Impatient fingers tapped on the bar top. How much longer were they going to make him wait before someone showed up to take his order? Aspen scanned both sides of the bar with a huff as a hand came up to comb through his raven-black hair. Not many customers were lingering around. Figures with how far into the night it already was. Based on the sea of writhing bodies on the dance floor and the thick scent of sweat, most of them probably already had their fill of liquor. Hed have liked that very much. More so if his partner had actually shown up already.

Hed hoped to have at least had a drink by now to help calm his nerves while waiting. Instead, hed been left high and dry both by his date and drinks thus far. It didn bode well for how the night would likely end up. Hed heard from other friends Rougir was supposed to have better service than this. One of the best bars around the area. Best spot of dates and hooks up, amazing drinks and service.

”Excuse me! I hope whatever pretty boy is working behind this counter realizes that Ive been standing here for a good ten minutes already and Im not the type who likes to be kept waiting! ” Aspen raised his voice over the music as he leaned further over the counter.

”Hold your horses, cowboy. Theres a lot more to do around here than serving a handful of customers. ” Clattering came from the back room before a rather tall, rough-looking man with snakebites and electric purple hair came from the back. He looked a stark contrast to most of the fluffy, rather uppity people on the dance floor. Nothing about his looks screamed high-class, pompous, or rich.

”Sorry to keep the horse thirsty. Though if youd brought a horse here with you, I might have been more willing to serve you sooner. Seeing as it is my job anyhow, what can I get you. ” The Joke fell flat for Aspen who barely heard it, too caught off-guard by the bartenders looks.

”Earth to cowboy? Did you want that drink or not? You spent the last ten minutes hollering at me just to not order anything? ” Aspen recoiled as the bartender snapped his fingers in the others face.

”Of course, I intend to order something. I was just taking a moment to think about what I want. ” Aspen scowled when the rough features morphed into an amused smirk.

”Staring at my face is going to help you decide what you want to drink. Never realized I had any options scrawled across my face. Generally, I keep them to my hands if I run out of paper. ” Aspen chose to ignore the others comment, turning his attention to the menu. He hoped his face didn mirror the level of embarrassment he felt inside. He didn often catch himself staring at others.

”Can you get me a Hot and Spicy Dirty Angel? Two actually. ” Aspen ensured his face remained straight as he placed the order despite the bartenders obvious amusement at his choice of order.

”For you and a friend? ” The bartender didn bother writing the order down before getting to work on the drink.

”Does it matter? ” Aspen drummed his fingers on top of the counter again, glancing around. It didn matter how many times he looked around, he still remained the only one around the bar aside from the tender.

”Nah. Call it polite chatter. Though, it would be lying to say that I couldn help but notice youve been looking around since you get here. Your expression is one very common for a jilted puppy. ” Aspen looked away at this comment. Damn it, was he that easy to read? He didn think his expression gave that away.

”I had made a date to meet up with a friend here. It was tentative though. Even if they didn show up, I still figured that I would be able to have a bit of fun on my own. ” Aspen shrugged, leaning against the counter as he listened to the sound of clinking glasses coming from behind him while checking his phone. No messages yet. Damn it, he didn want to have to admit it hed been stood up but it certainly looked that way…

For once,

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