Neither one moved to break the staring contest they unexpectedly entered. Golden orbs were unwavering as amusement began to reflect back into chocolate brown ones that didn share even an ounce of the amusement the other seemingly felt at the situation. Aspen might not have remembered anything else but he certainly didn forget who the owners of the golden orbs were. The person is most likely responsible for the current situation. The quirky bartender.

If not for the tell-tale purple hair, he might not have realized who the other was so quickly. Compared to the night before, the bartender somehow looked younger and less rough. A little more effeminate as well. Aspen couldn help but notice that it even looked as though his lips were covered in a thin layer of lipstick. People didn normally have naturally bright, red-colored lips.

”You mind telling me why you were trying to hide such pretty eyes from me by pretending to still be out cold? It can be that you don have any recollection of what happened last night? ” The questions caused Aspens primary focus to return to the others eyes and away from his lips. The bartender cocked his head to one side, left arm helping to prop it up as he once again moved his free hand to brush hair out of Aspens face. He barely made contact before the other pulled away.

”What did you do to me? I can remember anything that happened last night after I agreed to have drinks with you. ” The bartender stared back at the other with a hard-to-read expression before a small coy smile spread across his lips. He offered a small shrug before turning his attention to mess with a loose stitch in the comforter.

”I didn actually do anything to you. You were the one who decided to not stop drinking once you get three in you. I did advise you not to have so much seeing as the alcohol looked to be a little heavy for you. As you can tell, you hardly chose to listen to me. ” The bartender continued to mess with the string, watching the other out of the corner of his eye as the information sunk in.

”It doesn take a genius to figure out I had one too many to drink. My head already informed me of that, thank you very much. Aspens head continued to throb in a rather murderous beat. One which he likely wouldn be forgotten for quite a long time as the presence of the other only seemed to make it worse and keener to stick around. ”

”You were the one who asked what happened. I was simply doing my part by trying to fill you in. If you don want to know anything else, I can just excuse myself and leave you to figure it out on your own. ” Aspen could feel the bartenders difficult attitude begin to grate on his nerves. He could obviously tell that Aspen wasn happy about the situation, why couldn he just be straight with him about what happened? Ugh. Leave it to him to end up getting involved with such a troublesome person. No wonder his roommate sounded like he was in such a bad mood.

”I did ask what happened and by asking what happened, I expect you to give me all the important details, not the stuff I already know about. ” Aspen spoke through gritted teeth, trying to keep his temper down to avoid further angering the headache gods currently punishing him.

”I want to know about what took place after I started drinking. Like the stuff that happened between the two of us. Did we do anything? ” The bartender simply smirked at the other once more. Seemingly satisfied with getting rid of the loose stitch, he turned his attention back to the raven-haired boy.

”Do anything? Thats a rather vague question to be asking considering we spent the whole night together. There were a great number of things that we ended up doing. ” The Bartenders eyes narrowed a slight amount as the corner of his lips turned upward. It wouldve been a rather cute expression if not for the current circumstance.

”Is there something particular you
e trying to ask about? Maybe a question that would require you to be so vague? ” He tried to grab Aspens chin but the other pushed back into the mattress to avoid the large hand. Not that he really had much of anywhere to move out of the way to. Aspen wished hed realized sooner that laying on his back would turn out to be a bad life choice.

”I think you already know what it is Im trying to ask about so why don you just give me a straight answer? ” Aspens voice rose an octave despite his attempt to hide how flustered he felt. Damn the nameless Bartender for giving him such a hard time! Couldn he just answer the question without giving him such a hard time about it?

The Bartender hummed as he shifted so that he could properly lean over the other once more. One little move and he managed to effectively box Aspen in against the bed with little effort. Aspens rational side told him he shouldn have been thrilled about the current situation in any way. His less ration, more hungover, and somewhat attracted side of his brain (and body) embraced the strange tug in his chest and butterfly flutter in his stomach as the bartender closed the proximity between them.

Even as the others face got closer as though hed be moving in to kiss him, Aspen couldn convince his arms and hands to move to push the other away and off from on top of him. The tiny little voice in his called him out for being a glutton for punishment knowing fully well hed regret this later. Right now though, hed happily whatever happened and savor every second of it.

The body language and the others appearance told Aspen to expect something rough. The kiss that followed the closing of the distance between turned out to be anything but rough. Warm, sensual, delicate, soft, teasing, gentle. Aspen could think of a million other similar words to describe the kiss, but he couldn call it rough even if he wanted to. Aspen responded to the kiss before he could even realize it. Something about the way that the other touched him had a strange effect.

The bartender only broke the kiss when he could tell that Aspen needed air. The raven-haired boy didn seem to notice despite how ragged his breath came as their tongues pushed and pulled against each other. The bartender won that fight easily, the other either took inexperienced or hungover to put up a fair fight.

”We did do a fair amount of that last night. Admittedly, I did start it but you were more than eager to continue where I left off. ” The bartender spoke in a soft tone, hand brushing against the others flushed face as Aspen struggled to still regain his breath after their tongues passionate tangle. The Raven-haired boy had become far too engrossed with the kiss and allowed the pleasurable sensation to sweep him rather far away from reality. Even as the Bartender continued to speak and pet Aspens cheek, the other mans eyes retained a glazed, far-away look.

”Since you are being such a good boy right now, I will answer your other question. ” The hand on Aspens face trailed further down after a few seconds until it disappeared under covers once it could follow his left arm no further from the outside.

”We didn go about doing anything sexual last night. You don have to worry about that with me. I don make it a habit to take advantage of people who indulge in a little too much alcohol. There were a few other things that we did last night though. Well, you decided to do rather. Such as this. ” Aspens blinked a few times to focus before his eyes shifted to the entwined pair of hands the bartender held up as though they were some kind of prize to be proud of.

”… ” One second passed followed by two before Aspen managed to focus in on what the bartender meant as he stared at the pair of hands.


The ring finger on his left-hand sported a new look. One he knew he for he had no memory or recollection of agreeing to.

”Say what?! ”

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