My Vengeful Goddess [REVISED]

History Repeats Itself

”Rupert, ” she takes a step closer to him but stops when he raised his hand.

Her brows slanted while she awkwardly places her arms to her side. He stares at the ground, ”Why did you call me? ”

She pressed her lips together and said, ”Can you do me a favor? ”

His gaze shifts to her eyes. Later he glances to the side, ”It might be best for you not to trust a stranger. For your request, I am afraid but I am no errand boy that will do as you please. ”

”What is wrong with you? ” she forms her hands into fists, ”You became my friend a long time ago and you told me that you will grant any of my requests. Is it because I lost half of my authority? ”

Rupert takes his time to calm himself; inhale, exhale. ”The situation is different from what you think. ”

”Because of how great the Heavenly Ruler has lost in the recent battle, even an ordinary citizen has realized that someone leaked military intelligence. Something like the map of the entire Celestial Realm… ” he took a sudden halt.

”Only Father, Faye, Mikhael, and Clover know that I showed you the map. ”

”Did you tell them in an open area? ”

”No— and they were them. No one dares to impersonate the Heavenly Ruler, the Guardian of the Forbidden Tree, the Commander of the Army, and the… ” she lowers her voice, ”Vessel of Mother Gaia. ”

”Everyone is not trustworthy as you think. Anyways, I will not release Faye. ”

”Why? ” she asked in an angry tone.

”I have made myself clear, I am sorry. ”

A knock on the door sent a shock to their bodies. Rupert was engulfed by black smoke before he disappeared while a drop of tears fell from her eyes.

Maia closes the door as she enters. Irene sniffs and she notices her weeping, ”My Lady? ”

She whispers to herself, ”Not even he can help, why did everyone abandon me? ”

— Κήπος της Εδέμ

Black mist forms and Rupert surfaces from the darkness. His eyes were heavily focused on looking downwards onto the ground.

”Why is my black bird resembling a sad black mutt. Did someone sour your mood or a playing-hard-to-get lady reject your confession? ”

He woke up from his daze. ”Do you not realize that you have insulted yourself and me? ” his angelic expression turned foul similar to his mood.

His eyes then became red and his finely ironed black cloak gets replaced with a modest yet elegant outfit.

”Dogs are relatives of wolves but you are special, you act like a domesticated pup that wags its tail at the sight of its owner. ”

”Heh, ” he scoffs, ”At the very least I have my tail not in between my legs. ”

The unidentified man clicks his tongue and folds his arms in the process.

Within a moment of silence, Rupert cracks the joints of his neck, wrists, and back. He then spares a glance at him, ”What was your conversation about? ”

”As you have predicted, ” after stretching his arms, he released a sigh.

He recollects his memories and felt his heart ache when Irene shed a tear. The man retrieves a clear transparent ball and gave it to him.

Rupert shuts his eyes closed as another eye opened on his forehead. Unlike the red and blue color of his eyes, it was yellow like gold and its sclera was pure black. Two black horns emerge right above his ears.

”Ρεηταφ φο εμιτ, ροταερψ φο εψαπσ, υδαλ φο εταφ. Σοτσεβ νοπθ εμ εητ υτιροητθα φο εμιτ, εψαπσ, δνα υνιτσεδ. ”

A magic circle with unheard text and patterns are written on it appeared below him. From his palms to the orb, a magical sand-like matter flowed like liquid.

The sea of clouds above separated and a blinding light descended. There were three of which resemble a masculine man with a beard, a hooded entity who has a mask covering its eyes, and a voluptuous yet fully clothed woman.

”Οης σεραδ οτ βρθτσιδ υμ ρεβμθλσ? ” The three synchronized.

The man who Rupert has been talking with, bows his head.

The bearded man asked, ”Σας τι θου, γνθου ενο? ”

He replies in an instant, ”Δεν είμαι εγώ αλλά αυτός, ο απόγονός μου. ”

They searched the surroundings and found Rupert below them. Each of the three had their impressions of him; unbothered, curious, and intrigued.

”Σιη σκοολ ερα τον εψισσερπμι τθβ σιη σλλικσ, ” the mature woman looks at a certain area of his body, ”δλθοησ υφσιτασ υμ σδεεν. ”

Rupert opens his eyes and mutters something. The three entities open their palms and three kinds of artifacts appeared.

”Κναητ θου. ”

”Τι σι υμ ερυσαελπ. ”

Their bodies faded back to the sky. The mysterious man straightened himself and fixed his clothes while he continued what he was doing.

Rupert finally opened his eyes and releases a huff.

”That took longer than usual, ” the yellow sphere went to his palm.

He coughs blood and his pupil became sharp. Immediately, he closed his eyes and shook his head.

He focused on his breathing and his eyes returned to normal. ”If not for a sudden change in my constitution, an hour would be wasted. ”

He wipes the blood on his hands with a handkerchief. However, the blood that fell on the ground had disappeared and the grass rotted.

”Get another change of clothes, we are heading to a certain place. ”

Rupert inspected his clothes and saw a few holes. At once, those holes got patched and his clothes looked brand new.

”Maia, ” she rests her quill pen in an inkwell.

”Yes, my Lady? ”

”Have you gone to the Mortal Realm before? ”

Maia stayed silent then something inside her head flickered. ”Yes, I have. ”

Irenes eyes had a different sparkle upon her reply. Her brain tossed the idea of writing a letter and concentrated on three words; The Mortal Realm.

”Tell me more, ” she said happily, ”if possible tell me the history of elves! ”

Her attendant cleared her throat and placed a smile on her face. ”The mortal realm… ”


Line 24: Who dares to disturb my slumber?

Line 25: Was it you, young one?

Line 26: It is not I but he, my offspring.

Line 27-28: His looks are not impressive but his skills should satisfy my needs.

Line 29: Thank you.

Line 30: It is my pleasure, chosen one.

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