My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 88: A little monster was created.

he younger vampires gaping:

Victor ’s stomach regenerated at an abnormal speed, and his clothing was also intact! It was like he went back in time! And it was in less than 7 seconds!

”…What is this guy? ” They kept being surprised to see Victor ’s abilities.

”See? ” Scathach smiled.

”… ” Sasha, Violet, and Ruby knew this, but they were still worried!

Tatsuya suddenly appears behind Victor. He was floating in the air with his body covered in lightning as he positioned himself in an Iaijutsu pose.

”Oh? Are you going to use that technique!? ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”Ryujin… Hakai no sora! ” He unsheathed his katana at an almost invisible speed.


Just like the last time, a blue-eyed oriental dragon with golden scales covered in lightning flew toward Victor.

”OOOOOHHH! ” The audience was excited when they saw that eastern dragon again.

And the audience wasn ’t the only one; Victor was too.

”Aaaah~, it ’s so beautiful. ” Victor wore a satisfied smile as if he were enjoying a piece of art.

”But… ” Victor raises his hand in front of him, the magic circle on his glove starts to glow brightly, ”It ’s a shame it ’s so weak… ”

He waits for the dragon to touch his hand, and a vision that all young vampires and Tatsuya won ’t forget happens. The dragon became a sculpture of ice…

”… How is this possible!? He froze the lightning! It makes no sense! ”

”…This… ” Tatsuya was speechless.

Victor clenched his fist a little, and soon the entire ice sculpture was destroyed, then he looked at Tatsuya with his eyes glowing red:

”It ’s my turn. ”

Tatsuya unconsciously took a step back when he saw Victor ’s gaze, and upon realizing what he had done, it made him very angry with himself; ’Me scared? Me!? ’

’Unforgivable! ’ He was very strict with himself.

”When you meet something you don ’t know… You feel scared. ” He suddenly heard Victor ’s voice beside him.

He quickly turned around in an attempt to react, but it was useless, and Victor grabs Tatsuya by the neck:

”Apparently, you feel it too~. ”

”Let go of me! ” Tatsuya started to struggle. He tried to cut Victor ’s arm, but Victor ’s arm was covered in pure ice, and Tatsuya ’s katana couldn ’t cut the ice from his arm!

”Okay. I will. ” Victor showed an innocent smile.

”Eh? ”

While holding Tatsuya ’s neck, Victor rolled a little in the air and threw him towards Einer.

Seeing Tatsuya flying towards him, Einer flashed a smile, he thought it was a good idea to submit Tatsuya now, but thinking that he would have to face Victor alone later, he changed his mind…

He decided to help Tatsuya.

He flies towards Tatsuya and catches him in the air, ”Stop playing around. Let ’s defeat this monster soon. ”

”What do you think I ’m trying to do? ” Tatsuya spoke in a serious tone as he covered his body with lightning.

The giant ice shield that Victor created melted, and Victor began to control the water towards the sky.

”Today ’s weather forecast is ice thorns~. Take care of the children. ” He displayed an innocent smile.

”This fucker…! ” Einer ’s eyes flashed with anger.

Soon a shower of icy thorns began to fall towards the two men.

Tatsuya managed to dodge the attacks using his lightning power. However, a very different situation was happening with Einer, as he didn ’t have much mobility in the air, he decided to use his thorns as a defense.

”Hmm, Hmm. ” Victor seemed to be tuning his voice, then he spoke with an innocent smile on his face:

”Attention, please. We have just received information that intense lightning showers are on the way. ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Sounds of thundering lightning could be heard in the sky.

”Mother Fucker… ” This time even Tatsuya insulted Victor.

And as Victor spoke, an intense rain of lightning began to fall towards Tatsuya and Einer.

”Fuck! ” Lightning broke through Einer ’s defense and hit him.

The same happened with Tatsuya.

”Ugh. ” Despite having the power of lightning, Tatsuya was not immune to it. Why?

”Fire…? ” The audience was speechless when they saw that wherever the lightning struck, a few seconds later, that same area caught fire, and it was quite obvious that this occurrence was unnatural.

”Can that monster merge his power!? ” Someone in the audience screamed.

”Hahahahaha! ” Victor laughed a lot.

”He looks like he ’s having fun… ” Ruby flashed a small smile.

”Yeah. ” Sasha also displayed a small smile.

”… Darling~. ” Violet ’s eyes looked quite dangerous now.

Narrowly surviving the rain of lightning and icy thorns, the two looked at Victor with an annoyed look.

”Good, Good! ”

Victor started clapping again with a big smile on his face, but as if by magic, his smile changed to an innocent smile, and he said:

”But… What are you going to do with this one? ” He pointed to the sky.

Einer and Tatsuya, even the audience, looked up at the sky.

And the first thing they saw was… A giant spike of ice that could easily cover the entire arena.

”Fuck… ” The two spoke at the same time.


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