Raphael didn expect Aspen to turn out so quirky. The kid seemed like such a rejected pup at the bar that he couldn leave him alone. The exact kind of person that hed often pick up for a bit of fun and to help make their day a touch brighter. He never expected things to turn out the way they did. The rejected little pup ended up being more fun than expected. Probably not the right kind of fun but the kind he enjoyed well enough.

”I didn know if I would have that much more to drink if I were you. Maybe slow down a little bit and breathe? ” Raphael tried to take the glass away from Aspen only for the other to grab ahold of his hand. The bartend raised an eyebrow when the other pressed it against his face. Okay? What exactly was that supposed to accomplish?

”Yous said drinks on the house. Im not yet done drinkin not after what happened tonight. ” Aspen buried his face against the large hand, nose pressing into the palm as though taking in the others scent. Did the kid enjoy the smell of alcohol? Raphael supposed he couldve had some citrus left on his fingers from the lemons and limes hed been dealing with all night. Not really flavors hed consider worth much attention.

”I did say that but I think that youve had a bit too much for right now. I would also like it if you would give me back my hand. ” He didn want to be rough, but Raphael needed his own hand back so that he could enjoy his drink. Aspen pouted but let the hand go anyways. The bartender knew hed regret what he did next but how could he deny the other? The little Cowboy seemed like hed had a rough day so what was the big deal if he indulged in a few more drinks?

”Sharon, do you mind giving us a few more refills over this way? We got someone over here who could use them. ” Raphael waved to his friend who gave him a thumbs up back and assurance shed get to them soon. The late-night drinkers had started to come in which meant more work for her.

The bartender could deal with humoring the other for a little while longer. At least until the other could be sent home, right? Not the first time hed taken pity on a kid. After all, there was a chance at the end of the day that he might be able to get something worthwhile out of it if he played his cards right.

Raphael realized before the night was over that worthwhile wasn the right word. He certainly got a prize out of the situation, but not what he expected though. How could he let it go now? Bringing the kid that night sealed the deal for him.

”You can complain all you want but you know that at the end of the day this is still your fault. I wanted to talk with you about things, but you wanted to be difficult about it. ” Raphael bumped the other on his shoulder to get him into a more comfortable position. Did the kid ever eat? He felt lighter than a feather!

Raphael chose not put the other down until they reached the dining room table. He used his foot to pull the chair out before he plopped the other down. The little cowboy seemed rather self-conscious about his lack of clothes. Why? Raphael didn have the faintest clue. Hed already seen everything that kid had to offer after all hed been the one to undress him at the end of the night. Not to mention there wasn anything that strange about two guys being in the same space while wearing so little. Raphael and his roommate did it all the time without so much as batting an eye.

”Now maybe youve calmed down a little bit? ” Raphael kneeled in front of the other, his arms resting on his knees as he awaited a response.

”I think that this has made it worse. ” Aspen tried to look anywhere but at the bartender or the ring still on his finger. He still didn want to believe the whole situation. The only thing that didn stop him from completely breathing was the fact that no one else seemed to be around. The roommate aka, Angry Irish Man seemed to be gone. At least for now.

The dining area looked far more fluffy and less masculine than Aspen expected from two men living in an apartment together. At least, he assumed it was an apartment. Everything from the curtains to the pots and pants, kitchen sink and fridge looked pristine and in neat order. The color scheme even felt a little more feminine with the flouncy white curtains covering the window and the soft pinks of granite covering the kitchen counters. Nothing like what Aspen used to see back home. Aspen didn get to admire it for long before the bartender took his attention back.

”Well honey, if you didn want to be in a situation where anything became worse, you shouldve listened to me up there when I told you that I wanted to talk. ” The bartender cooed in a somewhat condescending manner. He chose to stand only after being certain the other wouldn get up.

”Now that we are done here though, why don we take some time to talk? We can have a bit of coffee and Im pretty certain that there are still some biscuits lying around here somewhere we can have along side it. ” Raphael turned his back on the other but made sure to keep an eye on him out of the corner of his eye. He hoped that the other continued to behave more like a puppy than a skittish rabbit whod decide to flee at a moments notice.

Rabbits were adorable and all but so much harder to handle than puppies. Puppies were good little things that usually listened when they were given a command without questioning it. Rabbits tended to appear as though they would listen but bolt as soon as someone turned their back on them.

”What exactly are we supposed to be talking about? I don even know where to begin with all of this? ” Aspen kept his gaze focused on the table as he rubbed his thumb against his knee.

What exactly did someone say in this kind of situation? He didn have any memories of what took place the night before.

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