My Vengeful Goddess [REVISED]

Drama Is Not My Cup of Tea

The light of the sun illuminates the color of the grass and others. Under the leaves hides various shadows and a sleeping individual. He appears calm and relaxed as he lies on a firm branch of a tree.

”Rupert, ” she sighs, ”why are you taking a nap on that tree every time I come to visit you? ”

He opens his eyes and adjusts his position. ”Got a problem with that? ”

She looks at him with a disappointed face while he looks at her with a blank expression. ”No. I was curious, that was all. ”

Rupert jumps down. He then gets rid of the dirt on his clothes. Afterward, he looks at the girl before him who kept staring at him with an annoyed look.

”Curiosity kills the cat; you receive proper education yet you are careless, ” he said with a straight face.

He glances in a direction and sees what she is holding. A well-decorated book with a black cover, golden designs, and a gold locket.

”Hmph, ” she turns her head to her right, ”not my fault I was born optimistic. ”

He smiles cheekily, ”Optimistic? ”

She nods once, ”Yes. Op-tee-miss-tick. ”

He laughs. As for her, she was not impressed by his reaction and viewed him as the same annoying and rude person he acts to be.

”Haaa… Dearest Ert, why do I feel like I am talking to a child? ” he wipes the tear in his eye.

She opens her mouth. ”I am not a child! ” she puffed her cheeks, ”And a reminder, stop worshipping random and nonexistent entities! ”

He suddenly placed a dumbfounded expression on his stupid face and covers his mouth, ”My, Irene, I feel hurt. I thought you respect everyones beliefs. ”

”… ”

Rupert smiles helplessly while looking at her. He blinks his eyes, looks around, and pressed his lips together. ”Alright. I apologize for my rudeness, ” he bows.

”… ”

He placed an annoyed look on his face, How stressful.

”I finished writing the second part of the story, ” he said in a convincing tone. Somewhat similar to how someone converses with a sulking child.

As swift as the wind, her head turned in his direction. A confirmed continuation of your story, you say, she is similar to those who hear a confirmed sequel of their favorite drama or anime.

A book that looks similar to what she is holding appears in his hand. He opens it and flips a few pages, waiting for her to talk. He takes a peek and found her conflicted face.

He smirks, ”I guess I will just get rid of this since no one wants to read it. ”

A sparkling fire appears on his other hand specifically his index finger. Irene raised her eyebrow. He then slowly made his finger approach the book.

”Stop it! ” she shouted.

He glances to the side ignoring her. ”Let me read it, ” she walks towards him with her hand extended.

Noticing her movements, he raised his hand that is holding the book: ”Ah! Ah! No, no. ”

She bit her lip and frowns. Feeling her negative energy, he flicked her forehead.

”Let me read it! ” she roared adorably.

”Dropping formalities now..? accept my apology. ”

”I accept your apology— now give it to me! ” she said desperately while on her toes reaching for the book.

Rupert motions his hand, telling her to have distance. She follows his signal and sees him lower his arm.

”Wait… ”

”What? ”

”Let me read it for you. ”

”What?! ”

”Before that, ” he adjusts his tone, ”what have you found in the first volume? ”

She had an annoyed look on her face. ”Το κορίτσι πεθαίνει και ο άντρας γυρίζει πίσω το χρόνο, ” she said in an uninterested voice.

He nods, ”Mhmm. ”

She looks at him, ”Έκανε ένα λάθος και όλοι θυμούνται ακόμα τις αναμνήσεις τους εκτός από εκείνους που είχαν πεθάνει. ”

He smiles. ”Why did he rewind time? For what reason? These questions are answered in this book, ” he said similarly to an advertisement or a salesmans marketing talk.

”I figured. ”

”Really? ” he smiles.

She clenches her jaw while smiling, ”Stop being so cheeky. ”

”Shh. ”

He places his index finger on her lips and he does the same with his. ”Let me start the story. ”

Irene smacks his hand. A bulging vein appeared on her forehead, my, anger is not good for the body.

She felt something nudging her cheek; ahem. ”Why are you all so annoying? ” she throws the book in her hand, smashing it to the ground.

Rupert flinches and as a quick reaction, he shrinks his shoulder to his left. I also felt a chill go down my spine.

She breathes heavily like a male cow, carabao? How should I put it?

”Just start the f****** story and don treat me like you should to a child! ” she yells again.

”Yes sir! ” he salutes.

Sigh, why do I suddenly feel disappointed when he reacted like that?

”Can you just shut your damn mouth and move on?! ”

”Who are you even talking to? ”

Her head swung towards his direction and he met a sharp and antarctic cold stare.

The temperature is quite cold but why am I sweating?

He smiles while drops of sweat trickle down his face. ”Irene, a word from an ancient language meaning peace. The word was given a different meaning when a girl was born… ”


Line 29: ”The girl dies and the man turns back time. ”

Line 31: ”He made a mistake and everyone still remembers their memories except those who had died. ”

[A/N: Thank you for reading!]

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