My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 96: Strange Place.

While Victor was visiting his friends.

A little chaos was happening in the room where he sleeps with his wives.

”Not this one. Not this one. Not this one… This one looks like an old woman ’s dress. ”

”… Will we be like this too when it ’s our turn? ” Sasha asked as she looked at Violet, who was only wearing a black bra and black panties.

She was in front of the wardrobe, taking all the clothes out of it and throwing them on the bed. She seemed very indecisive about what she was going to wear.

”Probably? ” Ruby replied.

”Hard to say, huh? ”

”Yes… ” Ruby nodded.

”Can you help me!? ” Violet suddenly looked at both of them.

”… ” The two were speechless.

”But wasn ’t it you who didn ’t want our help? Are you getting senile? ” Sasha snapped.

”Whatever, just help me! ”

”Ugh. This girl is very irrational. ”

”This is nothing new. ”

”Indeed. She ’s been like that since she was a child. ” Sasha didn ’t feel like getting off the couch; it seemed to be swallowing her… She was too lazy.

”Coming to think, she ’s changed a lot, huh? ” Ruby spoke after looking at Violet.

”You think? ” Sasha raised an eyebrow at her. Violet looked like the same irrational, crazy, and stalking woman she ’d known since childhood.

”Yes, until a few days ago, she would try to kill us for being close to our husband. ”

”Oh… That ’s true. ” Sasha nodded.

”We also changed. For example, you wouldn ’t be as comfortable talking about these things now as before, right? ” Ruby exhibited a small smile.

”… ” Sasha smiled gently:

”You ’ve changed too… Now you smile more. ” She remembers that Ruby used to be colder and rarely showed emotions.

”…Oh. ” Ruby is surprised, but soon she flashes a gentle little smile, ”Indeed. ”

”… ” Sasha felt her heart flutter a little when she saw Ruby ’s smile, then she also flashes a smile:

”I ’ve said it several times already, but you should show that smile more to our husband… He would love it. ”

”In the future. ” Ruby laughed.

”… ” A moment of silence fell in the room, and the only noise the two of them could hear was Violet pulling several clothes out of the wardrobe. Yet, in some strange way, this noise left the two women with a feeling of peace in their hearts.

”A lot happened suddenly, and we didn ’t have time to talk about it. ”

”Indeed. ” Sasha nodded.

”Do you intend to go home? ” Ruby asked.

”In the future. After my date with Darling~. ”

”Oh? Since when do you call him ’Darling ’? ”

”Since now. ” Sasha laughed, and then she spoke with a serious expression, ”I ’m tired of not showing my feelings to my Darling. I feel that if I don ’t get closer to him, your mother will steal my Darling from me. ”

”… ” Ruby didn ’t know how to feel when she heard Sasha ’s words, but… Inwardly, she thought the same thing as her.

”That is impossible, ” Ruby said, or at least she wanted to believe so.

”Wake up to reality, they are very similar, and it attracts them, even if they don ’t realize it. ” Sasha ’s face darkened a little, ”And something happened while they were training. Didn ’t you see that Darling is regularly giving his blood to your mother? ”

”… ” Ruby ’s and Sasha ’s eyes darkened, ”Indeed. I realized that, but one thing we can be sure of, our husband will never cheat on us. But, we have to be careful with women… Mainly, my mother. ” She never thought she would say that in her life.

She also never thought that she would have to feel threatened by her own mother! It shouldn ’t be like that!

”Don ’t forget Ophis, Elizabeth, and Eleonor. ” Sasha ignored Ruby ’s sisters because she realized that Victor ’s relationship with them is more like a sibling relationship.

And Victor doesn ’t like Siena, Ruby ’s older sister…

”Ophis too? She is a child! ”

”She ’s a child ’now. ’… But what about in the future? ”

”… ” Ruby raised an eyebrow, she had completely forgotten about that.

”But we ’re missing something, ” Sasha added with serious eyes.

”What? ”

”Our husband ’s feelings. ”

”Oh. ” Ruby thought that was true. After all, they were just thinking about themselves, and they never thought about Victor ’s own feelings.

Come to think of it now, they never had a proper conversation with Victor about it…

”Currently, he only has eyes for us…. And Scathach… ”

Ruby looks at Sasha, ”… Because of that, she ’s the most dangerous, huh? ”

”Yes… ” Sasha wore a face of uncertainty, ”Although depending on our husband ’s tastes, these women will never get a chance to be around him. ”

”Oh? ” Ruby raised an eyebrow.

”You seem to be absolutely sure what you ’re talking about. ” Sasha looked at Ruby:

”Don ’t you see? Darling just reacts to women like Violet, Scathach, you, and me. ”

”…What do we have in common? ” Ruby was thinking deeply, but she couldn ’t think of anything.

”What is Violet ’s most striking feature? ” Sasha helped a little.

”She ’s a yandere…Oh, ” Ruby responded without thinking, and when she answered, she understood what Sasha was suggesting.

”Yandere? ” Sasha didn ’t understand.

”It means something close to a stalker. ” She was too lazy to explain.

”…Our husband only reacts to women like that. He has problems in his head… Wait, am I like that too? ” Somehow she just realized it now.

”Wait, Wait! ” She started to panic, ”I don ’t remember being like this! ” She was a more noble and calm woman! She ’s not like Violet! At least that ’s what she believes.

”I wasn ’t like that either… ” Ruby muttered.

”We were influenced…. ” Ruby looked at Violet with accusing eyes.

”It ’s Violet ’s fault, right? ” Sasha spoke.

”Indeed. It ’s the ritual ’s fault too, thanks to the side effect of the unsuccessful ritual, we can feel each other ’s emotions. ”

They faithfully believed it. But, they didn ’t realize that this was all an illusion of their own making; they were never normal.

How can a child who was raised by a woman who loves to gamble and a woman who is mad about battle be normal? Not to mention that they are vampires. Biologically, this breed feels emotions more intensely. They never had a chance to be ’normal ’…

Sensing Ruby and Sasha ’s accusing stares, Violet stopped what she was doing and looked at the two of them.

”What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? ” She was so focused on choosing an outfit that she didn ’t hear the two women talking.

”Nothing… ” The two replied at the same time.

Suddenly the two heard Yuki ’s scream.

”Ughyaaaaa! I ’m late! ”

”Oh, she woke up now, huh? ” Ruby spoke.

”Yes, it ’s a shame our husband has already left, ” Sasha spoke.

”Since she ’s not doing anything, I ’m going to ask her to help me! ” Violet had a great idea.

”Wait, she ’s not your maid! ”

”But she is from my Clan! And she ’s my Darling ’s maid, and if she ’s my Darling ’s maid, she ’s my maid too! After all, everything of my Darling ’s is mine, and everything I have is my Darling ’s! ”

”… ” The two were speechless with this twisted logic.

”…Somehow, in a distorted way, that makes sense, ” Sasha spoke after thinking for a few seconds.

”… ” Ruby nodded in agreement.

”Right? I will call her! ” Violet ran toward the bedroom exit.

”Wait! Put on some clothes first! ”

”Oh… ” Violet suddenly stopped running, she looked at the bed, and seeing whatever clothes she liked, she took the clothes and put them on.

Soon she left the room!

”She left the door open… ” Ruby sighed.

”I ’ll fix it. ” Sasha ’s body is covered with lightning, and as soon as she disappears, in a flash, she closes the door and lays down where she was again.

”I envy that ability… ”

”Hahaha~ ” Sasha laughed in amusement.

In a dense forest, Victor was standing on top of a gigantic tree, and beside him was Kaguya.

”I swear. If God exists in this world, he is trying to make a fool of me. ”

In front of Victor was a four meter tall monkey, the monkey was bathing in a waterfall, and this monkey was clearly female.

”Master, you have strange luck. ”

”Is this luck? ” Victor pointed to the monkey that was taking a bath.

”I think this is bad luck. Considering you had two lucky moments a few moments ago. The universe is trying to balance things out, I guess? ”

”Which lucky moments are you talking about? ” Nothing came to mind for Victor when he thought about it.

”… ” Kaguya looked at Victor in disbelief:

”Master… Are you serious? ”

”…Yes? ”


She gave a very visible sigh, then she said, ”Don ’t you remember? Seeing your friend ’s mother and your friend ’s sister naked? ”

”…Oh. ” Victor thinks for a moment and says, ”Is that luck? ”

”For some men, it is…. ” Kaguya commented.

”Hmm. ” Victor thought Andrew, his childhood friend, would find this situation quite lucky.

”Whatever. ” Victor didn ’t think about it much since he had no interest in it.

”… ” Kaguya exhibited a small smile when she saw that Victor didn ’t care for those women.

”Just a curiosity, what do you consider as luck? ” She was quite curious.

”Hmm… I think I ’m already lucky. ” He answered honestly.

”Huh? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand. After all, that wasn ’t the question she asked him!

Victor elaborated, ”I mean, I have three wives that I love very much, a master who takes care of me in her weird way, and I have you. ” He smiled kindly.

”Oh… ” Kaguya turned her face away quickly.

”Kaguya? ”

”W-Why don ’t you go fight? The monkey is in front of you! ”

Victor looked at the monkey, ”Hmm, I think that would be disrespectful. Attacking someone while that person is taking a shower…it ’s kind of…right? ” It ’s not like Victor is trying to kill the monkey. He just wants to fight.

”Y-Yes. Whatever… Why don ’t you look for another monkey then? I will be waiting here. ”

”Hmm…Okay. ” Victor nodded, and soon his body was covered in lightning, and he flew into the sky.

Realizing that Victor is gone, Kaguya kneels in a fetal position and puts her hand on her face. She doesn ’t want anyone to see her face right now.

”This is unfair, Master… ”


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