” The audience didn ’t know how to react. They just couldn ’t understand what just happened in front of them.

”Is that the power of a vampire baby? ” The older vampire opened his eyes in shock. He felt like he was seeing the power of a 500 year old vampire! The only thing he was thinking now was; ’That monster created another little monster…. ’

”Good~ ” Scathach would look pleased.

”Mother… You overreacted… Again. ” Pepper could only say that she had seen this attack before, and she knows how devastating this attack is.

”Yes, he did it. I hope that guy is alive. ” Lacus.

”He ’s a vampire; he won ’t die that easy. I think… ” Ruby.

”Darling~ ” Violet is a little red in the face.

”…Lady Victoria. ” Hecate didn ’t know what to say when she saw Victoria ’s glare.

”That woman created a monster. ”

”… ” Hecate can ’t help nodding her head instinctively, so she goes back to looking at the arena with curious eyes.

Victor looked at Tatsuya, ”You use Katanas, right? ” He flashed a small smile, ”Let ’s make things a little fairer. ”

”… ” Tatsuya remained silent. His eyes were very serious, and he simply understood that the man in front of him shouldn ’t be underestimated.

Victor snaps his fingers, and slowly a greatsword of pure ice is created in front of him, and then he takes the greatsword and places it on his shoulder as he displayed a provocative smile on his face:

”Now the fight is fair. ”

”… ” The audience was speechless. Is that fair? You are carrying a sword over two meters long! Bulshit!

Victor raises his hand, and with a provoking gesture, he says:

”Come. ”

”… ” Tatsuya didn ’t move, and he just held his scabbard and positioned himself.

Slowly, Tatsuya ’s image began to fade.

”Heh~. You won ’t come? In that case. ”

Victor ’s body began to crackle with lightning, and soon he disappeared and left only a trail of golden light behind.

Tatsuya ’s eyes opened in shock, ”Wha- ”


The sound of lightning hitting something was heard!

Soon everyone could see Tatsuya flying towards the sky; he seemed unconscious.

With a big smile on his face, Victor lifted his finger, and a sphere of fire began to be created, and slowly… This sphere started to grow.

”What… am I dreaming…? ” Someone from the audience asked in disbelief as they rubbed their eyes.

”This is… what is this? What is this being? No… What is this monster!? ”

When the sphere of fire grew enough to be called a miniature sun.

”Burn. ”

The sphere flew towards Tatsuya.

”TATSUYA! Doge now! ” Victoria screamed in horror, she feared for her son ’s safety.

Hearing his mother ’s voice, Tatsuya ’s eyes opened, his eyes seemed to glow golden for a few seconds, his body was enveloped in lightning, and soon he disappeared from the sky.

The fireball flew towards the dark Nightingale sky and exploded, the effect of the explosion so big that all the clouds around the city were gone. For the first time in many years, everyone could see the capital ’s sky clear without a cloud.

”… ” An uncomfortable silence descended on everyone in the arena.

The audience was speechless again, they didn ’t know how to react to what they had just seen, it was just too unbelievable, that man… No, that monster just used the three powers of the Count Clans!?

Despite having lost the title of vampire count, Clan Fulger was still considered by the public to be a count ’s family. After all, they held the title for a long time.

Victoria sighed in relief when she saw her son safe, but…

”…Scathach… ” She spoke in a low voice as her body began to shake, and, slowly, a feeling of anger rose inside her.

Her eyes glowed blood red, she squeezed the chair she was sitting in so hard that the chair cracked under her strength:


Victoria ’s voice echoed throughout the silent arena…

And soon, everyone could hear the wild laughter of the strongest female vampire in the world.



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