My Twin (my crush)

The exposure.....

Episode 1

Entering the school gate late and noticed my mathematics teacher heading towards the staff room through the right stairs. He gave an assignment which was to be submitted the next day and am right at the gate staring at him. ”don just stand, move ” I thought. Just violated a rule and about to violate another (all assignment should be submitted before assembly). Moving swiftly through the left stairs just to get to the staff room located in the middle of the building on the second floor.

Goodness me, I was so lucky not to meet any teacher in but unfortunately I ran into a female teacher. Her first impression was a deception which made me dislike her. ”What were you doing in there? ” she asked. ”i was asked to check Mr. Clement (my mathematics teacher) ”, gave a smart answer. She looked at me with her big eyes but ”who cares ”. Soon enough, i got to the ground and zoomed off to my class, which was in the other building.

Few minutes to break, lesson was still on when I percieved some dust. As a well mannered student, I ignored and concentrated. ”wheres the dust coming from ” the teacher noticed the heavy dust. I peeped through the window and noticed it was from the other building. Taking a good look, one of the pillar was cracking. ”quick, that building is going down ” my instincts stinked me. I didn think twice, ran to the staff room to get the megaphone.

”get down to the ground, this building is …. ” gggbbaammm, the left stairs went down. I quickly ran to the second floor. The Male teachers quickly coordinated the students and in few almost everyone was down to the ground. The last person happened to be my crush, not just crush but a long time crush ( but do you know that a long time has become love). Some call it unlucky but I call it fate. The left stairs collapsed with Mr. Clement on it but he managed to save his life by jumping. We were unable to use the stairs, stuck on the second floor. She held me tight due to fright but her touch gave a strong signal. ”in case we don make it, I like u ” I whispered in her ears. ”Dear Lord ” I said and hugged her tight then threw our self down but I made sure I was to land on my back.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

”Rachel should stay with him till tomorrow ” I heard an adult male voice but it was kind of fade. ”I will call your parent to inform them ”, Mrs. Biology assured I recognized her voice but I was still shut, both eyes and mouth. I opened my eye but my the was blurry, so I tried raising my hands but it was a passage for drip. ”hes awake ” my crush announced. ”how are you feeling ” ”does your head hurt ” ”are u feeling any pain ” lot of questions but I assured ”am fine ”.

”Quick, call the doctor ” Mr. Clement ordered Rachel. ”You
e such a strong boy ” Mrs. Tammy mostly referred to has Mrs. Biology said. After so many praises, the doctor walked in but seem shocked in her action. ”please excuse me, we need to run a quick diagnosis. Hes not suppose to be up by this time ” she stated.

Few minutes later, after running the diagnosis, she went out with the nurses then immediately Rachel and co walked in. Giving few but reasonable reasons that only Rachel would be staying overnight. No problem sir ” I assured. This was golden opportunity for me to tell my feelings but I was a Crawford and I pray I don ruin things.

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