My Vengeful Goddess [REVISED]

History Repeats Itself

”Hold your horses, pretty boy. I may have done it but whose order was I following? The Council is doing this to get rid of your sole rival to the throne. ”

”You jerk! Why must my sister be your scapegoat?! ”

He scoffs, ”You don know what shes capable of. She must have slept with a demon to have conceived a half-blood! ”

”Enough. ”

Michael clenches the hilt of the sword and then returns his hands to the side. While Kairos folds his arms and makes a smug look.

”I will brew some calming tea, please excuse me. ”

Oliver leaves his seat and disappears. Helios closes his eyes and takes a short breath, ”Sit down. ”

”Why are you not denying it? Do you also think of it that way? ”

He forms his hands into fists and then adds, ”Erin is your daughter and my only sister! ”

”What if I told you that picked her up from the streets? ”

Michael was shut speechless and sat down quietly. He felt like everything in his life was a lie, he thought Irene was his sibling from the same womb.

The Heavenly Ruler continues what Kairos had started but before he tells the others of his choice, he looks at his wife and sighs.

”I will sacrifice her for the greater good. ”

”Father! ” Michael looks at him with a pleading gaze as the world inside him crumbles from the truth.

Clover inserts in the conversation, ”I take it that Lord Asteria will abstain. And with your confirmation, we the Council, approve of this proposal. ”

”Lady Stellar is to be stripped of her titles and banished for exile with the charges of treason. ”

Michael stands and runs towards the entrance, bumping against Oliver in the process. Right above the arch of the doorway, two Celestial Knights reprimanded him.

”Release me! Thats an order! ” he yelled.

”Erin!! ” he yelled once more.

The awkward silence halts exist when Maia suddenly kneels and holds the ends of Irenes dress.

”What are you— ”

”My Lady! Please forgive! I failed such a simple task of spreading the poison from the Masked Man. ”

The doors of her chambers flew open and several Celestial Knights surrounded the two immortals. After forming themselves, someone who appears to be the captain greets Irene with the worst news of her life.

”Erin of Aglaea, daughter of Callista and Argus, ” he opens the scroll in his hand, ”By the order of the Council, you are stripped of your titles and banished for exile with the charges of treason. ”

”By what evidence? ”

”The words of the Council are enough evidence. ”

”In this era where you can find impersonators and liars, you trust everything they say? ”

A white feather falls stealing everyones attention. Maia and the Captain ran towards Irene but time glitches and she is nowhere to be found.

”Arrest the elf. The rest, follow me! ”

”Rupert! ” she exclaimed, ”I thought you won help me anymore. ”

”Shh, ” he hushed.

[Helios had to choose between the crown and you. In the end, he chose to make you the scapegoat.]

[But where should I go? Those relationships I have and made cannot help me.]

[The Underworld.]

Irene slaps him on the cheek. ”Are you out of your mind?! Escaping to the Underworld with charges of treason is like accepting that I am guilty, ” she whispers.

”I know someone indebted to me, just trust me. ”

She stares into his eyes. She dismisses his gaze and sighs, ”Alright. ”

”Before we head there, do not use any type of spells. Because of those earrings, they might know our location. ”

Irene doesn reply so Rupert holds her hand and teleports her to their destination. Welcome to the place where criminals are tortured for eternity and demons reside, the hot fiery hell.

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