My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 90: The End. And the beginning.

”K-Kid! Do you want to destroy the arena!? ” An older vampire in the audience yelled. The vampire knew most of the arena was safe, considering it had been equipped with various defensive enchantments created by the witches.

But an attack of this magnitude will destroy these enchantments!

”Hmm? ” Victor looks at the oldest vampire in the audience and flashes a small smile:

”Do I look like I care? ”

”… ” The audience was speechless.

”HAHAHAHAHAHA! ” Scathach was having a great time.

”Mother, stop laughing! This is serious! If he unleashes an attack of that size, the entire arena will be destroyed! ” Ruby spoke.

”And not only that, what will happen to us!? ” Lacus spoke.

”Awawawawa, we are going to die! ” Pepper was running around while freaking out.

”… ” Siena looks at the giant ice spike that was approaching and thinks, ’That ’s my technique, huh. ’ She didn ’t know how it felt to see that her mother taught her technique to someone, but one thing she was sure of; ’My mother created a monster just like her… ’

”…Do you underestimate witch technology so much? If the arena were destroyed by such an attack, the arena wouldn ’t have lasted for millennia. ” Elizabeth said. As a princess, she was the one who came into contact with witches the most, and because of that, she knew how reliable witch technology was…even though they were expensive.

”… ” The sisters were silent, but inwardly they were calmer.

”Fuck! He really attacked! ” Suddenly everyone heard the scream of someone from the audience, as they quickly looked up to the sky and saw the gigantic ice spike falling towards the arena.

”… ” Pepper ’s face darkened, and with the speed that surprised everyone, she made a decision, ”I ’ll run away! ”

Just as she started to run, she was caught by her shirt collar by Sasha.

”Ughyaaa ” Pepper made a strange noise, ”Fue…? Let me go! I will run away! ”

”Calm down, it ’s my husband we ’re talking about. He wouldn ’t put us in danger. ” Sasha looks at Ruby:

”You as his wife should know about his personality. ”

”… ” Ruby nodded in agreement with Sasha ’s words, she knew what kind of man Victor was, but she was taken aback by his sudden personality change.

But when she thought more calmly, she found he hadn ’t changed much. Like her mother, he would always put the safety of his family first.

”Indeed. Darling, doesn ’t play with our safety. ” Violet flashed a loving smile, she and Sasha weren ’t worried.

”Hmm…Father trustworthy. ” Ophis spoke.

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha looked at Ophis blankly. They didn ’t know how to feel to hear this little princess talking so confidently about Victor. Elizabeth was feeling the same feeling they were.

”Hey… what are we going to do!? ” Tatsuya asked with a blank face while looking at the spike of ice approaching the arena as he started to prepare himself.

”… Do I look like someone who knows? ” Einer responded with an expressionless look as he prepared himself as well. ’If things got too much worse, I still have ’it ’. I won ’t lose so easily! My father will not accept another failure. ’

Tatsuya covered his body with the power of lightning, and he looked towards the spike of ice with sharp eyes:

”I will cut it. ”

”Huh…? ” Einer didn ’t believe what he heard.

”That ’s not normal ice, you know that, right? ”

”Of course I know. The strongest female vampire ’s powers are well known. ”

”But…I doubt that man is on that woman ’s level. ” He spoke with confidence.

”… ” Einer nodded in agreement with Tatsuya ’s words.

”Have you finished planning? ”

”… ” Tatsuya and Einer felt very strange now, ’was he waiting for us? ’ That ’s what they thought.

”Good~, Good~. ” Victor waved several times, ”Let ’s make things more interesting. ” Soon, he raised his finger to the sky.

A small bolt of lightning shot out of Victor ’s finger and flew towards the ice.

”… What is he doing? ” Someone from the audience asked curiously. Even though they knew they were in danger, they didn ’t care that much. They know the arena is safe, and if things go too far, the referee will intervene. After all, he must protect the audience.

And it ’s not like they can ’t protect themselves, they ’re vampires, and most of the vampires present are over 300 years old. Only a few vampires were younger than that.

When the little lightning bolt touched the ice spike, the entire ice spike was covered in lightning.

The image of a giant ice spike covered by lightning was seen by all.

”… ” The audience was silent.

”Bloody Hell… ”

”He ’s overreacting! ” Someone from the audience screamed, and everyone couldn ’t help but agree with that person.

Victor exhibited a small smile and created a small ball of fire, which he threw on the ice spike. And the previous scene was repeated.


Soon the entire ice spike was covered with the three elements.

The image of a giant spike covered with lightning and fire that was the weakness of vampires was a rather intimidating sight.

The referee looked up at the sky, and the eyes behind his mask seemed to glow for a moment; ’It ’s not time yet. ’ Soon his eyes return to normal color. He made the decision to wait. His thought was that he would step in if things got too far, but this kind of power was still acceptable by his standards.

”…This is excessive…. ” Even Violet was feeling it now.

”HAHAHAHAHA! Good~, Good~, but… That ’s still not enough. ” Scathach ’s eyes glowed a dangerous red, she seemed to be thinking about something profound.

”Is that still not enough…? ” Everyone in the VIP room had no reaction at hearing Scathach ’s words.

”Mother… ” Ruby looked at her mother, a little worried, she knew that expression, and from her own experience, she knew that this was not a good thing.

”…Can you cut that? ” Einer said as he was covered in a cold sweat.

”…I ’ll try… ” Tatsuya didn ’t look very confident.

Victor ’s smile grew unnaturally, his eyes glowed blood red, and Victor ’s image seemed to get distorted:

”And now!? And now!? What are you going to do!? The attack is coming! ”

”That crazy son of a bitch…. ” Einer muttered angrily.

”… ” Tatsuya nodded in agreement with Einer ’s words.

”Tsk, we have no choices. Let ’s destroy this thing. ” Einer points his hand to Tatsuya.

A dark power came out of Einer ’s hand and covered Tatsuya ’s body.

Rumble, Rumble!

Tatsuya ’s lightning changed to black lightning.

”…? ” Tatsuya didn ’t understand what Einer did, but he felt stronger!

”Oh? What is this~? ” Victor noticed it too, and knowing that his opponent got stronger made the smile on his face grow; he seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

”This will help protect you from the fire and will increase your strength a little. ” Einer didn ’t explain too deeply.

”What is that? ”

”My power. Now get ready! ”

”… ” Tatsuya nods and doesn ’t question it anymore. He understood that Einer didn ’t want to talk about it.

”In the end. He needed to use that…. ” Niklaus ’s eyes sparkled a little when he saw Einer ’s attitude.

”He doesn ’t have a choice, ” Zwei responded neutrally.

”Either he uses it, or he loses, ” Jessica spoke up.

”I will try to hold off the attack as long as possible. You must destroy it! ” Einer said.

”… Okay. ” Tatsuya assumes the position of Iaijutsu.

Rumble, Rumble!

The surrounding black lightning was building in power.

Einer raises his hand towards the ice spike. ”I didn ’t want to use so much energy, but I don ’t have a choice… ” His eyes began to glow more intensely

Everyone in the arena feels the ground shake as if there ’s an earthquake.

”What is happening!? ” Pepper asked.

”Something is coming from under the Earth. ” Eleonor, who was more sensitive, spoke.

Soon several giant thorns rose towards the sky. The thorns began to rotate and seemed to be merging.

Slowly, the two powers were closing in on each other until…


The two attacks collided, an incredible explosion of power took place!

Einer ’s thorn and Victor ’s ice spike seemed to be struggling to see what power would lose first.

”Ugh. ” Einer felt the recoil of the attack, he felt his whole body damaged, but he ignored it and looked at Tatsuya:

”Do it. ”

Tatsuya nodded slightly.


Suddenly everyone heard the sound of lightning hitting something, so they took their attention away from the clash of powers and looked at the arena. Soon they could see Tatsuya covered in lightning.

His hair was up like he was defying gravity, his eyes were glowing gold, and the skin on his hand was completely black with tiny sparks crackling; it was like his hand was bathed in lightning.

”One hit, one kill… ” He muttered, and then he was gone.

Exceeding the speed he showed before, he flew towards the ice spike.

Einer seizes this chance and removes his thorns. Losing the only thing holding it back from falling, the spike of ice that Victor created began to fall again towards Tatsuya and Einer.

Tatsuya at this moment appears in front of the gigantic spike:

”Rairyū no Zangeki. ”

This time, the speed with which he drew the Katana from its scabbard was so fast that few could see what he did.

”… ” A moment of silence in the arena, but that silence was broken by Victor ’s voice.

He spoke in a solemn voice, ”Ahhh~, that was amazing… Yes, indeed. That really was a wonderful performance~ ” He seemed to be enjoying something as he looked at the spike he created.


Suddenly everyone could hear the sound of something breaking, they quickly looked up at the sky and opened their mouths in shock.

”He cut… He cut that attack!? ” Someone in the audience screamed.

And, as if in sync with this man in the audience, the spike of ice began to snap in half.


”They did it! ”

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