My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 9: The only one who forgives is God I dont.

itated by the impasse, Luan tries to push Victor using his vampire strength, but Victor doesn't move.


“Ohhh!? What was that loud noise!? Are they ok!? I think I heard a bone-breaking,” someone near the court yelled.

“You're right, I heard a cracking sound like something had broken.” A man standing next to him spoke.

The audience was right, a bone broke, and it wasn't Victor's.

“heh? Why are you wearing that pained expression? Will you cry?”

“Just what are you made of?” Luan asked in shock as he felt his ribs healing; he tried to take down Victor, but it felt like he was trying to bring down a mountain.

Victor patted his chest and said, “I'm just built different.”

Luan huffed, he suddenly pulled away from Victor.

“Is he trying to do a long shot? Is he crazy!? He's not even in the middle of the court yet!”

“Even if he's the captain, that is impossible for him to do, right?”

“He's crazy! He really threw the ball!!”

“Fool,” Luan said.

Victor looked at the ball in the air and started running towards the basket he was protecting, arriving at the basket, he just waits patiently for the ball to come down, if the ball enters the basket, bad luck for him, but if Luan misses, he is prepared for a counterattack.

The entire crowd just watches anxiously as they wait for the ball to drop.


“The ball hit the hoop! He missed!” Someone from the crowd shouted.

“Heh, looks like the goddess of luck is not favoring you today,” Victor takes the ball and looks at Luan who was running towards him, as he looked at Luan he thinks, 'The goddess of luck is a bitch, one time she pays attention to you but, eventually, she loses interest and looks at someone else, so I don't need her.'

Victor positions himself to throw the ball.

“Don't tell me!? Will he try to throw the ball from the end of the court!? He's crazy, that's impossible! He's definitely not going to make that!”

Realizing what Victor is going to do, Luan increases his running speed, with only seconds left before he gets in front of Victor.

“Too slow,” Victor said.

Suddenly, Victor changes position and holds the ball with one hand then he throws the ball; as soon as he threw the ball, Victor started running at high speed.

“Huh!? What is he planning!?”


A thunderous noise was heard on the court, everyone looked stunned and saw that the ball hit the panel above the basketball hoop and bounced.

“Do not tell me! Was that his plan!?”

“HAHAHAHA!!” Victor chuckled with a manic smile on his face that showed all of his teeth.

Suddenly, Victor jumps up then catches the ball in the air and buries it in the basket!


“This man is insane!”

“Is he really human!? How did he run from the end of a court and still manage to catch the ball in midair!?”

“Fool! He planned it, and you didn't see he ran before he threw the ball! If we calculate right, this feat is possible to do, it's just extremely difficult!” A man with black glasses spoke as he lifted his glasses, for some reason, the people standing nearby could see the man's glasses glowing.

Victor lets go of the basket's hoop and falls to the ground, then he looks at Luan with the same smile that shows all of his teeth: “Is this all you can do?” He teased him again.

Luan's expression starts to distort again, his expression was something to behold, he was extremely angry. 'Who does this newborn think he is!? He comes to my territory and challenges me!? Who does he think he is!? He's just trash! I do not accept this!'

Seeing Luan's expression constantly changing, Victor just smiled then smiled even more; he looked like a child who found a fun toy to break.

“… Oh, right,” Luan spoke in a smug tone as if he realized something. “I think I shouldn't hold back anymore.”

Victor stops smiling and looks at Luan, noticing that his atmosphere has changed, he says in disdain: “Heh, and what happened to the agreement not to use powers?”

“You've been using your powers from the start, don't expect me to follow that rule.”

“Tsk, Tsk, it looks like your brain is smaller than a dog; actually saying you have a dog's brain is very offensive for the dog itself. After all, at least dogs are loyal,” Victor said while pointing to a local.

Luan followed Victor's finger, and the moment Luan saw a man with blond hair and green eyes standing in the stands, he froze:

Corneliu made a gesture with his mouth, and Luan seemed to understand what Corneliu had said.

“Looks like the dog found its owner.” Victor flashed a sneer.

“And? What will you do?” Victor asked as he smiled again.

“Are you going to obey your owner or are you going to continue? Decide! How good a dog are you, make up your own mind! Choose!” His smile grew with every word he spoke, he wanted Luan to continue, he wanted Luan to show that he wasn't a dog and challenge him.

Seeing the gestures his master was making, Luan bites his lip and says, “I give up,” he spoke out loud, his voice seemed to be heard across the court, and everyone was looking at the basketball team captain in shock.

Suddenly Victor's smile died, and he lost interest, “Is that it? In the end, you're just a dog.”

“Referee, you heard him, right. The captain dropped out, the show is over,” Victor said as he took off his shirt and threw it somewhere.

Victor didn't wait for the referee to say something, he had lost interest, and he also fulfilled two of his goals. He humiliated Luan in front of the whole school he fought so hard to be accepted in and found out who was behind him; for now, that's enough.

When the women saw Victor's body, they started talking to each other.

“My God, look at his body.”

“He is so hot.”

“Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Actually, who is he?” A woman asked confused.

Victor flashed a sneer, he looked at the women in the stands and thought; I'm married, witches. He didn't even set eyes on these women.

Ruby, who hid again when she noticed that Victor turned to the bleachers, got up and looked at Victor who was leaving; why do I keep hiding? Not even she knew why she was acting like this, she was just too embarrassed…

Ruby then looks at Corneliu, and sees the kind of face he was making; Yes, he will definitely attack Victor, I have to tell Violet… Actually, I think I should just tell him myself, but… I'm embarrassed! I can't go out there and say, hey, Victor. I'm your wife, good morning… Just thinking about it makes me feel ashamed! Yes, I will definitely contact Violet… Maybe I will contact him myself? Ahhhhhh!! My head!!!

Even though Ruby was going through a mental breakdown, her face didn't change, she still had an expressionless face as she watched Victor walk off the court.

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