”Out of all the places, why did you have to bring him here? You couldve taken him anywhere. ” The raised voice made Aspen groan, stirring him back toward the land of the living. A place he wasn quite ready to come back to the comment his head began to throb. Did they have to talk so loud?

”Oh don be such a fussy butt. You bring people back around here all the time. I don see what the harm is with me doing the same. Plus, isn he such a cute little cowboy when he sleeps. ” Aspen tried but failed to bury his head under the pillow to drown out the sound. The pillow wouldn budge without him lifting his head but his head hurt far too much to move even an inch. God, why did he go about agreeing to have so much to drink? The mere thought of the liquor made his stomach turn rather unpleasant.

”Cute to you! All I see is a disaster waiting to happen the moment that he wakes up and needs somewhere to empty the contents of his stomach. ” The second voice was met with a rather deep throat but pleasant-sounding laugh. One that caused Aspens stomach to flip differently from lurching nausea threatening to overtake him. The noise was a strangely familiar yet comforting sound even if he couldn quite place it.

Aspen tried to work his way through the brain fog while listening to the muffled banter. His head hurt too much to know where it came from exactly, he just knew it wasn from the same room as him. Coming instead from whatever room existed beyond the closed door of the bedroom he was in. A massive wave of pain struck causing Aspen to groan deeply as a realization began to dawn on him.

He didn have the slightest clue as to whose bed he was on let alone what room or even house. Fuck! He couldn remember a single after being at the bar. The raven-haired boy tried to crack his eyes open to get a look but the light hurt them something terrible. His hung-over consumed body protested even allowing the slightest amount of light through his eyelids. Even if he could open them, would he really be able to tell where he was? Chances were slim to none.

Aspen gulped, swallowing down the lump in his throat at the next thoughts that crossed his mind. Did he even still have his clothes on? Or at least the important pieces? His hands clenched the silky sheets tightly, too nervous to let go and touch below to find out the answer to this question. His body didn feel weird on first mental inspection. Would he really be able to tell if anything happened though? Aspen felt like a car hit him but aside from his heads attempt to kill him, nothing else seemed to hurt.

His body felt disoriented from the copious amount of alcohol he drank. Flushed and sweaty from hopefully just alcohol-induced raised blood pressure. Maybe he danced a little too much as well. Not that he could remember, it just sounded better than the alternative.

Aspen had heard about drunk first-time experiences before. He never imagined that he would ever find himself in that category. They were the kind of people he mocked and shook his head at for being so careless. Yet, there he lay in some strangers bed likely becoming one of those people who gave away a precious treasure without being able to remember what it felt like. What a stupid idiot he was!

”Aww look, hes still fast asleep. I told you it wouldn be a problem to bring him here. ” Aspens body tensed at the unexpected closeness of the voice. Had they been in the room with him the whole time? He didn remember hearing a door being open or shut. A second noise like a grumble came from further away.

”Hes your mess so you better make sure that you take proper care of him. I don want him doing anything when he wakes up that Ill end up having to clean up. ” The second voice sounded as though the owner was Irish or Scottish by the harsh sound of their accent. Aspen could imagine a red-haired, grumpy youth of sorts. Not the kind of person he would want to have anything to do with.

”Oh stop being such a sour puss and go away. I will be around to make sure hes taken care of. You just need to go find someone who will help you get laid and get rid of that nasty attitude of yours. ” The first voice had been the one Aspen thought sounded familiar. An odd mixture of a silky smooth voice with a rough edge. The kind that made his stomach flip-flop in an odd kind of way.

Aspen tried not to visibly flinch at the unexpected sound of a door being slammed followed by a string of curse words from a peevish human.

”Hm. Now that we are alone, I think it is probably about time that you wake up. As much as I enjoy seeing your cute sleeping face Cowboy, you do need to think about leaving here soon. ” Aspen felt his breath catch in his throat when the bed dipped. An indication of a persons weight coming to rest on the squishy surface. A person who did so rather close to Aspens face.

His heart began to race as a million thoughts crossed his mind. Oh god maybe if he tried to stay asleep, he wouldn have to face whoever was responsible for him being in such a pitiful state. The longer he could avoid the stranger, the longer he could put off finding out if hed become one of those stupid drunk losers who gave away his precious treasure without a single memory to remember the event by.

”Come now, little cowboy. I know that we had an awful lot to drink last night. Surely, it wasn enough to keep you sleeping for this long. ” Aspen lost the fight with his poor attempt and tried to appear unconscious when something unexpected cold touching his nose caused him to jerk back. A deep, throaty chuckle followed this action.

”There you are. I know you really couldn still be asleep after all the noise my roommate made. I do hope that you will excuse his poor manners. Hes just had a rough couple of days trying to find someone as cute as you. ” Aspen felt goose bumps spread across his skin when a cold hand brushed against his cheek and pushed the hair off his face. He didn want to open his eyes, but his instincts told him the touching wouldn stop if he did.

Chocolate Brown eyes met amused golden orbs belonging to a rather familiar-looking smug face.

”The cute little cowboy finally decides to look at me. ”

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