My Vengeful Goddess [REVISED]

Meeting the Twelve Ethereal Beings

Irene looks at the tree that has her brothers silhouette. She touches the trunk of the tree and notices a familiar substance that isn visible to the naked eye.

”Rin, what are you doing? ” Isabella approaches her from behind.

”Would it be normal for a demon to have Celestial Essence and a foreign mana flowing in their spiritual well? ” she asks while staring at her fingers.

”Any child born from a god and a demon cannot survive more than three days. However, foreign mana? Only those blessed with a certain constitution can have mana from their world and mana from another world but the Deities of the Three Generations are the sole entities to have been born with it. ”

”It seems that the demons have found someone loyal and powerful; being able to wield two properties and disguise as another. ”

Isabella sneaks a glimpse at the tree, ”Should we go to Celestia? ”

Irene nods and a strand of white hair falls. The image of a garden gets replaced with a hallway that had a red carpet rolled on the floor and different varieties of paintings nailed on the wall.

Her neutral face changed to a frown. There has never been a time that Isabella appears at a location she isn needed.

”Isn this brothers palace? ”, she looks at her, ”Aren you worrying too much? ”

”I thought of the Celestial Palace… I think there is something wrong with the mana in the air. ”

”Thats odd. ”

”Truly, ” she agreed.

Irene activates her triangular earrings as she infuses her essence into an artifact. A frown slowly appeared on her face and sparks manifested around the artifact. Eventually, she loses control of her essence and it releases an explosion.

A fresh wound on her cheek emerges as a tiny piece of glass flies by. Blood drips from the wound and Isabella try to heal it with a spell but fail.

”The mana in the air is unorganized, the same goes for Celestial Essence. ”

”Wars do not affect the presence of mana and essence— unless..! ”

”Dear Celestia, the Universal Core has been breached. ”

Callista twitches her eyes, ”Have you found the Celestial Saint? ”

”We have yet to find her for her presence cannot be felt. ”

”Are you implying that my daughter died amid this chaos? ” she said dryly.

”Forgive this subject. ”

A bird comes out from a tiny void and lands on the womans finger, ”The Celestial Saint is currently at Asteria Palace, we are bringing her here at the fastest speed. ”

”Report! ” a knight kneels before her, ”Lord Mikhael, together with the Seven Virtues, have successfully pacified the uproar at the border. ”

”Report! ” another knight arrives, ”The Heavenly Ruler is returning with the army. ”

A cloaked lady emerges from the shadows and whispers something to Callista. Then the Celestial Goddess releases a sigh of relief. Before she could share the news with the people in the throne room, Irene pushes the doors open.

”Mother! ” she shouts.

The worry in her heart began to dissipate at the sight of her daughter however her expression didn change a single bit. ”The Universal Core has been restored and the army is marching back with a victory. ”

”Was it the reason why Isabella could not teleport us here and I could not control my essence? ”

”Presumably. ”

”But why would the demons cause chaos just to steal the Universal Core and take precautions by attacking the Lord of Asteria. Even launching their plan on Warmth of Autumn. ”

”I have yet to obtain the knowledge to answer your question. ”

Irene lost the reason to lengthen the conversation. After a long moment of silence, everyone hears the sound of trumpets. They immediately turned their heads to the doors.

Those of lower authority bowed their heads, ”Χαιρετισμούς στον πιο λαμπρό, Ω, Ουράνιο Κυβερνήτη. ”

Four figures appear. Helios held his shoulder to relieve his wound while Michael is barely maintaining his consciousness. Callista stood from her seat as Irene begins to tend her brothers wounds.

”I thought you promised to return safely, ” she said with teary eyes.

He adjusts his breathing, ”It would not be fatal if those demons had not applied poison to their weapons. ”

”Poison? ” she grabs his robe in an attempt to see his body but he lightly holds her wrist.

[It is Corrupt Essence.]

Irene lets go of her grip and her tears fell.

”Don cry. I won die, don worry. ”

She pursed her lips while her tears continued to flow like a wild river.

Two male immortals approached both of them and carefully placed Michael on a portable white stretcher. He wipes her tears with his thumb and smiles, ”Don worry, trust me. ”

She nods then inhales. Irene watches her brother being carried to his room in the palace. Meanwhile, Callista had finished wrapping his shoulder with bandages. ”

”Tell me everything that happened. ”

Helios leans on her shoulders, ”Summon Them to my bedroom, shall I tell everyone to you. ”

She envelopes her arms around his back and buries her face in his chest, ”Mm. ”


Line 28: Greetings to the most brilliant, O, Heavenly Ruler.

[A/N: Thank you for reading! ]

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