My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 91: Wife time... And became famous.

The audience was cheering excitedly. The show of power, along with Tatsuya and Einer overcoming Victor ’s almost ’invincible ’ power, was great entertainment for everyone.

But not everyone was enjoying it.

The ice debris were still falling towards the arena, the arena will not be destroyed, but the damage to the city will be enormous.

The referee realized this, and he wanted to intervene since he couldn ’t let a part of the city be destroyed.

”Don ’t worry, old man. ” The referee heard Victor ’s voice.

He heard a snapping of fingers, and soon all the ice debris created by Victor turned to water and then turned to ice again, but this time, it was just hail.

Soon a small hailstorm occurred in the arena.

The referee looked at Victor, and, seeing the satisfied smile on his face, the referee felt awkward; ’Why does he look so pleased? Why is his skin glowing? Does he look prettier? What the fuck? ’

The referee had a lot of doubts in his head now, but before asking something, he wanted to refute something:

”I ’m not old. ”

”What is your age? ” Victor asked.

”1794. I ’m still an adult. ” The referee responded.

”…You ’re older than the man at the store I knew… You ’re an old man. ”

”… I ’m not. ” The referee didn ’t want to give up, he felt a bad feeling when he was called old, he didn ’t like it!

”Yes, you are. But don ’t worry, you can still find a wife, but she won ’t be as pretty as my wives. ”

A vein popped in the referee ’s head, but because he was wearing a mask, his face was not seen by Victor.

”Are you going to continue the match? ” The referee asked, changing the subject.

”I wanted to… But unfortunately… ” Victor looked at Einer and Tatsuya, who were on the ground breathing deeply. They looked quite tired.

”They are like this… ”


Victor released a long, disappointed sigh, ”That ’s really a shame, I was having so much fun, but unfortunately, they got tired. ”

”… ” The referee remained neutral and didn ’t comment on this, but internally, he was thinking the same thing as Victor; the fight was a lot of fun for him too.

”I… haven ’t… lost… the fight yet, ” Einer said, he looked quite tired, and his transformation had already been undone.

Tatsuya leaned on his Katana and got up too.

The two look at Victor with the intention of continuing the fight.

”Oh…? ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed in admiration, and he displayed a small satisfied smile. Then, slowly, that smile grew, and he spoke with a big happy smile:

”I like both of you! ”

”Eh? ” Tatsuya and Einer didn ’t understand.

”Huh!? ” The audience didn ’t get it either.

”What!? ” Ruby, Sasha, and Violet were freaking out.

”Pfft… HAHAHAHAHAHA! ” Scathach was laughing a lot. She somehow remembered her past, she remembers doing the same thing when she was younger. It ’s a unique feeling when you meet a strong warrior… Wrong, the correct word would be a rival. ’Although, these two boys are still far from my disciple ’s level~, but they have talent… Mainly that boy from Clan Horseman. ’

Scathach judged the two to be gifted vampires. Tatsuya has a very peculiar Katana-based martial art, and he has a strange power of illusion, not to mention that he also has the powers of Clan Fulger.

Einer, despite being young, could already access the vampire count form and even seemed to have a lot of control over his power in this form, although he still has stamina issues.

”…Hmm? ” Realizing what he said, Victor corrected himself, ”Oh, don ’t look at me like that. I like women, and I ’m married too. ”

”What!? ” This time it was the female vampires in the audience who screamed. A young vampire so strong and with excellent connections!? It ’s the dream of every female vampire who doesn ’t have much status.

Not to mention that Victor is a baby! These women ’s Shota instincts were screaming to eat him.

”…This bitches… ” Violet ’s eyes weren ’t pretty now.

”… ” Sasha and Ruby shared the same sentiment.

Even Scathach felt a little annoyed when he heard the female vampires in the audience talking about Victor; ’They think they can do whatever they want with my disciple!? Haha! Looks like some female vampires are going to disappear today. ’

Five killing intents began to leak from the VIP room towards the audience, and it made the female vampires scream in fear… Wait, five!?

”Father… Is mine. ”

”… ” No one knew how to react to Ophis ’ words except Violet.

”Bit-… Kid, go grow up first! You are too young! ” Violet was going to insult Ophis, but realizing it was inappropriate to say that to a child, she quickly changed what she was going to say.

A small vein popped in Ophis ’ head, ”Is mine… ”

”Huuuh!? ” Violet ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”… ” Elizabeth again was in disbelief when she sensed a feeling of anger coming from Ophis; ’she is usually so apathetic…. ’

”Oh… ” Tatsuya and Einer sighed a little when they heard Victor ’s words.

”Although I really want to continue our fight. ”

”!!! ” They were surprised to hear Victor ’s voice beside them.

”You are in no condition to fight, and I won ’t have fun like that. ” Victor brings both of his hands towards Tatsuya and Einer ’s forehead.

”See you in the future… Einer, and Tatsuya~. ”

”Wha- ”

Soon He finger-flicked their foreheads.


A small explosion happened, and the two flew towards the wall completely unconscious.

The referee appeared beside the two and assessed them. Then, seeing that the two were not in a position to continue, he raises his hand and says:

”The winner is… ”

”Victor Walker! ”


The audience roared excitedly as they clapped their hands.

A few hours later, in a meeting room.

Countess Scathach Scarlett, Victoria Rider, and Count Niklaus Horseman were present.

Next to them was the director of the arena.

”Then? What happens to our game. ” Victoria asked with a neutral look.

”My disciple won, so our reward is what I said at the previous meeting. ”

”I ’m not talking about that. I ’m talking about my game against this old man. ” She pointed to Niklaus, who was a little way off.

”Oh, that ’s your problem. ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”… ” Victoria ’s face shook a little.

Scathach elaborated a little, ”From the beginning, I had made it clear; the fight that will take place against my disciple is another completely separate game. The fight against my disciple has nothing to do with your game. You ’re the one who didn ’t pay attention. ”

”So, this fight was futile? ” Victoria spoke.

”For you guys? Yes. But for my disciple? Of course not, since he can finally loosen up a bit. ”

”… ” Victoria was feeling cheated now, but she knew Scathach was right. From the start, she never said she would meddle in their game.

What happened was basically her interfering in the fight between two Clans just so her disciple could ’let go ’ a little.

They fought for nothing!

Irrational! This woman is very irrational! She just casually interfered with the fighting of other clans just for her disciple to have fun! Hateful woman!

Victoria was freaking out internally, but she didn ’t dare say it out loud.

Niklaus was thinking a little differently; ’Not everything was useless… My son learned from this fight, it was a shame he failed, but unlike before, this situation was not in his control. ’ He wasn ’t an irrational man; he was just very strict.

And they were able to discover the existence of Victor, which in itself changes a lot…

”Are we done? I have to go now~. Enjoy the game. ” Scathach got up and walked towards the exit.

”Countess Scathach Scarlett. ” Niklaus looked at Scathach.

Scathach turned and looked at the man.

”Who is that boy? ”

Scathach exhibited a small smile, ”He ’s my son-in-law. ”

”What… ” Victoria opened her mouth in shock, she never thought she would live long enough to hear those words from Scathach ’s mouth. After all, she knows this woman ’s stories, she knows she wouldn ’t accept an ’ordinary man ’ ’ to be her daughter ’s husband.

”And my disciple. ” She laughed a little, ”He ’s a lot of things, but it ’s up to you to find that out, considering he ’ll be coming to your house in the near future. ”

”…I see. ” Niklaus nodded.

Ending the conversation, Scathach soon left the room.

”… ” A moment of silence fell in the room, the two Clan leaders were thinking about their next move, but before that, they needed to resolve this situation.

”Are you going to continue the bet? ”

”…No… ” Victoria replied after thinking for a moment, ”The situation has changed. ” She gets up and walks towards the exit.

”So we decided this as a tie? ”  

”Yes. It ’s fine by me. ” She spoke as soon as she opened the door and left the room.

Victoria didn ’t give up on her ambitions, she just backed off… Victor ’s existence and his connection to the three great vampire clans can bring about many changes, and she doesn ’t want to make another rash decision like she did now.

Niklaus looked at the arena director for a few seconds, but soon he got up and left the arena too.

The arena director displayed a small smile as the guests left his room, ”Did you send it to the king? ”

”Yes. ” A man wearing an all-black outfit with a mask on his face appeared behind the director.

”Good. I wonder what his reaction was…. ” The man smiled a little.

”… If I may say so. ”

”Oh? ”

”The king is angry… ”

”This is rare. He rarely displays emotions even to his subordinates. Was he angry with the fight? ”

”It didn ’t look like he was angry about the fight. ”

”Hmm… Something that might annoy the king… His daughters, I think? ”

”I do not know. I ’m just his eyes and ears. ” Soon he disappears.

”… I know. ” The man exhibited a smile.

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